#hinduism #reincarnation

9.14: relig/hinduism/reincarnation:
. transmigration is the process of using successive lives
to work through a growing process gaining experience
somewhat like having to be the janitor
and working your way up to CEO .
(that fits in well with India's caste system
which limits social class mobility).
. why the need for a reincarnation theory?

battered wife syndrome like #schizophrenia

9.11: psy/schiz/like battered wife syndrome:
. in the battered wife syndrome,
despite trying guys with different profiles,
the victim always manages to attract a victimizer .
. I wondered if this was like schiz'ia,
where your guardian angel has a program for you,
and everybody you meet feels like
following that program;
because, we all share the same guardian angel
in order to orchestrate conspiracies
such as battered wife syndromes,
and schiz'ia hauntings .

1000 years of crusades

9.3: news.relig/bible/revelations/1000 years of crusades:
. didn't the 1000 years mentioned in revelations
begin in about 1016 AD ?
here is a file of images of soldiers kits 
from then till now .


8.30: news.care/ready.gov:
12.31: summary:
. Septembers are preparedness months;
ready.gov is concerned mostly with
the increasing damage from climate change;
but keep war in mind too
(you may need more than 3 days of water).

accelerate #baby #communications skill

8.30: news.care/children/accelerate baby communications skill:
Maternal Responsiveness and the Development of
Directed Vocalizing in Social Interactions
Infancy July–August 2014
International Society on Infant Studies (ISIS)

summary by uiowa.edu:
. infants whose mothers responded to
what they thought their babies were saying,
showed an increase in developmentally advanced,
consonant-vowel vocalizations,
which means the babbling has become
sophisticated enough to sound more like words.

#Israel protects #Judaism against #liberalism

8.28: co.{fb,timesofisrael.com}/pol/zionism
/#Israel protects #Judaism against #liberalism:
I am so eager to ask Ron Mizrachi
to help a North American understand how
"North American Judaism" is "failing miserably,
and nearing death throes soon to be replaced by liberalism"
(my motivation: I thought "North American Judaism"
was our only chance of avoiding WWIII by Fall 2016);
so I am ready to accept Zionism is needed
if you can show me usa liberalism corrupts Judaism;
but, perhaps I can answer my own question here:
[!] share:
Ron Mizrachi · Top Commenter · Tel Aviv, Israel
Philip Torrance You don't need to hear it from me,
consult every expert on the topic regarding assimilation,
ties to Judaism etc etc in North America.
Maybe you missed the fact this is a top crisis
for North American Jewry leaders the past 10 years.
Google is your friend.
Yesterday at 5:40am
North American Jewry assimilation crisis:
. a landmark study had found that
young American Jews are growing increasingly
estranged from Judaism.

300 #holocaust survivors say boycott #Israel

8.28: news.pol/zionism/300 #holocaust survivors say boycott #Israel:
ijsn.net`about Saturday, August 23rd:
A letter signed by 40 survivors of the Nazi genocide
and 287 descendants of survivors and victims
ran as a half-page ad in the Saturday, August 23rd
New York Times.
The letter has been getting an overwhelming response.

the terrorists own us

8.25: news.pol/free speech/the terrorists own us:
8.25: summary:
. by targeting of journalists for harassment,
police have assaulted a pillar of democracy.
. it is assumed that "civil disobedience" is non-violent;
and it's debated why the police so often
resort to violence in response to that;
I would tend to give the police the benefit of the doubt,
but lately they are getting violent on journalism,
leading one to suspect that there is
something pathological about policing
or the personalities selected to do policing,
or the drugs or steroids that support police .
. good day when robots do the policing .
. but what if the police felt the journalists
were part of a conspiracy with protestors
who were doing things to provoke the police
in order to film more police violence ?
. what was really interesting about this police action
is that it had Obama defending journalists
only to have journalists lash back at Obama
over his war-time treatment of journalism .

#schizophrenia as god-mediated caste control?

