9-11 Directed Energy Weapons technology

11.15 ..12.12: pol/purges/controlled demolition:
summary of my NDEW theory:
. what struck me watching Hutchison Effect vid's
was how much effort was spent on
fine tuning the RF waves to resonate with a target .
. then while studying nuclear demolition devices,
I found that much of the energy came from x-rays,
which are just like radio waves,
but at a much higher frequency .
. if there was some way to make a nuclear device
that converted x-rays to Radio Frequency waves,
then they they could be both highly energetic,
and come in every needed frequency concurrently,
so that would provide all the needed tuning:
whatever your target's resonance frequency,
this nuclear device will generate all of them .

11.25: summary/9-11 demolition in a nutshell:
. a demolition consists of 2 parts:
# foundation cutters like military thermite; and,
# debris crushers -- these can be nuclear
(there does exist clean nuclear
that would not leave much radiation behind)
. there was a huge storm in the area,
that was providing a static field,
and if clean nuclear was used for the crushing,
it would create a variety of RF waves,
that combined with the static field,
could result in Hutchison effects .
. alternatively, the combination of
nuclear pyroclastics and Hutchison effects
could be the result of some classified
military Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) tech
that could be nuclear-driven (NDEW).
. in either case,
this was a controlled demolition;
these were not planted bombs,
but instead either part of the building's
conventional plans for its demolition;
or a covert, unconventional demolition plan
that was concerned with minimizing the damage
of the jet strikes that were known to be coming soon .
how clean nukes could do it:
. if a clean nuke was used
(Minimum Residual Radiation or
Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons)
then it needed to be combined with a static field
(provided by the nearby Hurricane Erin)
in order to create the Hutchison effects
. high-frequency waves normally produced by nuclear
had to be converted into RF waves .

11.26: Hutchison effects done by
nuclear remagnetizing:

. the same nuclear remagnetizing that did dustification
also may have e-bombed the elecrical systems of
vehicle electrical systems
causing large battery-exploded fires  .
(12.3: that theory is trying to explain why
the side-affects attacked primarily the car engine;
but now I think it was more material-oriented;
because, it also ate windows).
. this nuclear remagnetizing field also actually
changed the earth's magnetic north-pole strength
as read by stations in Alaska!

11.25: 29: summary/
how we know it wasn't just clean nukes:

. while the pyroclastic flows suggest
nuclear liquification,
nukes alone can't explain all the unburned papers .
. the DEW theory supports unburned paper like so:
. DEW tech needs to vary the radio frequency
for each class of material,
and papers often aren't burned by the Hutchison effects
when they are tuned to dustify metal or concrete .
. the clean nuclear reactions were
mainly for generating intense RF waves;
the papers were in metal filing cabinets,
which cushioned the papers from
the radio waves that attack papers,
then by the time the boxes were dustified,
the papers were no longer in a dense field . [12.4:
. suppose there simply wasn't much energy directed at paper;
why did other wooden objects get dustified?
perhaps their cabinets acted like Faraday caging .]

11.27: summary/drjudywood.com's finale page:
. this is the finale of her site.

Introduced to Dr.Woods:
11.15.1950: co.youtube#AlienScientist:
my integrated 9-11 demolition theory:
vid"Response to Jesse Ventura's "Death Ray" Conspiracy
AlienScientist in reply to TyranicalTuber 4 hours ago(11.15.19:15):
    I have looked at Dr. Wood's website
    and nothing I have seen there
    is of any intelligence value whatsoever.
    This is another obvious smoke and mirrors
    distraction from the truth.
    If Dr. Wood publishes a physics paper
    on the Hutchison Effect for peer review,
    then I will read that. Otherwise forget about it.
after listening to you and browsing Dr.Wood,
I think they used the explosives to
provide the energy that was needed for
the Energy Weapons that were needed
to do the weird effects that no explosions can explain .

[ 21: Hutchison Effect/
micro-nuke and weather control theory:

. in an episode of the One Step Beyond show
where Dr.Wood is interviewed by Theo Chalmers,
there was some speculation that our gov has
some sort of weather control technology,
that can create a static field with a storm
any time they want the Hutchison effect
(at time 1hr:21min, he intro's HAARP).
. Dr.Wood ignored it as not documented,
but, finds it as suspicious that weathermen didn't
warn NY about the hurricane
even though it was 3 or 4 days off-schedule
for veering away from the city .
. I think weather control is a useful theory,
but as for the weatherman's behavior,
it was recently pointed out on the news
(for the coverage of superstorm Sandy)
that, historically, these storms
always veer toward greenland
unless there is some odd situation there
(like for Sandy -- and in that storm
NY got plenty of warning
because they knew greenland looked bad).

12.4: news: international treaty bans weather modification:
. Theo pointed out that other 9-11 theorists are
very interested in HAARP for it's ability to
steer hurricanes such as the one
needed for a 9-11 Hutchison effect .
. ex-Governor Jesse Ventura
researched its ability to manipulate the weather
and his official request to visit was denied .
Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD),
is an international treaty prohibiting the use of
environmental modification techniques.
The Convention bans weather warfare,
ie, destructive weather modification .
The Convention on Biological Diversity of 2010
would also ban some forms of it,
including geoengineering:
. weather control research began as a
war tactic in the 1940s during the Cold War
(the USA vs USSR arms race)
During the Vietnam War against USSR
the USA used geoengineered some flooding .
Then in 1976, 85 countries signed the
U.N. Convention on the Prohibition of
Military or Any Other Hostile Use of
Environmental Modification Techniques.
The Environmental Modification Convention
generally prohibits weaponising of
geoengineering techniques.
. a professor who believes 9-11 was a
controlled demolition

(and in 2007 authored The 9/11 Conspiracy:
The Scamming of America
pointed out that Dr.Wood still hasn't
disproved the use of micro nuclear at 9/11;
[12.14: I think later he's on-board ]
if that is true,
then it could complement Dr.Wood's theory
that a storm provided the needed static field;
because, nuclear reactions could then provide
the final ingredient of the Hutchison Effect:
a variety of RF(radio frequency) waves .
(if micro-nuclear reactions are like the sun,
they produce many wavelengths,
including radio waves).

. what causes this dispute about whether
some sort of nuclear reactions occurred that day?
on pages 121-122 of her book, Dr.Wood states:
"(the site wasn’t “hot”, that is, radioactive.) ][11.22:
. strangely though,
Dr.Fetzer doesn't refute that claim,
or even explain how nuclear can
happen without leaving behind
some measurably hot fallout . 11.22:
... it could be that the radioactive fraction
was very lightweight, and was carried high,
and then floated far away ?
or Hutchison effect could have cleaned it up? ]

11.17: co.{fb, g'+}: history of 9-11 Truth movement:
. notes under this vid ...
has interesting links to history of 9-11 Truth movement
being a psy-op to distract from Dr.Wood's
less paranoid but more hard-hitting theories .
[!] link:
Russ Gerst on In Other News - Steven "Thermite" Jones
& the Cold Fusion Scandal - December 12, 2011
This is an interview with Russ Gerst,
who has worked with Dr. Judy Wood,
from December 12, 2011. mp3

11.17: co.apt: how did Directed Energy Weapons get involved?:
. it's obvious that, during the 9-11 towers collapse,
they did pull a controlled demolition;
so, why the complete denial,
even when it was so obvious? because,
they did it with a classified technology;
so, the entire demolition had to be denied .
. conventional demolitions tech had
never been used on such a large building
in such a packed high-value space,
on such an accelerated fire source;
but, they knew they could do it with
the use of their top-secret DEW technology
(Directed Energy Weapons) and possibly
combined with a nanothermite explosive
perhaps to control the dustification sequencing
or provide energy for the Direct Energy tech .
. the Directed Energy would turn most debris to powder,
which would then drift down lazily
instead of damaging nearby buildings .

[ 11.15:  co.fb: 9-11 was Reagan star wars tech:
. drjudywood.com has more credible evidence
of controlled demolition on 9-11;
not nanothermite but instead some sort of
Reagan-initiated star wars tech .
. see also checktheevidence.co.uk . ]

[ 11.20: Hutchison Effect/CIA dismisses it as psychkinesis:
. Reagan's star wars tech was apparently
based on the Hutchison Effect;
so, here's the CIA's spin on Hutchison:
they see his statics-RF lab as merely
facilitating his own psychokinesis powers
(the ability of the mind to do Hutchison effects
-- levitation or bending things
by unlocking the molecular magnetic bindings,
or reversing their polarities for )
but if you ask yourself
how 911's bizarre effects happened
(see the effects documented by Dr.Wood)
you have to conclude that it's highly likely
the gov found a physical way to reproduce
the same Hutchison effects
that psychokinesis can do .]

[11.24: Dr.Ward`MRR nukes for demolition/summary:
. so we have thermates as the cutter,
minimally-radiating nukes as the dustifier,
and then nuke`radio waves
+ the storm's static field
= Hutchison effects;
and so, Dr.Wood's main message still stands:
whether or not
it was nukes or DEW doing demolition,
the threat of DEW tech is significant,
and we should have more public oversight over it
like we do with our nukes;
our congress should know what our capabilities are,
and they should be able to make policy on it .
. as I read more from Dr.Wood and elsewhere,
I'm seeing that the Hutchison effects themselves
could be doing most of the dustification,
so then the main purpose of the nukes
could be to generate the needed waves
-- all sorts of frequencies
so that if one range doesn't work, another will .
. the initial nuclear blast could also help with
breaking up any wave blocking structures .]

