anti-christ war 3.23

pol/purges/wwIII/anti-christ war 3.23:
. march 23rd was said to be significant 
"Celestial Sign could mark the beginning of the end"
and so I gathered some news for that day .


#privacy not the purpose of #Qubes

2.17: co.cyb/sec/qubes/privacy not the purpose of qubes,
[3.1: intro:
. the Qubes project provides sure isolation
with a hardening of the hypervisor Xen;
you can have several virtual machines (vm) at once
and can safely run a web browser in one vm
knowing it will not infect your other vm's .]

Peter Chin Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 6:06 AM
Re: [qubes-devel] Digest for qubes-devel@googlegroups.com
This entire project is a total useless waste of time.
Please do due diligence in your research
about all threat levels that actually exist:
The very first compilers that were
created for the design of computers
were already compromised by the time they were used to
compile code for designing even rudimentary computers