8.24: 12.31: psy/schiz/god-mediated caste control?:
. a common time to become schiz'ic
is when transitioning to another social level,
such as trying to enter a major in college,
quitting substance abuse upon growing up,
moving from lower to the upper class,
or even from childhood to adolescence .
. schiz'ia is caused by the Holy spirit
intervening as a spiritual father
teaching one how to be totally honest
by revealing secrets through telepathy .
. the Holy spirit may organize a caste system
and give loyalty to the upper castes
in order to maintain some plan;
but schiz'ia doesn't hit every upward social move?
maybe some know what they are doing
(pledging allegiance to a group)
or they are highly sought
for the position they are entering ?
... but more likely it's as simple as
when moving to a new social position
you might not be aware telepathy exists,
and as you move, your subcon'mind realizes
other subcon'minds don't approve of
the secrets or attitudes you're holding;
ie, the key to not showing "delusions of telepathy"
is to have been basically loyal to
the caste or social group you are entering,
or to have been of sufficient emotional intelligence
so as to not warrant any fathering interventions
by the Holy spirit .


perception as dreaming

8.22: psy/perception as dreaming:
. blackouts may prove living happens without feeling;
feeling what you're doing is just like dreaming:
completely optional .
. but only when feeling
(or dreaming of what you're living)
can you remember what you've done ?
can the hypnotized remember
what a blackout has removed?

the #god same as the #devil

8.16: web.relig/god/same as the devil:
. where in the old testament did I see
god and the devil are one in the same?

#youtube is a poor socialization tool

7.28: pol/gemini/youtube is a poor socialization tool:
. youtube is a poor socialization tool; because,
there is no way to build credentials:
where are the videos of those in my chain of trust?
or the same political class I trust?
why can a channel owner delete my comments
rather than tag me as some class
such that my comment remains invisible
only to those of an opposite class?
. what if there is political pressure
to turn youtube into a tower of babble
rather than a self-organizing palace of instruction ?
what would happen to our political system
if youtube pointed everyone at the
Dr.JudyWood's of the 9/11 topics?


remote viewers believe the future is not fixed

7.25: phi/remote viewers believe the future is not fixed:
"the future is not fixed and can change".
the remote viewers say that too;
but doesn't that contradict the Dream theory?
(it says all times exist at once).
. I've been thinking that theory implies
you can see the future;
because, all times were created at once;
however, here is my take on future-viewing:
. the universe's algorithm doesn't run twice,
it all happened if any of it happened,
but while the algorithm was running
the shared mind had not created the futures,
and when it could let us see the future
it was because it knew the algorithm
and it knew which parts we had no control over;
. it might also have the algorithm for our "free will"
and it could know before telling you of a future
that having that knowledge known
would not so change behaviors as to change the predicted future .

Brazil's growing violence

7.6: web.pol/purges/prison/Brazil's growing violence:
. why is brazil gang violence up in the late 1990's?
. in 1920 when most death was from infections,
the population was 35 million,
but after that the population growth went exponential
-- 1960: 70M, 1980: 119M, 1990: 146M,
2000: 170M --
and the pressures of overpopulation
combined with access to drugs and guns
has produced a very active crime activity .
. by far the highest murder rates are in cities
-- the icons of overpopulation .
. like the usa, most Brazilian offenders are
males under age 30 with no high school degree;
we need to spend less on prisons
and spend more for paying youth to do well in school,
and pay people not to breed .

#christianity evolvers

7.6: relig/christianity/evolvers:
. the reason we never save for 7 years
to cover for the 7-year famines that cause war
as the bible warns us of,
is that we are too eager about
following the bible's other lesson:
be fruitful and multiply to fill the earth .
-- see, there is never a famine in your own land,
there is only conquering of other lands!
. the bible was created by us
to pat ourselves on the back .
so looking at the entire bible,
you see them only documenting the forces of nature,
[12.29: as directed by supernature]
not showing the way of salvation or peace;
[12.29: you assume salvation is peace,
but salvation is perfection through evolution].
. you could say nature provides salvation;
because, conquering is evolution is
agility and strength .