. that style of controlled demolition
obviously required a lot of preparation;
so, do you think they've done that
to every major, high-value tower?
if not, then I am inclined to believe that usa's gov
must have known about the 9-11 plot,
and then planned to use it for psy'ops';
a similar conspiracy theory holds that
the usa gov did this during Pearl Harbor too:
you need a good catastrophe to rally the nation
into going into an unpopular war
in order to resolve a real lingering security threat
that nobody believes is really that threatening to them .

11.15: web: after learning of Dr.Wood:
here's the email that pointed her out:
Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 9:50 AM  AlienScientist
. breakdown of DEW 9/11 Demolition Theory,
 and the information and evidence covered in
 Episode 2 of Season 3  of Jesse Ventura's
TV Show "Conspiracy Theory".
alienscientist's refutation of Dr.Judy Wood:

[ Dr.Judy Wood's position is:
"(the question is still "(what was that?))
] Everyone knows what. The question is why .

video: 9/11 Eyewitnesses to Explosive WTC Demolition 1/2:
[. gives evidence of explosions like nanothermite;
but, that doesn't refute the idea of
Directed Energy Weapons also being used .]

news: CIA insider tells 911 truth:
[. this is an alleged CIA whistleblower reporting that
they were warned of a thermonuke-like event;
and that is consistent with the idea of DEW useage
as per Dr.Wood's theory .]

AlienScientist's doubt of Dr.Wood
is debated by checktheevidence.co.uk .

Dr. Wood's case for a
denied DEW demolition:

 9/11 Commission Report and NIST cover-up:
"( the explanations of the collapse given by
the 9/11 Commission Report and NIST
are not physically possible.
A new investigation is needed to determine
the true cause of what happened to these buildings
on September 11, 2001.)
dustification not a collapse:
"( The World Trade Center Towers
did not collapse.
Instead, they were quite obviously
pulverized from top to bottom. )
Can't thermite/thermate do the whole job?
Thermite/thermate is an incendiary
which may be able to cut steel,
but could not account for
the explosive destruction of the cement
and other building materials in the building.
Though supporters of this theory contend that
it could potentially do the whole job,
no modeling of these methods of demolition
have ever been produced.
The observations of tremendous precision
in the destruction of the towers
as they floated to the ground
would appear to be far too precise for an incendiary.
Further, the observed “toasted” cars,
at great distances from the WTC complex,
are difficult to explain with thermite/thermate.
Also, unburned paper, missing windows and door handles
of vehicles in proximity to the complex
contradicts the thermite/thermate explanation
and cannot be explained by it.
Although the use of these incendiaries should be tested,
evidence postulated to support the theory
does not stand up to the visual evidence.
That is, there is no evidence of
tremendous burning infernos in the
subbasements of the WTC towers.
Photographic evidence on the days immediately following
indicate no such heat.
A person observed climbing into the subbasements
as well as observed liquid water would
tend to refute “urban legends”
that pools of molten metal existed there.
No evidence of search personnel being
burned or overcome by heat have been found.
Further, when the buildings came down,
persons running from the scene
were not burned by super-heated debris
falling to the ground.
The air was filled with dust and loose papers.
The dust was dense enough to block out the sun,
but it was not on fire.
[11.23:  a physics professor gives his view of thermate:
. notice the title, that's a modest title .
best 9/11 documentary ever!(full movie)
DEW may be based on The Hutchison Effect:
John Hutchison is a Canadian inventor
and experimental scientist
who has been working with
“field effects” for almost 30 years.
The Hutchison Effect is a collection of phenomena
discovered accidentally by John Hutchison
in 1979 during attempts to reproduce
the work of Nikola Tesla.
Hutchison uses radio frequency
and electrostatic sources.
The Hutchison Effect occurs in a volume of space
where the beams intersect and interfere.
The results are levitation of heavy objects,
fusion of dissimilar materials such as metal and wood,
anomalous melting (without heating) of metals
without burning adjacent material,
spontaneous fracturing of metals
(which separate by sliding in a sideways fashion),
and both temporary and permanent changes
in the crystalline structure and
physical properties of metal samples.
In some of his experiments, Hutchison observed
“spontaneous combustion” where
“fires appeared out of nowhere.”
He also confirmed that Col. John Alexander
and others from the U.S. military
visited him in 1983 and filmed his experiments
with a team from
Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL).
Canadian MP Chuck Cook
and Dr Lorn A Kuehne of the
Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)
contacted him in 1986 and told him his work was
“a matter of National Security.
. he’s been told that a defense contractor, S.A.I.C.,
has his technology and has been developing it.

[ 11.20: Hutchison Effect/magnetic locks:
. everything is held together by magnetic locks!
you just need to know how to
tame the Hutchison Effect,
and anything hardened for security
is instantly unlocked with a magic key,
it's like molecular judo
-- you work with the bonds
instead of against them .

11.20: Hutchison Effect/molecular bindings like gravity:
. these magnetic locks are implementing gravity;
so, the same force that is holding things to the earth,
is also the glue keeping solids from crumbling .
. hence, the way you do this unlocking
can both rip things up, and change the magnetic orientation
so that it repels the earth .
. furthermore, these magnetic locks hold the nucleus together,
so unlocking can have protons and neutrons rearranging
to form different elements .

11.20: Hutchison Effect/unmixing alloys:
. an alloy mixes various elements together;
another way to affect the magnetic locks,
is causing the elements to be either
more attracted to themselves,
or repulsed by other elements,
thereby unmixing the alloy
when its bonds are unlocked . ]

DEW is from the Strategic Defense Initiative:
. many people expressed disbelief that
energy weapons existed outside of science fiction
until they were reminded of the Star Wars Program,
also known as the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI).
. energy weapons do exist
and have been developed over 100 years.
Most of this technology is classified information.
It can also be assumed that such technology
exists in multiple countries.
The purpose of this article was to begin to identify
the evidence of what happened on 9/11/01
that must be accounted for.
In doing so, the evidence ruled out a
Kinetic Energy Device (bombs, missiles, etc.)
as the method of destruction
as well as a gravity-driven "collapse."
WTC2's top tipped first, before it "fell." Why?:
No one had ever attempted to demolish
a building nearly the size of a twin tower,
WTC2 "fell" first
and the top tipped first, before it "fell." Why?
It appears that this was done to minimize damage.
the choice would be based on the maximum that would
fall within the error zone ("spill-over zone" ).
... How can WTC2 falling on WTC4 pulverize both?
It's unbelievable what a clean cut there is,
separating WTC4's north wing.
If WTC2 slammed into WTC4
with enough force to pulverize both,
it certainly would have produced
an equivalent earthquake
much greater than that of the Seattle Kingdome.
vehicles burn but paper does not. Why?
Just after WTC1 is destroyed,
fires start to burn the vehicles in the large lot,
but not the paper. Why?
see her book: Where did the Towers Go?
Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11 .
. her book has plenty of reviews at amazon .

11.19: Dr.Wood's amazon proponents:
. Jim Fetzer and Don Fox's Judy Wood and DEWs:
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:
On 11 November 2006, I (Jim Fetzer)
first interviewed Judy Wood ...
I had founded Scholars for 9/11 Truth
almost exactly a year earlier ...
--. this has a lot of good links and
history of Dr.Wood's efforts,
but, the spotlight of the article is a concern that
Dr.Woods felt threatened by him;
she was referring to his belittling of
the author of the Hutchison effect
who is a reference in her DEW theory .
. her point was that it doesn't matter
what education he's got; because,
he will show you lab results with RF and static fields
that look strangely like the bizarre things at 9-11 .
. Fetzer includes a copy of his amazon review
praising Dr.Wood's book "(where did the towers go?) .
"( By  James H. Fetzer This review is from:
Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of
Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11 (Hardcover)

