Illuminati's WWIII & NWO averted by conversions!

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Illuminati's WW3 & NWO averted by conversions!:
23: summary:
. this page transcribes a movie
GET READY! Prophecy Coming True!
scrawny2brawny`THE END IS NEAR!
(WW3, Illuminati, Antichrist, NWO)

about the coming WWIII,
which includes a reference to the
psyop#911bluepill conspiracy theory
and it shows religion is big trouble
yet at the end it points out
WWIII and NWO could be averted
if only everyone would convert?
to Islam? to Christianity, silly!

. it says the oklahoma city bombing
was in 1990? that was April 19, 1995 .
. it associates obama's 2008 acceptance speech site
with the pergamon altar: the seat of zeus .
"( and to the angel of the church in Pergamos
write; these things saith he which
hath the sharp sword with 2 edges ...
I know thy works,
and where thou dwellest,
even where satan's seat is ...
where satan dwelleth)
-- rev 2:12-13
ancient temple of zeus -- god of gods
( he dethrowned his father
and married his sister
god of weather, good and evil ).
. suggests revelation's white horse
is at denver's obama site .
. obama poses obediently in front of
denver airport's apocalypse mural .
"( and the beast I saw was like unto a leapard
) -- revelation 13: 2
ashtaroth is riding the beast
( hebrew`ashtaroth = greek`astarte
= english`easter )
. he sees that in luciferian's art
and superbowl art .
( [statue of liberty] with golden cup in her hand,
full of abominations and filth of her fornication:
on her forehead was tattood:
mystery, babylon the great
the mother of harlots
and abominations of the earth .)
-- rev 17:1-5
. the freemason goddess isis
is searching for the lost phallus
of her husband osiris by torch light .
. shows the Washington monument
(in my born-again vision,
I saw this as why all men wear ties;
I saw it upside down, seeing its underside)
is seen as the missing phallus isis searches for .
. it's a common theme:
in wash dc, at vatican city,
. obama seen as pharaoh ahkenaten
. revelation's first beast
whose fatal wound was healed
[obama the next beast]
exercises all the power of the first beast
he could make the first seem alive,
and kills anyone who doesn't worship the first beast .
. shows a design in haircut
that looks like a scar,
he sees that as some way he's being mind-controlled .
. and everyone is marching .
. under a veil is a crystal ball,
you see the eyed pyramid from the USD .
. 9-11's controlled demolition
is featured on the 1995-2004 $20 bill,
if you fold it a certain way .
. the luciferian pentagram & star
can be seen in a dc street pattern .
. baphomet - lucifer - goat head - devil .
"( future false flag on the $50, $10 ).
-- shows the pergamon .
[According to the Book of Revelation,
Pergamum is where Satan dwells,
and someone called Antipas was martyred there].
. shows massive animal kills
[suggests DEW death ray].
ocean freezes recently
[suggests DEW chiller rays].
. the earth's magnetic north pole
is moving about 40miles per year
-- towards russia .
[suggests DEW activity is responsible .]
. 2012.9 russia: a cluster of 3 trails .
"( and the stars of heaven shall fall;
the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken)
-- mark 13: 25 .
. ufo and trails over london .
"( even him (the antichrist),
whose coming is after the working of satan
with all power and signs and lying wonders)
-- 2 thessalonians 2:9 .
. some dressed like muslims are praying .
"( and the disciples came to him privately
saying: tell us
when shall these things be?
and what shall be the sign of thy coming,
and of the end of the world
)-- matthew 24:3 .
. he then shows a figure like jesus or muhammed
who the muslims or disciples are bowing to .
"( and jesus answered:
many deceptives will come in my name
)-- matthew 24: 4-5
"( hearing of wars and rumors wars,
don't be alarmed;
they must come
but the end is not yet
)-- matthew 24: 6
. and famines and pestilance .
"( earthquakes in diverse places:
the beginning of sorrows
)-- matthew 24: 7-8 .
[. earthquakes can cause tidal waves too
devastating coasts where most people are ].
"( signs in the sun, moon, and stars;
distress of nations, with perplexity;
the sea and waves roaring
)-- luke 21:25
. sun is shown with a strange tornado
turning into perfect half bubble,
like a cup with stem .
. sun has a dark spot shape of triangle coronal hole
compared to native drawing of
"sun with triangle stargate"
. sun flares seen as revelation's red horse .
"(even so when you see these things,
you know he is near right at the door
) -- mark 13: 29
. I'm reminded here that End Times of world
refers simply to the end of an age,
an end to old paradigms and cultures;
so, in the worst case,
there may be nothing left but
what rises out of bunkers;
that is simply ground clearing
that gives our elites more room to grow ...
. not sure if they intend birth control,
or if they intend to cycle this mess .
23: more room to grow their way?
the wealth4all way ?
they say wealth breeds wealth
except for the 2% mentally ill we spawn
who start breeding in poverty .
. 2012.1.26 lagrange kentucky:
invasion by 10's of 1,000s of black birds
[. a ray could act like a net
coralling the birds by prodding them:
. this may be the extent to which
the DEW tech offers mind control .]
"( distress unequaled
and never to be equaled again
)-- matthew 24: 21
"( heaven and earth shall pass,
but my words shall be immortalized
)-- mark 13: 31 .
[. this is consistent with
Dream Theory's Perfection Plan:
the point of he'll on earth,
is that all stars die,
replaced by new stars;
and of course the planet goes sooner;
but the technology we got from the Dark One,
will give us the tools humans need
to survive in space forever .]