ethyl esters of fish oil raise fasting #insulin

7.5: web.health/ethyl esters of fish oil raise fasting insulin:
7.5: 12.29: summary:
. the natural form of fish oil
is to bond the EPA and DHA fatty acides
within a triglyceride or phospholipid;
but a more concentrated cheaper way
is by bonding with an ethyl ester;
testing of olive ethyl ester was positive,
but ethyl esters of fish oils
resulted in significantly increased
fasting levels of insulin
(suggesting they cause insulin resistance?)
. the doses of fish oil were rather high;
so does an equivalent dose of natural fish oil
have a similar effect on insulin ?

more exercise may prevent myopia #health #eyes

news.health/eyes/more exercise may prevent myopia:
7.3: 12.29: summary:
. this study is consistent with the theory that
myopia is related to high blood sugar
that is causing hypergrowth of the cornea;
but the study didn't prove the theory .

some food sanitized with nuclear radiation

7.2: news.pol/healthcare/food is now sanitized with nuclear radiation:
. radiation virtually cooks food;
so it's not easy to tell what's fresh;
there is a label you can see
that tells you your food is not fresh .
what does "not fresh" mean?
is irradiation denaturing proteins or oxidizing vitamins?


AIDS from organ transplant antirejection drugs

6.21: web.med/organ transplant/AIDS from antirejection drugs:
. the first year after transplant with antirejectives
there is increased risk of the same sort of cancers
seen by those with AIDS from HIV infection;
5 years later there is an increased risk of
all the most common cancers .
. if you can get a transplant from a close relative
there is a chance of living without antirejectives .

Mormons are Jewish++

6.19: news.relig/judaism/mormons are Jewish++:
adapted from tabletmag.com:
. unlike many other Christian groups,
Mormons do not believe that
God abrogated his covenant with the Jews
or replaced them with a non-Jewish "new Israel".
Rather, Mormons consider themselves to be
part of the Israelite community including Jews.
. LDS theology is "inclusionist"
rather than supercessionist.

shaver weasel conspiracy

6.18: pos.gear/shaver/weasel conspiracy:
. I had a good electric years ago,
but during my last move sending it by mail
one of the employees went postal on it .
. I looked for electrics but was surprised at
how they all depended on unreplaceable batteries
-- how long is that supposed to last,
so I started using manual razors (blades).
. I reuse one many times by spraying it with alcohol
to avoid water corroding the edge .


6.17: web.health/paprika:
. paprika is dried fruit (to be limited
as an excessive source of oxidized vitamin C);
but even dried, it apparently has a lot of
usable vit'E, B6, lutein and zeaxanthin .


homeschooling for accelerated learning

5.16: news.care/edu/homeschooling for accelerated learning:
The Brainy Bunch: The Harding Family's Method to
College Ready by Age Twelve
by Kip Harding, and Mona Lisa Harding;
-- information about
getting into college through loopholes.
--  "timelines/suggestions about
homeschooling and acceleration"
-- "the Hardings provide a behind-the-scenes
glimpse of the method they iterated over the years
to work for their own family.
It’s enormously useful in that sense.
Young homeschooling families can learn
the pitfalls of trying to replicate "school",
what the challenges of homeschooling are,
that working parents can homeschool too,
[ get older kids to tutor younger ones ]
and how to hack education so that real learning happens."

National Organic Standards Board

5.15: news.pol/organic/National Organic Standards Board:
cornucopia.org`intro to NOSB:
When Congress passed the
Organic Foods Production Act of 1990
it included an important buffer
assuring the organic community that
we would never lose control over
the true meaning of the organic label:
a diverse 15-member stakeholder board
that had true statutory authority and power
— the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB).

moistened toilet paper is mainstream

5.11: news.care/moistened toilet paper is mainstream:
12.27: summary:
. as I went to a high-fiber diet
going to the bathroom was getting messier,
so I started wetting my toilet paper
with rubbing alcohol (better than water
because the toilet paper doesn't fall apart).
. this has been very cheap and effective,
and is sure not to block sewer pipes .
. here's amazon's price for moistened tissues:
$25 Fresh N' Up Adult Moist Toilet Tissue 42*12,
-- rubbing alcohol with regular toilet papers
is vastly cheaper, and can be convenient
if you can find a pocket-sized sprayer,
such as this:
Nature's Plus` Melatonin Spray, 2 fl oz .