Rather than advance a theory of her own, Judy Wood, Ph.D.,
has brought together an enormous quantity of
high quality evidence
that appropriately functions as the foundation for
evaluating alternative explanations.
What she has done in this masterpiece
has classically been referred to as a "prolegomenon",
or as a prelude to further research.
The word "indirect" belongs in her subtitle,
since "Indirect Evidence of
Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11"
is exactly right.
She demonstrates that the Twin Towers
cannot possibly have collapsed
and that some massive source of energy
was required to blow them apart and convert them
into millions of cubic yards of very fine dust.
That cannot have been done by
thermite / thermate / nanothermite either.
And she offers reasons for doubting that it was
done by using mini or micro-nukes,
although there is room for dispute
as to whether or not she has actually shown
that they cannot have been used.
. What we have here is a monumental exhibition
of the full range of evidence that an adequate theory
of the destruction of the Twin Towers must explain.
While theories may come and go
--and the correct theory may not yet have crossed our minds--
they are all going to be measured on the basis of
the stupendous accumulation
of photos, graphs, diagrams and studies
that she has assembled.
This is an exceptional work
that moves us far forward in the study of 9/11. )
amazon critics:
. gives reference to 911debunkers site:
2011 A&Engineers for 9/11 Truth debunk Judy Wood .
... [this video is] more visual data in support of
A&E's theory of controlled demo.
Watch to the end (look for the squibs
-virtually unrefutable evidence of controlled demo)
and hear Silverstein's admission of [same]...
pretty amazing.
(Recall the sweet insurance deal he negotiated
shortly before the towers were brought down.)
[. that simply means he had only recently been
alarmed by the threat level of terrorism .]
11.16: todo: see more of Dr Judy Wood @ youtube .
11.17: news: Dr. Judy Wood/suing usa gov:
Spingola Speaks to Dr. Judy Wood and Jerry Leaphart
- The 9/11 Court Cases - April 14th, 2011
. in this video, Dr. Wood's lawyer explains
how they took the usa gov to court
and how the gov basically agreed Dr.Wood was right,
but they convinced all the judges up to the supreme court,
that the case should be dismissed, basically, for
the same reason that all military lawyers
are barred from challenging the official 9-11 story .
news: Dr. Judy Wood / Real 9-11 Truth:
 video: 2011 Russ Gerst on In Other News
 - Steven "Thermite" Jones & the Cold Fusion Scandal -
This is an interview with Russ Gerst,
who has worked with Dr. Judy Wood,
from December 12, 2011. mp3
Steven E. Jones was not only responsible for
bringing disinformation about thermite into the
so-called "9/11 truth movement"
- and for shepherding people away from Dr. Wood's work
which shows that directed energy weaponry was used on 9/11 -
but Jones was also heavily involved in the
Cold Fusion energy cover up back in 1989.
----- Dr. Judy Wood's websites:
Andrew Johnson @ checktheevidence
11.19: web: DEW tech at deps.org:
. DOD's DEW tech includes non-lethal's
. seen from here: deps links.

11.20: web: John Hutchison:
New Energy Series 2: John Hutchison Part 1
. copy of Hutchison lecturing for LightworksAV.com .
800 795 8273 .
here's the magic sauce:
. electrostatics [a static field, says Dr.Wood]
and a saw tooth continuous EM wave
[and/or] pulsating DC fields,
and an alpha-beta source which is tritium, 200 milicuries,
located within the electrostatic field .
. "(he's not a science writer),
but he did mention Hall effect and Lorentz forces
when chatting to a inquisitive scientist
-- helping him with his halted english .
Hall probes are often used as magnetometers,
i.e. to measure magnetic fields,
or inspect materials (such as tubing or pipelines)
using the principles of magnetic flux leakage.
The Lorentz force occurs in Cyclotrons, Electric motors .
. he was also fluent in the history of various experients,
casing the various ways to remotely move objects,
in order to identify what lesser things he was not doing .
. he doesn't write about his results are how to replicate,
but he's explained it to gov and to scientist ken shoulders
[. that vid says the energetics of the following tech
all have a common basis in electron clustering:
plasma focus,
hutchison effect
adamenko work
EVO energy production & transmutation
cold fusion
george hathaway, hutchison effect.

[. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen.
The nucleus of tritium (sometimes called a triton)
contains one proton and two neutrons,
Naturally occurring tritium is extremely rare on Earth,
where trace amounts are formed by the
interaction of the atmosphere with cosmic rays.]

1000 curies tritium [keyword: betavoltaic]
would produce more than 1 milliwatt useful power
with efficiency near 4% on a giga-ohm load
How do the electric charges of alpha, beta and gamma rays differ?
The alpha 'ray' consists of alpha particles (+ 2 charge).
The beta 'ray' consists of electrons( -1 charge).
A magnetic field will push these in opposite directions.
The gamma ray consists of photons of light;
They are not charged at all.
. tritium has one proton and two neutrons.
. Beta emission occurs when a neutron emits an electron.
The neutron changes into a proton in the process.
The atomic nucleus now has one more proton that before the emission and
thus is now an atom of a different element .
11.20: history of Hutchison's lab work:
raid on John Hutchison's apartment
collection of antique firearms confiscated
but returned at the order of Judge Cronin.
These events occurred under the administration of
former PM Pierre Trudeau.

1979, Hutchison Effect discovered,

Former PM Joe Clark,
wrote to Hutchison offering help and support.

1990 February 24
. the original Hutchison lab is confiscated by the
direct order of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.
The Government has retained the lab
in spite of a court order to return it
(Judge Paris of the Supreme Court of British Columbia).

1993, ESJ issue 9 (electric spacecraft journal)
/ The Hutchison Effect Apparatus
By John Hutchison and ESJ staff
There have been some serious investigations into
the Hutchison Effect
In Canada, the United States, and Germany.
($ee articles in ESJ #4)
The reality of objects being moved, levitated,
or restructured by magnetic and electric field effects
does not seem to be In question.
Just how or why the events happen
Is the questionable part.

1997August 20, NASA's Breakthrough
Physics  Propulsion Workshop

. the Hutchison effect was mentioned in
a poster presentation recently delivered to
NASA's Breakthrough Physics  Propulsion Workshop.
The poster was designed to communicate some of the
ideas submitted to ESJ through the years
that might have the most potential for
applications in the future of space travel.

1999 October 11
. after six days worth of attempts,
successful levitation was videotaped by Hutchison .
. neighbours called local police
to complain about Hutchison's experiment.
It is unclear whether something in their apartment levitated,
although there is no other way known at this time
that they could have been aware of the
levitation experiment that was in progress.

2000, March 17
John Hutchison's apartment in New Westminster, British Columbia,
was raided at gunpoint by Canadian Police.
Police stated only that there had been an anonymous complaint
that firearms were being brought into the apartment.
An antique gun collection owned by Hutchison
was confiscated in its entirety.
. 8 to 10 individuals pointing weapons at him,
only two or three of whom were in uniform.
The rest were dressed in dark clothing.
 Police also called in an "electrical inspector"
to examine John's lab equipment.
This is the famous "Hutchison apparatus"
with which John produces the renowned "Hutchison Effect."

2002, '3, '4, '5, and '10: interviewed by Coast to Coast:

2010, Open Letter of Recommendation:
September 13, 2010
To Whom It May Concern:
I am a Ph.D. experimental nuclear physicist
and have been for 30 years.
My bachelor's degree in physics
was earned with honors in 1975,
and I was awarded the Ph.D. degree
in December of 1980 at the University of Maryland.
My background includes being a Staff Scientist
at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
and a faculty member in the Physics Department
at the University of South Dakota.
Previously, I served as an instructor at the
National Security Agency.
Regarding the contents of this letter,
I would like to state that John Hutchison
is a good man and a very gifted inventor.
There can be no doubt that John would make
an excellent citizen of the United States.
And my belief is that John's inventions
could bring untold fortunes
to any person or nation which befriends him.
In fact, there is no telling just how much
his inventions might help the US economy
– if he were to become a US citizen.
Easily, hundreds of billions of dollars could be involved.
John's discoveries include the "Hutchison Effect"
that relates to antigravity
along with the teleportation, jellification
and transmutation of metals and other objects.
These are extraordinary discoveries
of great significance.
John is also now involved in energy research
and has discovered a way to extract energy
from the Zero Point of the Quantum Vacuum.
How this will influence the evolution of the world
remains to be seen.
Dr. Robert W. Koontz
1018 Washington St.
Huntingdon, PA 16652
2012, a website has papers about Hutchison's work .
Hutchison @ PESwiki(Pure Energy Systems):
11.20: news:
1993, ESJ issue 9 (electric spacecraft journal)
/ The Hutchison Effect Apparatus

By John Hutchison and ESJ staff
There have been some serious investigations into
the Hutchison Effect
In Canada, the United States, and Germany.
($ee articles in ESJ #4)
The reality of objects being moved, levitated,
or restructured by magnetic and electric field effects
does not seem to be In question.
Just how or why the events happen
Is the questionable part.

The picture consistently described is that of
numerous experimental apparatus
being operated simultaneously and Interactively.
'Events' occur, somewhat unpredictably.
. this is a format of accidental discovery
through undefined mixture.
Although recollection and details are difficult

I will attempt to explain details of the apparatus
used in my experiments
and will start with the input power
used to trigger the host of Tesla coils,
static generators, transformers, interferometers,
magnetics, metal masses, and nuclear sources, etc.
The source power was 110 volts AC
operated at 400 watts to 4000 watts.
Some years ago, Drs. Lakken and Wilson
argued over whether a "ball" of alpha-beta flux
formed and deposited on the test samples.
I personally don't believe so.
I believe the alpha-beta flux was guided to the masses
by being connected to high-voltage DC levels,
by magnetic pulse fields,
and excited by my mechanically-pulsed magnetron
which excited the geometric metal.
The idea is to excite the surface skin of the masses and their atoms
to create an unstable space-time situation.
This might allow the fields from the
Tesla coils and RF generation equipment
to lock up in a local $pace-time situation.
. now a small amount of energy is released from the
vast reservoir in space-time at the sub-atomic level
to create a  disruptive or movement effect,
pulsing to the large main toroid .

. fig shows a nuclear section in the center of a Tesla coil;
the feed horn is close to the window area;
this area was also bathed in a 30,000-volt static electric field
plus a weak magnetic field of only 700 gauss which was variable .
. a two-spiral spark gap unit is also shown .

The radioactive material to provide alpha-beta emissions
was contained in a stainless steel ball
which had a thin window section.
A four-gigahertz magnetron
pulsed by an old rotary spark gap system
sent microwaves by the window exit section.
Small masses were placed close to the
Influence of the alpha-beta flux.
The radioactive source was also
under high-voltage DC and
pulsed coils (50,000 to 100,000 turns)
to produce traveling wave type magnetics and electrostatics
to assist alpha-beta flux bunching and guidance.
This all interacted with other surrounding equipment.