. "( Daniel's abomination of desolation ...)
shows a blade cutting through DNA,
. there's that picture again,
with the guy's head open,
and out comes a black cord
feeding a bouncing bubble
containing a slave driver's head:
a bald white or arabian with pointy ears
yelling at the dopey guy with head split
[ reminds of first beast
with fatal wound that's healed ]
. obama is shown speaking about
9-11 remembers .
. the twin towers are shown like
the 2 splits of replicating DNA .
"( I saw satan as
lightening felled from heaven
)-- luke 10: 18
"( how are you are fallen,
lucifer son of the morning!
how are you cut down to the ground
you who did weaken the nations !
) -- isaiah 14: 12
. wars with fire from sky .
. eve's apple picked from above her head .
"( the great ape ; where's it come from ?
) -- voice
. shows the angel that sinned
(mating with human female).
. jude 1:6 .
. shows cartoon where a DNA halve
is a snake offering an apple .
shows book:
"( serpent : DNA and the origins of knowledge )
. the USD, $, is seen as a snake on a pole .
 snake in shape of "96k"
eating a tail and a body of
one going through an arch like in rome
that resides at the tree top like a treefort .
. in the trunk is the earth .
. the medical's twin snake on winged rod .
. seen also in winged things's lap;
right arm has "solve"
left arm has "coagula"
women's breasts, man's beard .
. goat head, braided star on forehead .
. peace sign but fingers not apart .
"(what seed? what room did it grow from ?
) -- voice
. the snake crawling along a human's back
tattood with backbone art .
"(who's the one doing this?
) -- voice .
. the freemason's measure and right angle
with an eye in the center
and with the angle filled with
the icons of social media .
"(who's killing us?
) -- voice .
. shows scenes from wars
and the USD's pyramid with eye on top .
"( robbing us of life and light
)-- voice
. shows shrubs and building on a USD
that is placed on its side
looking just like a picture of the
9-11 demolition .
"(mocking us with the sight of
what we might have known
) -- voice .
. wars and games of wars .
"(does our rule indeed fit the earth?
) -- voice .
. shows nuclear war .
"( if it helped the grass to grow,
the sun to shine
) -- voice .
. shows the famines,
the bishop-like with blue crown,
the eye on the pyramid
seen on bishop's building's art .
"(is this darkness in you too?
) -- voice [ as if ask if you see like he does
that our religion is our poverty .]
. shows church of st anne:
has a shining cloud
with a triangle with an eye .
. there are eyes in many cathedrals
[ they seem to remind god is watching
and does pass judgement later ]
"( have you passed through this night?)
-- voice
. imperialism is a living skeleton
removing a president's mask .
. the love sign is seen as 666 .
. a ufo or comet .
"( and the angels which kept not their first estate,
but left their own habitation,
he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness
unto the judgement of the great day)
-- jude 1: 6
[ reminds the prince of Darkness
has made us ruthless invaders
but it's a good trend because
it drives us off the planet
to everlasting life in space .]
. shows dams, atomic flashes,
the superbowl cheerleader that acts like isis .
"( predicted? promulgated?
prophesied? promulgated?
what's next?
scenerio to consider:
hoover dam bombed by terrorists !
millions flooded .
usa-nato invades syria
syria gets a chemical attack on israel;
israel then destroys damascus and iran.
iran blockades the straight of hormuz,
UN demands are ignored .
. oil prices soar to $10 at the pump .
. USA attacks Iran,
but Iran is backed by the Communists;
Pakistan joins Chinese forces in taiwan;
North Korea invades south Korea .
. 9.5 quake in LA, calif .
. euro collapse . anarchy abounds .)
. shows new USA as a fortress with a sign:
"(those with no chip merge right).
. another scenerio to consider:
"( prepare for thermonuclear war;
obama rises to the challenge,
suggests a New World System
all nations embrace our newly elected
"One World Leader" .)
. shows the dopey guy with head split
whose brains are feeding a
pointy-eared slave driver that yells at him .
"(consider this scenario:)
. shows the dopey guy's eyes reflecting a sign:
"(markets plunge).
. shows scenes of wars and UFO lights .
"( world's army advances on jerusalem;
[space]Visitor's sudden appearance
halts all wars;
[ imagine various responses: ]
. we must defend our planet .
. they have helped us in the past .
. we must evolve [ by genetic
re-engineering or eugenics ].
. they promise we can attain immortality...
religious leaders support the claim:
"( you will be as god's...).
. only christian extremists
reject our new saviors:
. christians claim the Ascension chip
is biblical Mark of Beast .
"( these terrorists must be eliminated
) -- obama .
. pict of megiddo on map near northern Israel;
"( breaking news!
. invading fleets signal intercepted!
project landing point:
northern israel ).
"( behold the white horse's rider
called Failthful and True
)--rev 19:11-15
"( armies ofheaven arrayed in fine linen
white and pure, also on white horses)
[. this reminds me of
the new DEW technologies ].
. picture of a snake rising up
from among the armies
then it spits out a child who stays hovering safe
and snake then turns into a nuclear bomb
that clears all the space for the new child .
"( from his mouth comes a sharp sword
with which to strike down the nations )
"(this great evil is here;
but whatever happens,
a belief in jesus is the escape ).
[ I'm reminded of "(turn the other cheek)
-- that might save us
unless they knew we would do that
and they wanted our seat .
. seriously, I think
muslims are more sincere christians
than the world's Christians are;
why on earth would you expect us all to
convert to "(Christ is god is salvation) ??
. but the problem with both religions
-- Christianity and Islam --
is putting bandaids on the world
thinking your Savior takes care of you .
. the reality is Dream Theory:
you are here to create the technology
that provides physical eternal life
-- not for you, but for civilization .]