#Christianity could be sincere

5.5: relig/christianity/could be sincere:
. Christians are not so far out
with their idea of a son of god;
that leads to the question: "what is god?"


astrology as social engineering

5.1: psy/astrology as social engineering:
. astrology seems to present itself as
a study of how planet movements affect our fate;
what it could be instead is something like
the power of group prayer;
so, astrology isn't studied, it's designed .
. there is a hypnotic power from
people believing in it
and inducing that belief in the shared mind
that controls our emotions and whims .

your telepathic supermind sacrificed you

4.30: psy/your telepathic supermind sacrificed you:
We already know most of the answers we seek in life:
How do I get healthy? – Eat better and exercise more.
How do I become successful? – Work harder and smarter.
How do I find happiness?
– Be grateful for what you have, pay it forward,
and take a vacation occasionally.
It all seems pretty easy to grasp, but then
why are two-thirds of the United States obese,
success is hard to come by,
and more people seem to be caught up in all the
negativity which surrounds them
instead of enjoying the beauty in life?
--. after seeing that, it was obvious to me:

encircling the Temple Mount #Judaism

4.25: news.relig/judaism/encircling Temple Mount:
Rabbi Shlomo ben Yehuda (1030 CE)
describes the custom of encircling Temple Mount.

templeinstitute.org`sivuv she'arim:
Every month thousands of worshippers take part in
the traditional sivuv she'arim (Circling the Gates):
the encircling the outer walls of the Temple Mount .
. the renewal of the ancient custom began nearly
four years ago [from 2006] with a small group
and has since become a very popular event.
The marchers express their desire to
identify with the Temple Mount
by circling the holy site - stopping to
pray and sing at each of the gates.
The march takes place at the start of a every Jewish month,
meeting in the Western Wall plaza toward nightfall
and continuing around the outside walls of the Temple Mount.
We go from gate to gate of the Temple Mount
and say Tehillim (Psalms) and
blow the Shophar (ram's horn) at every gate.
The march is entirely outside of the walls of the Temple Mount,
so there are no Halachic (Jewish Law) concerns.
Due to the large crowd
to insure the proper air of ts'niut (modesty)
the men and women march separately.
The purpose of the march is to fulfill the verse
"Encircle Zion and march around her, count her towers"
(Tehillim - Psalms 48:13) and the verse
"You should seek to cause Him to dwell
and you will come there"
(Devarim - Deuteronomy 12:5).
The verse means that if we
seek to cause Him to dwell in the Temple,
then we may come there to the Temple.

Exodus 15:17 #Messiah builds #Temple #Judaism

4.25: news.relig/judaism/Exodus 15:17 Messiah builds Temple:
12.21: summary:
. the Messiah is due in 5777 (Fall 2016)
and that is when the time will be right
for rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem .


#caffeine causes liver to release glucose

12.19: web.cook/caffeine/causes liver to release glucose:
. caffeine makes your liver release sugar;
also, you can feel the brain sugar increasing
and it may come from raising cortisol
which causes insulin resistance in muscles
so they are less able to use blood sugar
thus leaving more for the brain .
. people running low on carbs still need brain glucose,
and they get it from the liver
which converts fat into sugar .
. something about caffeine is moving hormones
which in turn pulls more sugar from liver .
"the caffeine-induced increase in sympathetic activity
may stimulate endogenous glucose production" [PMC1464218];
"Caffeine ingestion has been demonstrated to
increase circulating epinephrine and norepinephrine" [8964766];
"epinephrine is a potent stimulator of gluconeogenesis
in humans" [PMC1464218].
. therefore, caffeine very likely does promote
gluconeogenesis (liver's release of glucose) in humans .


steady state economics #ark-investing

12.15: news.pol/ark-investing/steady state economics:
12.16: summary:
. the political problem we are up against
is that enforcement of a much needed
steady state economy
is tantamount to mandatory population control .
. it's not just for environmentalism either;
we need to stop investing in
expanding the human population
in order to start investing in new cities
that can protect us from either global warming
or the next ice age .