A current limiter was used on "Big Red"
a fifty-kVA, 89,000-volt transformer.
A five-Hz spark-gap discharge went
simply to a copper ground plate.
The plate was movable and placement of the plate
proved successful to later experiments.
My current limiter was made from 4" by 4" laminations
stacked fifteen-Inches high and number-eight wire
wound six layers thick.
The pulsing of the iron core proved Its worth In tests.
Its location was near the heart of my apparatus.
Because it was a heavy unit,
casters were needed to move It.

The units pulse affected the electrostatics
and Alpha flux, when close .
The Alpha flux dropped off at two feet.
Two other units in the set-up were
double-loop brass ship antennas
five-feet high, as shown in Figure 13 .

[. also adding to the confusion are devices for ..]
RF generation and coupling
and all the radar-jamming devices 1 used later.
I could precisely set up a pattern at 2000 mHz
at 100 milliwatts.
I could give or take (±) 1000 mHz,
add pulse rate, CW or modulation of any form .

Placement geometry is of great importance to
key units of the electro-static field and spark gaps.
The electrostatic field must cover all components.
Helping to do this are copper balls mounted on insulators.
The large ball keeps its charge longer
while small ones discharge faster.
In a way, you have a pulse network
working along with dynamic electricity,
and the small influence of the 250 miliwatt magnetron
close to the alpha-beta flux.
In the zone is weak magnetics, permanent magnets,

and electromagnets of the traveling wave tube (TWT) barret types.
Thus, perhaps a transformation takes place
on the subatomic level in all of this;
and a conversion zone takes form
from the surrounding equipment,
This zone seems to transform again
to zones beyond the lab,
up to 500 feet away, in the form of a cylinder.
There appeared to be a zone at a distance of fifteen feet.
Samples placed in it sometimes levitated or broke apart.

The effects of unexpected field interactions:
One sample, a piece of aluminum
four-inches long by 1/2-lnch square,
had been shattered In the center.
It would be expected that only a few watts
were in this zone,
compared to the 4000-watt input
feeding all the equipment.
Our sample had exploded from inside out.
torn into thousands of filaments.
The filaments measured .010" to 0.50" long
and .008" to .012" thick.
The event volume expanded outward from the mass center
in seaming reaction to a force of
mutual repulsion between filaments .

The field lines picturesquely frozen in the aluminum filaments
are functionally identical to those we observed at
a point of fracture of a permanent bar magnet
of the same geometry.
The force exerted on the aluminum filaments was
sufficient to split a large number of the outermost strands
and fold them back along the "field lines"
to such a degree, that layers of them are compacted together,
against the solid surfaces of the sample.

The material within the event volume was
much harder and quite brittle
compared to the original extrusion alloy
which was quite soft.
all surfaces evidenced a mottled appearance
and regular structure,
while having none of the characteristics
associated with plastic deformation or melting.
Physical characteristics were typical of crystalline materials
sheared along bonding planes.
The number of filaments probably exceeded 100,000 .
effectively increasing the surface area within the event
by tens of thousands of times .
. this is how it could be used to dustify buildings:
it makes them brittle and fluffed,
so then conventional explosives can
more easily blow them apart .]

Another sample showed inexplicable material
mixtures; wood was found in an aluminum block
tested by Siemens Laboratory, Germany. Also,
dense, impossible alloys of elements forming unknown materials
were found by work of Max Planck Institute, Germany.
Because so many different effects happen, including levitation,
we can speculate the RF and support field operators
are working in a narrow region of the "zone of effects."
These random events sometimes happened at about 5-per-hour
in 1987, '88. and '89 .

It is an unpredictable probability for all operators to
synchronously combine to cause an effect.
For events like slow lift and slow disruption,
the operators combine under simple stable outputs,
amplitudes, and frequency.
Our space-time window would have to be described
on the subatomic level
for the understanding of the Hutchison Effects.
The Hutchison effect
- a lift and disruption system

George D. Hathaway
New Energy Technology,
Planetary Association for Clean Energy, 1990 p77-103

The following may shed light on a
most unusual phenomenon:
the "Hutchison Effect" .
. uses Tesla and Van de Graaf tech .
Pharos Technologies Ltd. was a company formed by
Hathaway and Alex Pezarro
the 1983 2nd International Symposium on
Non-Conventional Energy Technology in Atlanta
- Alex talked about one of his pet projects,
which was oil and gas discovery by novel means*
In 1980, we formed this small company to try to promote
what we then called the Hutchison Effect*
We also termed It In our early presentations:
LADS or theLift and Disruption System .

The Lift and Disruption System or HutchisonEffect
The system is capable of inducing lift and translation
In bodies of any material
That means It will propel bodies upwards
and It will also move them sideways.
It also has very strange energetic properties
including severely disrupting
inter-molecutor bonds In any material
resulting in catastrophic and disruptive fracturing,
It is also capable of causing
controlled plastic deformation in metal,
creating unusual aurora-like lighting effects In mid-air,
causing changes in chemical composition of metals
(it varies the distributionof the chemical content) ,
and other long-range effects at distances up to
around(24 metres) away from the
central core of the apparatus
— all at low power and at a distance.
Pharos Technologies was involved In
three phases of development,
the first phase of which was
in the basement of a house;
This is where John Hutchison's original work was done.
That was the Phase 0 development.
Phase 1 was when we stepped in with some money
and took the equipment from the original location
and put it in a more reasonable setting.
Phase II was ...
The main [hangup with] this technology,
[with our grass-roots understanding of it,
at that time ...]
the wait is between 6 hours and 6 days
before actually seeing something .
This makes it virtually impossible to interest someone
who would like to fund its development .

. we see a flat file 8 inches (20 cm) long breaking apart:
This file broke Into four more or less equal-length sections.
Normally, if you break a bar magnet,
you know that you break it
 north-south, north-south, etc .
So the parts tend to stick back together again.
In this case the segments were
 magnetized the wrong way
by some phenomena not known .
This may be indicative of the development of large-scale
monopolar regions that are of such intensity
that they disrupt the material itself.

Lifting phenomena
We then proceed to document some lifting phenomena.
All of them lift off with a twist.
They spiral as they liftoff .
There has to be a particular geometry with respect to down (gravity)
in order for them to take off .
. if you put them on their sides, some won't take off.
but turn them on their ends, and they will take off.
The geometrical form of the objects,
their composition and their relationship to their environment,
the field structure around them
 that is being created by the device, all play a part .

There are four main modes of trajectory:
# a slow looping arc,
taking off very slowly,
then loop and fall back somewhere
( almost as if the earth moves underneath them
 while they are in flight,
to have them fall back in different locations).
# a ballistic take-off.
there's an Impulse of energy
at the beginning of the trajectory
with no further power applied to the lifting thereafter,
and the object hits the ceiling and comes back down.
# a powered trajectory,
where there appears to be
continuous application of lifting force.
# hovering
- where objects just rise up and sit there.
The objects can be of any material whatsoever:
sheet metal, wood, styrofoam, lead, copper,  zinc, amalgams
and they all either take off or they burst apart,
or -- 99% of the time -- they do nothing .
. we observed heavier objects taking off.
including a 19-pound (8.6 kg) bronze bushing
and water in a cup that's dancing around
the surface of which is vibrating.
There are no ultrasonic or sonic devices
in this particular series of experiments.
There are no magnetic components
underneath or over top.
There are no field colls underneath
or over top or anywhere within 6 feet .

strange lighting phenomenon:
. in 1981, all of a sudden a sheet of iridescence
descended between the camera
and some of the apparatus .
It has a strange pinkish centre to it
and hovered there for a while, and then disappeared.

extremely dangerous apparatus:
It has smashed mirrors,
in one of its incarnations, 30 feet away.
It has overturned a large metal object
about 50 or 60 pounds about 100 feet away.
And its effects can't be pinpointed unless we're lucky.
We try to find the active area
and then we hope that something will happen
but perhaps something very far away will happen.
The apparatus is capable oí starting fires anywhere.
It will start fires in concrete,
little bursts of flame here and there
and it will cause your main circuits to have problems.
We've blown fuses out as well as
 circuit-breakers and large lights.

[. to help with the destruction effects,
we try holding down an energized object ]
. a l/4 inch round rattail file rests on a plywood base
and is held down from taking off by two plywood pieces.
Beside it are some quarter and penny coins.
The file is glowing white hot
 and yet there is no scorching of the
 wooden plywood pieces which are holding it down.
Neither are any of the coins affected.
This is explainable in terms of RF heating theory;
because, you can have eddy current
heating on the surface
and it's almost cool to the touch very shortly thereafter.
still, it's unusual that there is no
conductive heat transferred to the wood.

From time to time there are scorch marks
on the boards from other experiments.
The apparatus makes fire spontaneously
in unpredictable parts of the lab .
The original (Phase 0) lab set-up was primitive,
crowded, had poor connections, ... .
the films that have most of the best lift episodes
were done there, drawing a maximum
of 1.5 kilowatts continuously from house-mains.

