NSA's globalized internet security

9.26: news.cyb/sec/NSA's globalized internet security:
Sept. 25, 2013, Army Gen. Keith B. Alexander,
Cybercom commander, and director of NSA,
at the National Press Club
or 4th Annual Cybersecurity Summit .

. in the past year, we saw more than 300
distributed denial-of-service attacks
on Wall Street.
We saw destructive attacks against
Saudi Aramco and RasGas [Co. Ltd.],
and against South Korea .

. U.S. Cyber Command (Cybercom)
has activated the headquarters for
one of its 3 Cyber Force branches:
Cyber National Mission Force,
that defends the nation;
Cyber Protection Force
defends DOD's information environment.
and Cyber Combat Mission Force
will provide assistance to the military
to implement cyber counterattacks .
Cybercom teams are now fully operational
and working side by side with NSA
to defend the nation.
The Army, Navy and Marines
trained about a third of the force in 2013
and they will train a third in 2014
and another third in 2015.


teachers DMT & schizophrenia

13: news.psy/Jan Kounen`Other Worlds (Ayahuasca):
. my notes from watching co.youtube#8Recon8
Jan Kounen`Other Worlds (Ayahuasca).

. Ayahuasca is a herbal form of DMT
which can totally separate the mind from body;
the body is a refuge:
a truly free mind can be in hell
just as easily as in heaven;
but the body is there to arbitrate
to mercifully limit experience .

USA intel has SOA on High-Security Internet

9.11: news.cyb/sec/USA intel has SOA on High-Security Internet:
Sept. 11, 2013
Al Tarasiuk, intelligence community CIO
and assistant director of national intelligence .
. the IC ITE ( Intelligence Community
Information Technology Enterprise )
is a new IT environment that will
vastly improve information sharing
across the intelligence community .

. consolidating IT across the community
was driven by budget considerations.
But today,
it's more than an efficiency play on IT:
intelligence integration,
information sharing and safeguarding .
. that translates into 3 goals:
1: effectiveness,
2: security
3: efficiency .
"In the past, these were mutually exclusive,
but now we'll have more of all 3 goals
because of cloud technologies,
and a [SOA (service-oriented architecture)]
or "service-provider-based business architecture"
providing an IC cloud not on the Internet,
but privately hosted on TS|SCI networks
(top secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information)
. high-security wide-area networks are
connected by Tesla beam transmissions,
which unlike fiber optic cable,
can be transmitted wirelessly,
and are very difficult to intercept .
. the govt denies this technology even exists,
but they've used it to communicate with submarines,
and a chinese-american collaboration is developing it .]