1st responder's story

11.15 ..12.12: pol/purges/controlled demolition:
12.12: summary of 1st responders story:
. assuming that 9-11 was controlled demolition
I kept wondering why 1st responders died .
. later, after believing in conspiracy theories,
I wondered if the 911neocons hated unions
(fire fighters and police have great unions,
exceeded only by doctors and congressmen!);
but, I was amazed to learn later,
that many firefighters
had been told to evacuate;
many were "volunteering" against orders .
. amazingly,
the reason many fire fighters had died on 9-11,
was that they wouldn't take orders from police
(this had been an on-going conflict in 2001:
they are both different branches of policing,
and why should police boss the fire crews?!).
. even more amazingly,
higher-up's seemed to have been aware of
-- but not in control of --
the demolition capabilities of WTC# 1 & 2
(the 2 largest towers, stunningly dustified).

11.23: (nymag reporter:)
Hours later, I sat down beside another,
impossibly weary firefighter.
Covered with dust, he was drinking a bottle of
Poland Spring water. Half his squad was missing.
They’d gone into the South Tower and never come out.
Then, almost as a non sequitur, the fireman indicated
the building in front of us, maybe 400 yards away.
“That building is coming down,”
he said with a drained casualness.
“Really?” I asked. At 47 stories,
it would be a skyscraper in most cities,
centerpiece of the horizon.
But in New York, it was nothing but a nondescript box
with fire coming out of the windows. “When?”
“Tonight . . . Maybe tomorrow morning.”
This was around 5:15 p.m. I know because five minutes later,
at 5:20, the building, 7 World Trade Center, crumbled.
“Shit!” I screamed, unsure which way to run,
because who knows which way these things fall.
As it turned out, I wasn’t in any danger,
since 7 WTC appeared to drop straight down.
I still have dreams about the moment.
Even then, the event is oddly undramatic,
just a building falling.
I also never thought much of the Silverstein quote
until I read this little vignette.
Then CNN does a respectful 9/11 truth piece,
which I haven't seen yet, I think last night.
Something is turning, and it is happening here in NYC
where about 50% of people polled,
people who saw that shit, think it was
at least in part an inside job.
What is totally scary is that
for many of us who speculated about
9/11 truth issues for the last several years,
and hoped for the truth to come out, if we are right,
then all bets are off about what kind of politics we get next.
It's terrifying to consider what would happen if
even some of the theories were proven to the public
and ratified by the media:
truth and reconciliation style commissions
going back to JFK or lynch mobs in DC
looking for cabinet members and congressmen?
I don't know but you can smell it in the air here in NYC
HamdenRice from DU
posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 9:47 AM
11.15:  9-11 feels like another attack on unions:
( 403 first-responders died in the demolitions)
. 9-11 feels like another right-wing attack on unions;
this time it is the firefighters:
hello firefighters, [and police]
we tell you when to quit for a controlled demolition
... or we don't .
11.22: co.apt: no, just another call to war:
. suppose, just to goad the public into yet another war,
they were deliberately making the 9-11 tower's fall
to look like purely the result of a terrorist jet strike;
even though it was actually a controlled demolition,
so, we would be killing our own first responders .
. do you think our gov would let this happen?
well, first, the terrorizing resistors of zionism
did in fact plot to strike the towers,
and these same terrorists do, in fact,
routinely target the first responders .
. so, look at 9/11:  "(they) just did it again!
[ anti-zionists planted a jet to attract first responders,
and they also planned a bomb to kill the first responders,
-- 403 of New York's finest --
proud americans who were only defending you .
. now, does anybody have a problem with
putting a very long war on a credit card?
no, I didn't think so .]
11.27: they did try to pull out the firefighters:
. at 9:32 on 9/11, in the lobby of wtc tower#1(north),
assistant fire chief Joseph Callan,
in an order on the radio that goes unheard or unheeded,
orders all units down to the lobby .
. but just 2 minutes earlier,
several firemen had reported chest pains
after 20 floors of not being able to trust the elevator .
. nevertheless, 10 or 20 minutes later,
a fire chief at wtc#7 is told buildings could collapse,
and he dispatches someone to tell the top chiefs on West st. .
. another fifth alarm is broadcast;
many firefighters are ordered to the south tower,
yet are saved from its demolition
when they accidently go to north tower instead .
. at 9:45, some fire fighters reach 78th floor,
and found a working elevator in the south tower .
. at about 9:50, police helicoptor pilots could see
"large pieces" falling from the south towerbut,
only they had seen it from the sky,
and only police could hear their warnings .
. at 9:57, crews are waiting for orders
in the lobby of the south tower .
. at 9:59, just as the south tower is dustified,
4 of the fire crews on north tower's 35th floor
do hear an evacuation order over the radio .
. the debris from the south tower falls on wtc#3
(that's the Marriot hotel with 20stories),
and fire crews are trapped inside the lobby .
. within 10minutes,
crews on the 65th floor of tower#north
reports a collapse of a nearby floor .
. at 10:07, the pilot of helicopter# Aviation 14,
reports: "(About 15 floors down from the top,
it looks like it's glowing red ... It's inevitable);
and a 2nd pilot concurs:
"(I don't think this has too much longer to go.
I would evacuate all people within the
area of that second building).
. at nearly 10:15, on the 19th floor,
evacuating crews find 100 other troops
that are too mentally exhausted to move ...
(this is near the same place where chest pains
had been reported 45minutes earlier).
. at 10:29 the north tower gets dustified,
just after some of the fire crews managed to escape;
the survivors are helping with wtc#3 victims
who were hit by debris from both dustifications .
. at 10:30 wtc#3 appears to be taken down by a
yet another controlled domolition ... .
.... more details:
NY TIMES 2002` 9/11 Exposed
Deadly Flaws in Rescue Plan .

12.12:. I was amazed to hear about differences had
between the police and the fire fighters .

12.6: police in the air:
. the police seem to have known the building were
wired for controlled demolition
(in the helicopter hearing them talk on youtube:
one of the rookies, with the camera, was amazed,
and the pilot was treating him like he was naive).
. this gave me the idea that
one thing the 911neocons wanted to
say by this demolition was that
they were sick & tired of interference by
the safety and environmental nuts
who are unreasonably obstructing capitalist profits:
"(yea, this asbestos-filled building is coming down,
and we're not investigating why
-- let's just say it's an obvious terror attack ! )
. it's obvious too that the particular terrorist here
was the spirit of Stalin, political mass murderer .