The disruption part of this Lift and Disruption System
has produced confirmatory physical samples
that include water, aluminum, iron,
steel, molybdenum, wood, copper, bronze, etc.,
with many shapes, sizes and masses.
a material is subject to certain influences
depending on shape, composition and other factors.
We have tested various pieces that have
broken apart for hardness, ductility, etc .
We have used optical and electron microscopes.
We have taken SEM's with EDA's(Energy Dispersive Analysis)
to determine the composition at various points.
Two samples of aluminum are shown,
one twisted up In a left-handed spiral,
and one is blown into fibers.
. a molybdenum rod used in nuclear reactors
are supposed to withstand temperatures of about 5,000 ° F .
We watched these things wiggle,
and stopped the apparatus halfway through a wiggle .
[. there's a vid of a CIA rep(see 5:20min)
who is talking about Hutchison;
claims people can do that with their mind .]
. a cast aluminum was seen bursting apart.

. a collection of metal pieces
have been blasted apart or twisted.
The largest piece we saw is about 12 to 13 inches long.
It's two inches in diameter, of regular mild steel,
and a 3/8" long part was blasted off the end
and crumbled like a cookie.
Fragments have been analyzed to have
anomalously high silicon content
although the original material was
 not a silicon steel.
. given a piece of case-hardened steel,
 5 - 6 inches tall, 1.25" dia;
the  case-hardening has been blown off at the top
and about 3/4" of it vapourized during an experiment.
Then there are various pieces of aluminum and steel.
. for a boring bar, one can see the old tool bit
that John was using through it .
It was on a shelf about 10 feet away
 from the centre of the apparatus
and he did not see it happen.
It Just bent up into a tight U
and deposited a quantity of copper at the bend.
The copper seemed to somehow magically
come out of the solid solution,
if it was ever in solution in the first place;
and, it will agglomerate as globs at the break.
As far as the aluminum is concerned, it's a volume effect,
not merely an eddy-current surface effect .
The whole thing is blasted right through.
. some of the scanning electron microscope photos
shows an aluminum where the whole surface is torn apart,
as if it was gouged randomly by some mechanical means.
A piece of iron showed anomalously high amounts of copper.

. a polished sample shows unusual globules forming .
We examined these particular globules
and they're virtually pure elements.
One is copper, another is manganese
and others are different  elements.
These globules seem to arrange themselves along planes;
and, these planes are no doubt the ones that
split apart and delaminate into fibers.
-- mostly aluminum, of course,
but with a bit of copper in it.
I have not seen another apparatus
which makes the alloying material in an alloy
come out of the solid solution.
Usually it's totally dispersed in the melt
but in this case we're "undispersing" it somehow.

names in physics relating to this effect:
# names in energetics:
G. LeBom, Vallee, Boyer, Prigogine,
# names in propulsives:
Hooper, Holt, Graham 7 Lahoz, Zinsser/Peschka .

Vancouver experimental observation
by [MacDonnel Douglas`] Jack Houck August 1985
[after being contacted by Col Alexander ...]
Section 1 : Summary and Conclusions
During the year 1971,
John Hutchison set out to build some Tesla coils.
He also is a collector of old high voltage
and static electricity generating equipment,
as well as a gun collector
One evening while tinkering with this equipment,
creating large sparts and high voltage effects,
he was struck on the shoulder by a piece of metal.
He threw it back toward where it came from
and it struck him again.
He had accidentally created what we will call the Hutchison Effect
During the ensuing years,
he found that by adjusting the settings on the equipment,
things would levitate, move horizontally, bend, break and explode.
Hutchison met Alexis Pezarro and George Hathaway
who had formed Pharos Technologies Ltd,
in search for new innovative technologies.
Pezarro and Hathaway worked with Hutchison,
conducting many experiments in attempting to
replicate and understand the phenomena.
They also were looking for funds to perform the research
necessary to apply this knowledge.
The equipment belongs to Hutchison and is in his residence.
The area in which Ihe majority of the effects occur
is determined empirically.
Often major events occur outside the intended "target area"
where test objects were place.
In the early days of their experimentation,
many hovering and apparently antigravity-type events occurred.
Hutchison and the equipment have moved twice in last few years,
requiring many months to again obtain effects.
During this time, more power and equipment
have been added to the "system".
Lately, most of the observed effects have been
metal exploding or bending,
and objects moving horizontally or expanding and contracting.
A group of scientists from Los Alamos had
witnesses and experiment last year with no results.
On August 13 and 14,1985,
this author had the opportunity to witness
two evenings of experiments.
I had taken a number of samples to put in the
vicinity of the equipment at the intended target area.
Most of the samples and controls left in Southern California,
I took 35 mm pictures, and rented a
1/2-inch home video recording system
for documentation and assistance in observation.
There were some very interesting events
captured on the video tape,
and some of those were observed
when they happened.
Aluminum foil pieces and some other samples
(including plastic)
were observed to slide or fall over,
as if hit by an impulse
at apparently random intervals
throughout both evenings.
At one point, one of the aluminum foil pieces
appeared to move up and down, with a 1-3 second period .

I was satisfied that no fraudulence was occurring,
and was impressed by the fact that most of the events
were covered by the video camera.
However, some of the biggest events occurred
outside the intended target area.
The first evening, a gun barrel
and a very heavy (60 lbs) brass cylinder
were hurled from a shelf in the back corner of the room
onto the floor.
Simultaneously, on the opposite side of the room
toward the back,
three other objects were hurled to the ground.
One was a heavy aluminum bar ( 3/4" by 2-1/2" by 12").
It was bent 30 degrees.
Hutchison said that it was
straight at the beginning of the evening.
Another object was a 15-lb brass bushing.
These objects can be seen falling in the video record,
but their initial location is not recorded.
I am quite sure that no one was
hiding in that part of the room throwing these objects.
I was with both Hutchison and Pezarro
during the entire experiment.
None of samples I had were affected.
There was a 4 by 4 array of small magnets
set up in the target area.
The first evening these magnets were spread all over
because a big brass cylinder fell on the
board supporting them.
It actually fell onto the calculator,
but the calculator continued to function.
However, during the second day, no objects fell into
the target area containing the 4 by 4 array,
but the magnets did move around,
apparently due to the same horizontal force that
pushed the aluminum foil pieces off the board.
More detail on the objects that
moved is contained in Section 2 of this report .
Pezarro and Hutchison reported many stories about
what they observed in previous experiments,
I was struck by the many similarities there were
to the type of phenomena I observe at PK parties
and the type of phenomena associated with
other types of macro PK (psychokinesis) events.
Could Hutchison be electrically stimulating
the same type of energy or "fields" that are responsible for PK events?
There are also some dissimilarities.
This comparison will be made in a Section 3.
Might they have discovered a PK amplifier?
 . it is possible that I could be biased
because of my research into the PK phenomena.
Pezarro believes that they are creating some type of "field"
that stimulates some energy to be dumped into the objects,
or used by an object's surface to generate the observed effects.
No one has a theoretical explanation for what is occurring.
However, if a better understanding can be developed,
then it may be possible to devise experiments
whose results can be predicted.
Several theoretical approaches may be relevant
(e.g.. [Tom E.] Bearden, Williams,
[Prof. Elizabeth] Rauscher,
[Prof. William] Tiller,
[Prof. Jack] Dea. et al).


I believe that Hutchison is creating
a real phenomena with his equipment
that is somehow being stimulated by some combination of
the electrical fields being emitted.
Currently, the effects are so random in both time and space
that it is very difficult to conduct meaningful experiments.
However, if someone can figure out a way to
focus the effects consistently in a target area,
then much more anomalistic data would be produced.
Ideas were discussed on how to accomplish this focusing.
There are many other parameters involved in
each of the elements of the equipment
that need to be better understood
in order to obtain consistent effects.
It is likely that effects are being created
that cannot be explained by conventional physics;
and, therefore,
some of new models being created to extend physics,
in attempts lo explain anomalous phenomena,
could be examined in conjunction with Ihe Hutchison Effect.

Section 2: Experimental Data
On August 13,1985, Vancouver. B.C., Canada,
observe the Hutchison Effect .

. Pezarro talked about their experiments.
They cannot run the equipment during the day
because it disturbs all the electrical equipment of the neighborhood.
The video camera was placed on a ladder,
about 15 feet from the target area
and cables to the recording equipment located in another room.
The room which contains the equipment has two narrow walkways,
and old electronic equipment is stacked to the ceiling
on the outside of both walkways.

The center of the room contains a massive amount of equipment,
including a lot of power conditioning equipment Iwo very large Tesla coils,
several Van de Grsaff generators
(only working as part of the "system"),
a Jacob's ladder, and a big spark gap generator.
I did not get into the details of the equipment
because that is not my field,
and Pezarro said there were "secret" elements .
The first evening, August 13, we started the experiment at 8:45 p.m.