happy #Hanukkah #dream

12.16: co.self/dream/relig/pro-life/happy #Hanukkah #dream:
[ this dream happened on the first day of Hanukkah
(but 16 hours before the start of it)]
. I was telling some teens that abortion is seen as murder,
and I feared that one murder can lead to
a chain reaction of more murders even within a family .
. one teen thought my motivation was purely religious:
she whispered in my ear "happy Hanukkah"
so I tried to present me as non-religious by saying:
oh, I'm not Jewish, but family is .
. in the next scene, as I walked alone,
I thought about the abortion debate more:


mass murder prevention framework

4.10: pol/purges/mass murder/prevention framework:
. how to stop serial killings from
lone wolves and endocrine disruptors
(environmental pollutants that cause cancer)?

no Hebrews from Egypt entered the Promised Land

4.9: 12.14: relig/bible/no Hebrews from Egypt entered the Promised Land:
. Moses would lead the people out of Egypt
but he would not be the one to
lead them into the Promised land .
. in fact, none of the Egyptian escapees
would enter the Promised land:
they raised a new generation in the desert
and only that generation would be
attempting to conquer the Promised land:

#bible #Exodus icon of expand&purge cycles

4.9: relig/bible/Exodus/icon of expand&purge cycles:
12.14: summary:
. Exodus is seen as a story of escaping slavery
but it is an icon of expand&purges cycles
that have occurred throughout history
at least until WWIII brings in a global union .

#zionism in the age of #liberal capitalism

4.8: pol/zionism/in the age of liberal capitalism:
. why would the zionists in this day and age
decide that they had to have
that particular piece of land?
. hopefully, the god had created the
age of liberal capitalism
just so those interested in living within
a community dedicated to Judaism,
could use their economic strength
to buy whole neighborhoods for their own kind,
where they can build a temple
and call that place another new Israel;
they pick an endless fight with the Muslims:
and give us no way out of world war III .
. one flaw in that theory of mine
is that every place that allows Jewish domination
requires separation of church and state;
so you could never have a New Israel
exactly because the liberal's idea of justice
has been meant to keep every city from becoming a
ChristainTown that oppresses women, gays, and Jews .

Survival Kits For US Bank auditors

12.13: news.pol/purges/climate change/Survival Kits For US Bank auditors:
. the bank auditor's survival kit
is similar to the one that ready.gov
recommends for every household .
(food, water purification, first-aid, whistle,
blanket, poncho, flashlight, NOAA Weather Radio)
. apparently if you are on the move
you should take it with you .

#bigbang is a religious theory

relig/big bang theory
/steady state theory avoids a creation date:
. notice that a steady state theory avoids a creation date
whereas the bible's genesis story taken literally,
puts the creation date just a few thousand years ago,
so then big bang may be physicists' attempts at
remaining consistent with the bible .


the #god of #Judaism and #Islam is a #globalist

2.26: relig/the god of Judaism and Islam is a globalist:
. Judaism's bible is an important contribution
to the study of how the god uses us .
. the god fattened the Hebrews in a friendly Egypt
then drove them out with a slaving Egypt
in order to build their numbers and desperation
in order to bring new law to the land of Canaan .
. you'd think we would want to use the bible
to warn our children about the forces of supernature
not just worship it as if it was the right thing to do .
. Islam was the perfect test of the idea
the god is all about law and justice:
Islam followed all the Mosaic law plus other "godly" limits,
so when Muslims took over Promised land
Jews were supposedly hit for ignoring the god's prophets
-- Jesus and Islam's Final Prophet .
Muslims basically claimed to be the next Chosen People .
. even the prophets Jews did recognize
(after persecuting them) were telling them
you will get conquered by the same god
that lead you to be conquerors of the sinners,
and the reason must be that
you too have been sinners .
. it should seem obvious that the god loves evolution
and promotion of the strongest
until there is something so strong
that it can keep the entire world from
developing any independent strength .
. that time is coming soon,
we have all the weapons of mass destruction,
powers of pervasive global surveillance,
and the robotics to ensure allegiance to our elite .
. now all we need is that final war
that puts one winner in charge .