#Catholic gloriously right and fatally wrong

12.8: relig/christian#catholic/gloriously right and fatally wrong:
. the Catholics were both gloriously right
and fatally wrong:
they knew that the planet was doomed unless
we coordinated under one loving govt(papacy),
but their strategy for motivation
was to claim their authority came from
Jesus being The Son of God
which then inspired the equally successful
militant Islam counter-christian revolution;
thereby ensuring
they could never claim the crown
even after 2000 years of demon-amusing war .
. another mistake of the same kind
produced the schism that resulted in protestantism;
again, the idea is that if we want a rule4all,
we need a very lightweight doctrine
that can give local variants room to breath .
. on the other hand,
the true, covert purpose of religion or gov,
has been to provoke the wars
that promote the evolution of tech
that ensures our eternal survival after Sun death .
. in this regard,
Catholicism has been a stunning success .