Wave postulation:
intersection of two active
monopolar antenna sourced wavefronts.
The two large events in the back of the room
seemed to occur at the same time.
I postulated that maybe this machine was acting as
two monopole-antennas radiating waves:
one had the right property to interact with
 a wave from 2nd radiator,
then simultaneous effects should be expected
 at the two intersections of the circles,
especially if there was something to affect
at both locations.
2) The Electromagnetics hypothesis
letter from Hathaway Consulting Services,
Toronto November, 1985

the best explanation for the lift so far came from Leon Dragone
and Prof. Panos Pappas who postulate a charge coherence
between a localized area on the earth(or launch platform),
and the specimen to be launched.
This sudden coherence could affect the
gravitational pull on the object
and give it a thrust if properly directed.
It could be stimulated by sudden discharges, ...
But unless these gaps are precisely turned
and coordinated in phase,
the lift phenomenon resulting
would appear only sporadically,
i.e., when a chance coherent state
 was achieved during spark cycle.
Letter from Prof. Dr. Panos T. Pappas,
Athens October. 1985

As I have experimentally observed
gravitational attracting forces between
things identically excited by microwave bodies,
your experiments gave me the Idea that
you probably disturb the microwave resonance
between the orbiting electrons in the mass of earth,
and orbiting electrons in the mass in various objects.
As a result you extinguish the coupling
which we know as gravity
between object and earth (or even cause repulsion).

. here's a great historical vid of
Hutchison's military interactions .

11.20: web:
Theo Chalmers`One Step Beyond vid:
. One Step Beyond show,
where Dr.Wood is interviewed by Theo Chalmers .

by John Hutchison on May 23, 2011
Ken Shoulders, Father of MicroElectronics,
grants a RARE interview
and discusses his current work:
EVOs (exotic vacuum objects),
the Hutchison Effect, anti-gravity,
Frontier Science and errors in Cold Fusion.
The Hutchison Effect (EVOs) may be able to eliminate the
nuclear contamination from Fukushima.
Off camera comments and questions
from Clare (Ken's wife) and Nancy Lazaryan.
Filmed Sept. 2010.
more info: thehutchisoneffect.com
11.24: co.fb: nukes did it:
Pictures Prove Mini Nukes Caused 9-11 Devastation
[!] pict: planes could not have done this!
. my theory changed to NDEW later,
basically more of a Hutchison effect
that is generated by nuclear,
rather than a nuclear-generated heating .

news: Dr.Ward`MRR nukes for demolition:
[12.12: summary:
. this gave me the idea that low-radiation nuclear devices,
could be used for such things as generating
high-intensity RF waves for Hutchison effects
without looking like a nuke went off .]
The US Government's Usage of
Atomic Bombs - Domestic - WTC By Ed Ward, MD

Declassified August 1958:
"Mere fact that the U. S.  has developed
atomic munitions suitable for
use in demolition work

Declassified January 1967,
"The fact that we are interested in
and are continuing studies on a weapon
for minimizing the emerging flux of neutrons
and internal induced activity."
Declassified March 1976,
"The fact of weapon laboratory interest in
Minimum Residual Radiation (MRR) devices.
The fact of successful development of MRR devices.
The factual evidence indicates that our government is
using and has used 3rd or possibly 4th generation
hydrogen bombs domestically and internationally.
. unusual cancer activity:
June 11, 2006 -- Since 9/11, 283 World Trade Center
rescue and recovery workers
have been diagnosed with cancer,
-- the cases include blood-cell cancers such as
leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's and myeloma.
Doctors say the cancers can strike within 3 to 5years
after exposure to toxins such as benzene,
a cancer-causing chemical that permeated the WTC site
from burning jet fuel.
"One in 150,000 white males under 40
would normally get the type of acute white blood-cell cancer
that strikes a healthy detective," said Worby,
whose first client was NYPD narcotics cop John Walcott, now 41.
Walcott spent months at Ground Zero and the Fresh Kills landfill.
The father of three is fighting leukemia.
"We have nearly 35 of these cancers
in the family of 50,000 Ground Zero workers.
The odds of that occurring are
one in hundreds of millions .
25: web: Minimum Residual Radiation nukes:
Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons (FGNW),
some particularly important military aspects
on which there has been only limited public discussion .
These aspects concern the unique military characteristics of FGNWs
which make them radically different from both
nuclear weapons based on previous-generation nuclear-explosives
and from conventional weapons based on chemical-explosives:
yields in the 1 to 100 tons range,
greatly enhanced coupling to targets,
possibility to drive powerful shaped charged jets
and forged fragments, enhanced prompt radiation effects,
reduced collateral damage and residual radioactivity, et
declassified info on Nukes:
     Section E
    Minimum Residual Radiation (MRR) Weapons
    1. The fact that we are interested in
and are continuing studies on a weapon for
    minimizing the emerging flux of neutrons
and internal induced activity. (67-1)
    2. The fact of weapon laboratory interest in
MRR devices. (76-3)
    3. The fact of successful development of
MRR devices. (76-3)
Minimum Residual Radiation (MRR or "Clean") Designs
It has been pointed out elsewhere in this FAQ
that ordinary fission-fusion- fission bombs (nominally 50% fission yield)
are so dirty that they merit consideration as radiological weapons.
. it helps considerably to use a non-fissile tamper
to reduce the fission yield to 5% or so,
but certainly does not result in an especially clean weapon by itself.
If minimization of fallout and other sources of residual radiation is desired
then considerably more effort needs to be put into design.

Minimum residual radiation designs are especially important for
"peaceful nuclear explosions" (PNEs).
If a nuclear explosive is to be useful for any civilian purpose,
all sources of residual radiation must be
reduced to the absolute lowest levels .
This means elimination of the
neutron activation of bomb components,
of materials outside the bomb,
and reducing the fissile content .
It may also be desirable to minimize the use of
relatively hazardous materials like plutonium.

The problems of minimizing fissile yield
and eliminating neutron activation are the most important.
Clearly any MRR, even a small one, must be primarily a fusion device.
The "clean" devices tested in the fifties and early sixties
were primarily high yield strategic three-stage systems.
For most uses (even military ones) these weapons are not suitable.
Developing smaller yields with a low fissile content requires
considerable design sophistication - small light primaries so that the low yields
still produce useful radiation fluxes
and high-burnup secondary designs to give a good fusion output.

Minimizing neutron activation form the abundant fusion neutrons
is a serious problem since many materials inside and outside the bomb
can produce hazardous activation products.
The best way of avoiding this is to prevent the neutrons
from getting far from the secondary.
This requires using an efficient clean
neutron absorber, i.e. boron-10.
Boron shielding of the bomb case, and the primary
may be useful also.
Despite efforts to minimize radiation releases,
PNEs have largely been discredited as a cost-saving civilian technology.
Generally speaking, MRR devices still produce
excessive radiation levels by civilian standards
making their use impractical.
MRRs may have military utility as a tactical weapon,
since residual contamination is slight.
Such weapons are more costly and have lower performance of course.
11.25: news: Judy Wood - 9/11 Ten Years Later:
[my transcript of that vid:]
. the reconstruction was delayed for continued "(fuming)
and the new is encased in concrete,
as if to protect it from nuclear waste .
not much of an asbestos problem:
. nanoized asbestos might not get stuck in lungs,
and official story says above 40th story is not asbestos .
[12.12: comment:
. when asbestos is reduced,
it creates a silicosis (lung disease) threat .
. however, there is an ongoing air-quality issue .
. less than 1/10 micron is the size of the dust .
. the dust landing on the ground must have been course,
and then someone kicking showed it was very fine,
indicating it broke down to something fluffier
while sitting there .
. it rolled out then up the same distance,
showing again, the process of on-going disintegration
-- that first nuke users didn't know if it would be self-quenching;
but it was, so this is like the hutchison effects;
eg, a file that broke kept getting more brittle .
. this still supports my theory that clean nukes
and a static field from the nearby storm
accidently created the Hutchison effects .
. I now believe 911neocons controlled the weather;
they expected the static field to be there;
they expected the Hutchison effect to dustify .]

Dr.Wood's summary:
Our critics have accused us of insisting that
beam weapons did their damage from outer space,
yet we make no claim about whether the
directed energy weapon operated from
a space-, air-, or ground-based platform.
Nor do we make any claim about
what wavelength(s) was used,
what the source(s) of energy was,
whether it involved interference of multiple beams,
whether it involved sound waves,
whether it involved sonoluminescence,
whether it involved antimatter weapons,
whether it involved scalar weapons,
whether it was HAARP (more here and here),
whether it involved a nuclear process (e.g. NDEW, more info),
whether it involved conventional directed energy weapons (cDEW),
whether it involved improvised directed energy weapons (iDEW),
nor what kind of accelerator was used, ...
. What we do claim is that
the evidence is consistent with
the use of energy weapons that go well beyond
the capabilities of conventional explosives
and can be directed.
"( basic EVO work for this device was done by Ken Shoulders
and largely published on the web at
svn.net/krscfs )
-- that link has many files of interest;
eg, EVOs and Hutchison Effect.pdf .

