Ventura challenges psyop#911bluepill

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Ventura challenges psyop#911bluepill:
. former governor Ventura says
9/11 is an obvious controlled demolition;
see also Ventura dustifies
Shawn Hannity's 9-11 .
. Ventura's related books include:
# 63 Documents the Government 
Doesn't Want You to Read
# Don't Start the Revolution Without Me!
# American Conspiracies: 
Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies
that the Government Tells Us

. some say Ventura "failed" as governor?
well, only in the same way Obama is:
Lacking a party base in Minnesota's
House of Representatives and Senate,
Ventura's policy ambitions had little chance of
being introduced as bills.
. Ventura was questioned by the CIA
about how he became governor
(same mafia that selects CIA agents?).
Initially, Ventura's base feared his vetoes
would be overturned.
He vetoed 45 bills in his first year,
and only three of those vetoes were overridden;
but, in his fourth and final year,
six of his nine vetoes were overturned.
Ventura was often successful;
One of the most notable was the
rebate on sales tax in times of budget surplus .
Later, he came to support a
unicameral (one-house) legislature,
property tax reform, medicinal marijuana,
gay rights, and abortion rights,
while opposing the death penalty.
. he generously funded grade school education,
but did not have a high regard for
public funding of higher education,
and he opposed the teachers' union .
. he advocated a higher role for
third parties in national politics,
and favored the concept of instant-runoff voting.