USA's pound-per-week hfcs = 8% diabetes rate

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USA's pound-per-week hfcs = 8% diabetes rate:
High fructose consumption, higher diabetes:
. countries with lb-per-week hfcs diet
(high-fructose corn syrup)
had a diabetes rate of 8%,
which is only 1.3% higher than
countries not using hfcs .
Goran and Stanley Ulijaszek
of the University of Oxford
said of the 42 countries studied,
USA rate is 55 pounds per year;
Hungary: 47 lb per year.
. other high rates of hfcs include
Canada, South Korea, Japan and Mexico
Slovakia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Argentina,
. low-end hfcs users include:
Germany, Poland, Greece,
Portugal, Egypt, Finland and Serbia .
. amazingly, some regions still use
almost no hfcs! they include:
United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia,
France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark,
China, India, Uruguay.
Michael Goran, director of the
Childhood Obesity Research Center
and co-director of the
Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute
at the Keck School of Medicine at
University of Southern California .