Applied Research Associates (ARA)
a “significant manufacturer of directed energy weapons
and/or components thereof.”
ARA's known weapons manufacturing capacity
and knowledge of the lethality effects of advanced weapons.
two simulations depicted.
In the one instance, it looks as if they are displaying
a capacity to bring about destruction of an urban setting
that is similar to the World Trade Center complex;
and, in the other, it looks as if they are
depicting a capacity to
make the World Trade Center
glow orange before disappearing.
... depictions clearly illustrate
a degree of involvement by ARA
with a wide variety of advanced weaponry:
a) They design/manufacture missiles.
b) They design/manufacture
radio-controlled flying objects
that fly and spy and/or perhaps fly in
secretly to deliver some biological agent.
c) They design/manufacture nukes
and/or some other type of WMD .
d) They anticipate working in a
toxic environment and plan for it.
e) They can destroy tall buildings
with little damage to untargeted
neighboring structures.
f) They design/manufacture all-terrain robots
to seek and destroy anybody and anything.
Federal Contract Vehicles
Quoting ARA:
ARA has signed a number of major
task-order contracts with the Federal government.
Weapons of Mass Destruction-Defeat Technology (WMD-DT IDIQ)
Contract: DTRA01-03-D-0014
The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
Purpose is to support all present and future DTRA
Counter WMD Technologies Directorate (CX) activities.
These activities include supporting other DTRA directorates
and providing operational support to the
Combatant Commanders and their staffs.
Additionally, the scope also includes supporting
other federal, state and local government activities.
Orders issued pursuant to this contract may be
placed by Federal Agencies other than DTRA.
Federal Agencies other than DTRA desiring to
place orders under this contract
shall contact the DTRA Contracting Officer,
Period of Performance: Active thru May 2008 + 5 year option

Presumably ARA was chosen for this contract because it is
a leading firm in WMD technologies.
Obviously ARA has expertise in all WMD technologies.
ARA supports DTRA research and development.

Confirmation of ARA's central role in
directed energy weapons technology
is confirmed by their role as a
silver level founding sponsor, in 1999,
of the Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS).
Not much else can be specifically stated about ARA's
manufacturing involvment in directed energy weaponry
largely because information about the deployment of such weapons
remains shrouded in secrecy.
In the year 2000, DEPS stated in its internal publication
Wave Front
that such weapons were already deployed in a variety of platforms,
implying that they were already then deployed in space,
aboard high and low altitude aircraft, on the ground and at sea.
Moreover, such weapons had a wide range of lethal effects.
ARA also has an internal publication that is entitled Waves
that makes reference to the development of
"advanced or unusual" weapons concepts,
but says nothing more specific than that.

ARA’s Emerald Coast Facility, Niceville, FL, 4,000 sq.ft,
is a DoD-approved Top Secret facility
with storage capability up to and including Secret level.
cookie-cutter cutouts?
The building in the background reminds me of WTC3,
as if we are looking down West Street, with the WFC to our right.
If ARA is teaching a short course in
"the fields of airblast, high explosives, detonation waves,
and fragmentation and subsequent loads on structures,"
it follows that they understand and recognize
the effects of this technology
under any and all circumstances.
They failed to do so in the NIST WTC study.
ARA and other contractors that knew or should have known
the cause of the destruction of the WTC towers
fraudulently steered NIST
away from the information confirming that exotic weaponry,
almost certainly including directed energy weapons,
were used to bring about the destruction of the WTC complex.
amazing picts of the dustification:
A collapse does not look like this.
The remaining section of the core columns
that were not destroyed with the rest of the building,
lathered up and turned to dust a few seconds later.
ARA is contracted by DTRA, among others,
to know everything to do with weaponry.
As a contractor for NIST,
ARA should have been analyzed this phenomenon.

. NIST and its contractors did not take into consideration
the obvious clean up process that is associated with
the after effects of exotic weaponry,
including directed energy weapons.
Here is what NIST and its contractors
fraudulently ignored: The dust cloud
This is a ground-level view of the
enormous quantity of dust wafting skyward.
Conventional demolition dust does not do this .

Burned out cars and bus along West Broadway.
Consistently, they seem to have missing door handles.
And the gas tanks don't appear to explode,
but several engine blocks appear to disintegrate.

A 9-second "collapse" time for WTC2 is impossible.
It violates the laws of physics.

NIST can confirm that directed energy weapons
have been used by making inquires at the
Directed Energy Directorate, as I have done,
and by calling in ARA and SAIC witnesses,
together with the First Responders,
such as Patricia Ondrovic.
NIST has, unfortunately,
approached the level of negligence
in not responding directly to my assertion
that directed energy weapons were used
to destroy the WTC towers.
11.24: e-bomb effect helps demolish engines:
. fires seem attracted to the engine blocks?
that may have been the RF or microwave pulses
that were generated by the nuke:
they induced a current that exploded the battery ?
12.14: no,
that hardly explains engine decay;
I now think the difference is in the
mass-to-surface.area ratio:
the massiveness synergizes the wave,
whereas a sheet of metal
tends to only break up the wave .

11.24: news: EMP|HERF weapons and e-bombs:

EMP|HERF weapons and e-bombs (from ieee.org):
. EMP/HERF weapons, based on Electro Magnetic Pulse,
or High-energy radio frequency,
are routinely used in war zones
to jam the enemy's electronics.
. an electromagnetic "storm" is capable of
keeping any private cameras from operating;
They can immobilize vehicles that rely on
electronic forms of ignition and control systems .

. HPM(high-power microwave)
can induce currents large enough to melt circuitry .
disrupts or destroys any unshielded electronic components .
HPMs produce standing waves in electrical grid wiring
and telephone and communications wiring,
entering through cables, antennas, and even ventilation grills.

. electronics must be enclosed in faraday-cages;
and, any cable entering the Faraday cage
must be an optical fiber or some other form of
electrically non-conductive material .

[implications for robotics:
. this has major implications for robotic policing;
conventional circuitry becomes un-intelligent
when you can't control the radio sources;
that means any inout device can't be electronic;
how can the robot see without electronic cameras ? ]

Since the frequency is high,  1 and 10 GHz,
this permits parasitic or stray capacitances
to couple energy via paths in the circuit
that may not be protected against overvoltage;
they can penetrate even what is
shielded against a nuclear detonation.

Kirtland AFRL Directed Energy Directorate:
Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
Directed Energy Directorate
is the Air Force's center of expertise for
directed energy and optical technologies.
The Directed Energy Directorate focuses in
four core technical competencies:
Laser Systems, High Power Electromagnetics,
Weapons Modeling and Simulation,
and Directed Energy and Electro-Optics
for Space Superiority.
. AFRL pioneered the first and only
megawatt class airborne laser
and is a leader in ground-based space imagining
using adaptive optics with our {3.5, 3.6} meter telescopes .
The lab is transitioning game-changing
counter-electronics weapon technologies
that can degrade, damage or destroy electronic systems
with minimum collateral damage.

. the Shiva Star pulsed-power system
is capable of producing bursts of
10 million amps with 120 thousand volts .
. Tesla transformer's two coils vibrate in resonance
and amplify the incoming voltage
with near-100% efficiency .
Once the pulse has been transformed into an electron beam,
it is guided by a strong axial magnetic field
through the long tube
that will turn it into microwaves.
A pressurized gas switch
prevents the Tesla transformer from prematurely dumping
as it builds up for the next pulse.
The switch is filled with highly compressed nitrogen gas.
When the transformer coils reach 700 kV,
the nitrogen gas breaks down into a plasma channel,
and the pulse leaps through to the electron-beam diode.

. pulsed-power HPM sources
for supplying microwaves .

. the backward wave oscillator
is one of the few that can be tuned (+/-20%)
while producing in the 4-10-GHz range;
however, portability is illusive; because,
it needs an external magnetic field
to create the microwave beam .
 . the frequency is adjusted by changing the distance
between the diode and the microwave source.
 . a gigawatt 10-nanosecond-pulsed beam
200 times a second .
. pulsing increases efficiency  and prevents the
air around the antenna from heating into a plasma
that in turn would interfere with a continuous beam
at these power levels.
--[11.24: plasma relates to thermite symbiosis?:
. this was very exciting to hear; because,
the others noted how concrete can be
dustified easily by thermites + plasma;
so any mention of plasma
may help the thermite theory;
and then also, the use of directed energy
may help the accidental Hutchison effects .
12.14: revision:
. quite certain now,
the Hutchison effects were not accidental .]

. Lexington Institute is a military think tank;
it produced a report: "Directed-Energy Weapons:
Technologies, Applications and Implications" .
"( pulsed or beaming Radio-frequency weapons
are capable of disabling electronic systems;
they can be obstructed by any conductive material
(that's what a Faraday cage is).
 . U.S. Navy no longer requires that
all its hardware be hardened against
nuclear electromagnetic pulses.
It deemed that maintaining those standards
was too costly and slowed down the
integration of new technology.
Computers and other communications devices
now have antennas attached,
giving an electromagnetic pulse
a direct pathway to its guts. )
. that defensive posture is likely obsolete,
if it is known that there exists
various Directed Energy tech combinations
that can side-step Faraday caging .]
comprehensive Faraday cage shielding:
. the shielding must not only be comprehensive
but even the smallest gaps and apertures
will need to be thoroughly sealed.
This means that incoming and outgoing cables
will need to be routed through
RF traps or Ferrite grommets;
doors, windows and air conditioning vents
will need proper flexible "(electromagnetic) seals
(similar to that in many microwave ovens);
and, an airlock arrangement
may be needed for the door.
Phone lines in and out will also need to be
coupled through optical fibres.
. all of the required technology
has been available off the shelf for many years,
due to the US military's
EMP hardening Cold War effort .
Codar, Radstone, Cyberchron,
AP Labs, Interstate Electronics
all supply "Milspec" "ruggedised" versions of
commercial computers to military .
An electromagnetically hardened commercial computer
will not require the physical and environmental
ruggedness of a military system,
but will require the ability to cope with
high RF fields, voltages and spiked power lines.
Therefore, it is likely to be much cheaper than
existing ruggedised equipment,
but probably still much more expensive than
off-the-shelf commercial equipment.
. miniature motor-generator scheme,
where the "hot" mains side
uses a squirrel cage electrical motor
to drive via a shaft
an internal alternator or DC generator,
which is integrated with a regulator arrangement
to produce the required
+5V, +3.3V, +12V and -12V rails.
Such a supply if built properly
could easily fit into the form factor of most
current tower case PC supplies.
Equipping such a device with an internal flywheel
would also provide a good resilience to
short mains voltage dips.
A power supply built this way would provide
much smoother power than existing switchmodes,
and also avoid the production of RF interference,
common to cheaper switchmodes.
11.25: todo:
. Dr.Woods view of nukes seems contested:
. need to hear Dr.Wood's debate with (someone) about
the site staying hot for months
when she said it wasn't hot .
. does she really think this couldn't be nukes?
why would DEW create this hot,
what does she think about the tritium debate?
. the nuke debate is apparently about
explaining heat at the site,
not radioactivity readings;
but there was radioactivity at the pentagon,
and some suspect that whatever it was
that crashed into the towers and pentagon,
could have been using depleted uranium (DU)
counterweights in its wings and rudder;
eg, A 747 may contain 1,500 kilograms of DU .
. the Hutchison effects are nuclear
as some new elements can be created;
and, that sort of nuclear activity
may be the source of this heat release;
here's a theory for how:
. there may be 2 ways to add energy to an atom:
conventional heat affects the electron orbits;
so, suppose this Hutchison heat is affecting the
internals of neutrons or positrons?
I'm imagining a situation like the atom,
where a neutron is not one thing but instead is
the shell defined by orbiting internals .]

