Genesis sync's with Dream Theory

10.22: relig/bible/Genesis creation narrative/sync's with Dream Theory:
. the genesis story's trees of life and knowledge
appears to be aware of
the same creation story that is told by
Dream Theory and the Perfection Plan .
. the story starts with the humans
getting into trouble with the Tree of Knowledge,
and that part is getting the spotlight,
but it is these 2 trees together
  -- Knowledge and Life --  that are
 the central theme of creation:
this universe could not have existed
unless it was capable of creating
the indefinite experience .

. the main reason we can't all see g-d,
is that g-d couldn't create every experience
if there weren't blind people walking into holes .

. ... and the Truth shall set you free ...
-- Jesus Christ .

12.30: summary:
. Genesis reminded me of the Dream Theory;
because, treeing Life represents
the ability to define experiences;
while treeing Knowledge represents
the evolution of technology
and the remembering of history
so that it wasn't repeated .
. without wars the technology would not grow;
and when the sun fizzled out,
the Tree of Life would have to start over
on a new planet from a new god-seed .
. to protect the Tree of Life from restarts,
the god needs to grow our Tree of Knowledge
to get us surviving off the planet;
but we would rather be peaceful farmers
rather than torturous or bored scientists;
so,  the god controls our emotions
for getting us to burn each other;
and, then the burned ones find preventives,
-- and everything else along the way .
. any way life tried for finding peace
the rotating sword of the god's emotion controls
would cut down those rational ways .
. I got this idea during the
last part of a radio preacher's Genesis story
when he said there was an angel with a sword
rotating in all directions to protect the tree of life . 

Genesis 2:17:
. the god claimed it was deadly to use
the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge
(the knowledge of good and evil)
. but the serpent or snake said:
the Tree of Knowledge will open your eyes:
you will be as gods,
having knowledge of good and evil.
. and the god later added:
having knowledge of good and evil,
if you also use the Tree of Life's fruit
you will go on living for ever.
. if anyone did come with eyes open,
they would be barred from the Tree of Life
because of the k'ruvim (winged ones)
and a flaming sword turning every way .
1980's ... 12.30: intro
. in thinking about creation,
it is intuitive to ask why there isn't nothing .
. emptiness is a particular state,
and in the very beginning,
there was no god to create a particular state .

. a universe is a way of defining 
 an infinite number of definite experiences
that are of such diverse quality,
that when considered collectively
they define no quality in particular
-- the universe has to define
an indefinite state .
. and that is why the universe is filled with
everythingness instead of nothingness:
only everythingness has been creatorless
and failed to decide on a particular state .
. but just because there isn't a creator
doesn't mean there isn't a god!
. as a scientist you have to ask yourself:
"( if I didn't design the system
how can I know I see the whole thing? )

. the universe would need to include a god
rather than just simple personalities .
. here we define "god" as being a supermind
that is able to control minds and emotions
to coordinate our wills into some plan
-- one that suits creation's everythingness .
. synchronicity (unlikely coincidences)
is circumstantial evidence of god's existence,
though obviously not a proof of it
since even absurd levels of coincidence
can still be attributed to randomness .

. the main reason we can't all see g-d,
is that g-d couldn't create every experience
if there weren't blind people walking into holes .
. a god also has to get life to create a
dream synthesizer so that life can experience
an infinite number of other universes
having synthetic physics
that this universe doesn't naturally support;
that means we have to genetically modify ourselves
to grow in a way that interfaces to machines,
so that a computer can design our experiences .

10.22: 12.30: sync'ing
. so, this universe could not have existed
unless it was capable of creating
the indefinite experience;
and, that depends on the Life it sustains:

if no life succeeded in progressing eternally,
the universe failed to adequately diversify;
but, the fact that this universe exists
is proof it succeeded in Eternalizing Life:
some culture with a dream synthesizer
has succeed in surviving forever .
. all that we see as HE'll here on Earth
is about what it took to
keep the Tree of Life growing forever .

. you might think there would be
massive suicides in such HE'll;
but there is also the zombie's will to go on;
and if we were to freeze up about
how to succeed without hurting anyone,
then there are also psychopathic predators
who are only too happy to create pain
-- it all works together, to ensure the Tree of Life
(not to mention the Tree of awful Knowledge).

. there was no way to create
something in particular
-- thus there can't be a nothing,
nor any other limit:
there can only be nothing in particular .
. this is why the universe requires
an indefinite experience;
ie, an infinite number of experiences
of infinite diversity .
. "infinite" implies some culture's knowledge
must be eternally progressing;
because, the knowledge is providing the tech
that is creating the infinite diversity
that the universe depends on .

. if the Tree of Knowledge stopped growing,
then the Tree of Life also stopped growing:
that would be the situation where
the universe could forever create new stars,
that could forever evolve new life,
but that life would always become extinct;
because there was not advanced knowledge .
. also, no life would ever create the dream synthesizer
that created the experiences of new universes;
so the universe would have generated only a
limited diversity of experiences,
and would fail as universe
to define everythingness .

. the Tree of Life being protected by the
sword that rotates in all directions
is a model of why the god would have us
continuously attacking each other .
. life's designs, reaching in all directions,
all competing, with no one design trusted to be
the sole support for the Tree of Knowledge
required for the precious Tree of Life .

. when we as governments,
try to control man and death and pain,
we need to start with this bible story;
the fact that this universe exists at all,
is proof that both trees never died,
so then on every planet, we can be assured,
that g-d is fiercely struggling
to evolve both experiences and technology .

. so when you would have us  prune,
you need to ensure the trees are allowed to
branch at some other place.
. only then can you know,
your plan is consistent with the god's plan
and will thus succeed .
. that is, the fear of universe death
is what you have to work against
when you try to cure pain with euthansia:
you are looking at the slippery slope
that by evolving attempts to avoid pain,
we might be allowed to stifle
the painful search for technology;
as when we are having to cure diseases
rather than kill them .

. the other concern is getting too much control
which is asking for too much trust:
the tree stays alive only because
no one government failure
has the power to kill it .
. this is what we have to keep in mind
when we see that a One World Order
is getting so much resistance .
. we need to ask:
it's one world agreeing to what?
. it can't be allowed to threaten
the tree of life or knowledge .
. competing nations drive the wars,
that fuel the evolution of so much technology,
so much knowledge .

10.23: can belief save us?:
. suppose  we all believed we need this tech,
and we heavily invested in science
rather than having the larger families
that need the new resources in new lands
that drives the pain that will ensure the tech
-- if we ensured the tech directly,
and we also did this by remaining as multiple nations
able to war at ever more sophisticated levels,
then the war could always remain cold;
because, we had learned to stay right-sized
to avoid the economic desperation
that encourages the wars .

. or does belief not help here?
do we need to taste war routinely,
and to hyperbreed to
compensate for war's losses?

. what pushes us off the planet?
what ensures we survive after Sun death?
our sun and this earth dies in a few billion years;
. to evolve the trees  forever,
and not let them die when the sun dies,
some culture on some planet
will have to be capable of star traveling,
and so every planet has to struggle for this ability .