11.25: todo: Dr.Woods view of nukes seems contested, [done]
[29: she does mention nuclear-dew as possible,
and I'm calling that nuclear-magnetic tech .]

11.25: co.{fb,g'+}: nuclear-magnetic evidence Ten Years Later:
Dr.Wood indicates the trade tower reconstructors
are acting like a nuke hit !
I was wondering why she didn't suggest this explicitly;
trying not to be boxed into one conclusion?
or not fully trusting the nuke-related evidence?
Judy Wood - 911 Ten Years Later - Red Ice Radio - September 11, 2011
   Judy Wood - 9/11 Ten Years Later September 11, 2011 Judy D. Wood
   is a former professor of mechanical engineering
   with research interests in experimental stre...
25: sci: OTOH:
. another possible reason for
building the new trade tower on stilts
is to protect it from the rising tides of
increasing global warming .

web.pol/purges/controlled demolition/
theory factions/Bill Deagle, Ed Ward, Alex Jones/Ron Larsen?,
news.pol/purges/controlled demolition/
Dr.Woods vs Dr.Jenkins,

MRR's and FGNW's:
web: Minimum Residual Radiation nukes
news: Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons (FGNW)

11.25: Dr.Wood's inclusion of nuclear-related theories/

. Dr.Wood's only reply in the faq as to
why it wouldn't be [conventional] nuclear weapons,
is that there was not the expected amount heat,
... and also mentions an echo in the basement?
the associated video shows they
find twisted pipe down there,
suggesting that it was not a conventional
(ground-up) nuclear demolition .
. anyway, from what I saw,
it appears to be exotic new devices on successive floors
that are translating nuclear energy into RF waves .
. not only does the nuclear create billowing,
but the combination of RF and the static field
create the disintegration and materials
without a lot of heat (Hutchison effects).

11.26: news: Nuclear Directed Energy Weapons (NDEW)

The Nuclear Directed Energy Weapon (NDEW) program
involves tailored use of nuclear explosives
and has the potential for making
a significant contribution to strategic defense.
Soviet Scalar electromagnetic weapons,
Scalar Electromagnetics is Electrogravitation -
1960, Fer-De-Lance weapons program:
Nikita Khrushchev announces new, fantastic weapon .
1976, the 3-30 megaHertz interference "Woodpeckers":
. their beams carry much of the characteristics of
an over-the-horizon (OTH) radar .
. an additional "scanner" beam can be
scanned across the intersection "grid"
formed by waveform interference of
two main Woodpecker beams.
. scalar interference grid weapons can be used to
biologically attack entire populations in a targeted area.
. Kaznacheyev demonstrated that
almost any kind of disease pattern
could be electromagnetically transmitted:
symptoms of radiation, chemical poisoning,
and bacterial infection
-- all shown by Kaznacheyev experiments .
1986 scalar howitzer:
. in the "continuous EM emergence" mode,
No flame or smoke issued from the plane
before its descent and crash. However
the aircraft was seen to be mysteriously glowing
with a yellow, a corona due to the acquisition of
a high electrical charge by the skin of the aircraft.
1980 weather control:
. impulsive endothermic mode,
energy is impulsively extracted from the
distant intersection zone of 2 beams .
In the atmosphere this results in a
very sharp cooling or "cold explosion".

. a new kind of resonance:
scalar EM resonance, or electrogravitational resonance.
. it's a standing electromagnetic wave. It can be made
electrically, but is not electrical in behavior.
In respect to stress of the vacuum medium,
one half of a standing sine wave of scalar resonance
is tensile; the other half is compressive
(w.r.t the local ambient stress of the vacuum).
"Mass" of a particle can be defined as
a trapped scalar resonance.
Usually this trapping is done by
the "spin" of the individual particle.
The concept of "mass" may be compared with
the concept of "capacitance."
That is, a mass is an accumulator for scalar waves;
that is, for scalar resonances.
It is continually being "charged" and "discharged"
by absorption and emission of scalar waves
from and to the ambient vacuum scalar wave flux.
Indeed the magnitude of a mass
may be defined in terms of
the absolute value of this "switching" rate
(absorption = switch in; emission = switch out).
For details on this see
(Bearden, T.E.
"Quinton/Perception Physics: A Theory of
Existence, Perception, and Physical Phenomena,"
March, 1973, AD 763210, available through NTIS.)
. a moving object encounters an increased amount of flux rate
along its line of motion,
just as a moving object in a rainstorm
encounters more raindrops per second in the direction of its path,
than does a stationary object.
Encountering increased scalar wave flux
(with respect to the external observer)
forces the moving object to absorb and emit scalar waves
at a higher rate along its direction of motion
than when its not moving.
Thus to the external observer,
the mass of the object has increased,
insofar as any disturbing force along its line of motion
is concerned.
At right angles to its line of motion however,
the flux rate is precisely the same
as when the object is at rest.
Therefore the "mass" of the moving object
with respect to any disturbing force
at right angles to its line of motion
has not changed, as seen by the external observer.
The inertia of a particle is due to its mass,
i.e., to the total magnitude of its trapped scalar resonance.
Scalar waves absorbed into trapped resonance
may be regarded as constituting a current
of scalar resonance into the mass accumulator object;
thus, scalar resonance can "flow".
. it is possible to
change the mass of an object directly,
by having it absorb scalar EM waves .
This brings up another rather amazing potential:
If a reasonably precise scalar pattern of an object
can be "irradiated" and resonated with scalar waves,
energy may be created in or extracted from
the distant object,
just as stimulating one tuning fork
can excite another at a distance by sympathetic resonance.
If we interfere two transmitters in a region of great energy
--such as the molten core of the earth itself--
and bias the transmitters negatively,
we can extract enormous energy
directly from that distant source!
. strategic "continent-buster" scalar EM weapons .
. Scalar frequency pairs -- 12 kilohertz apart --
are transmitted into the earth itself
on some portion of the earth's
"giant scalar resonance" frequency curve .
Biasing the two transmitters
differently with respect to each other
produces a high potential difference (voltage) between them.
At the same time, biasing them both negative
with respect to the earth's molten core
produces a scalar resonance current
from the core to the two transmitters.
In the "outer loop" between the two scalar transmitters,
there appears a gigantic voltage
and gigantic electrical current
which can be captured by appropriate means.
. scalar interferometer,
in Exothermic vs endothermic mode,
the ground potential of the transmitter is biased
well above the ground potential of ambient vacuum;
if pulse transmission is used and timed so that
the two scalar pulses meet in the distant zone,
energy explosively appears there.
US military ionospheric heaters:
. the Russians (USSR) lacked the powerful
computing facilities that were required to
direct and control this energy beam.
To be precise,
calculations for bouncing these energy beams
must take into account the rotation of the Earth,
the angle of reflectance,
and a variety of complex, dynamic factors.
The US had the power of CRAY and EMASS computer systems,
but lacked the power output capabilities
of the Russian heaters. HAARP would change that.
In 1995, the US military sought
congressional funding for a "super-heater,"
a world class HAARP installation
that would be capable of exceeding
the Russian power outputs many times over.
But there was a snag.
The American public had been told
that the Star Wars program was a
"defensive" weapon.
President Regan had even offered to
share this technology
to establish a "shield of peace"
that would forever inhibit nuclear proliferation.
But would the American public fund a "death ray"
which could deliver "first strike" capabilities
to any point on the globe within seconds?
. HAARP duplicated the ELF signals
by turning their signal on and off at rates
(30 to 3000 cycles per second) within the ELF range.
The result was that ELF radiation could be directed
to a specific area on the surface of the planet, at will.
Restricted Data Declassification Policy,
1946 to the Present RDD-1
June 1, 1994 U.S. Department of Energy,
Office of Declassification