Marches for the various Truths on 9-11

American Muslim PAC`March for Truth:
20: context:
. one big stumbling block for Dr.Wood
as she communicates 9/11 was an inside job,
is seeming to imply that USA culpability
somehow washes away the guilt
of years of anti-zionist violence .
--[30: correction:
Dr.Wood has been very careful not to assert
any particular theories of who did what;
she only points out that there is evidence
that strongly suggests the use of beam weapons .
. it is a stretch to say she
communicates 9/11 was an inside job;
logical people seeing evidence of
directed energy weapons (DEW)
will tend to have intuition communicating to them
-- without Dr.Wood's intention --
that 9/11 was an inside job
( who else but USA insiders could do this
if a hijacked plane could not?! )
so, lets reword that:
. one big stumbling block for Dr.Wood
as her proof of DEW seems to imply
that 9/11 was an inside job,
is that the next logical question is:
ok, if USA's secret military did this
to motivate a war against anti-zionists
-- Islamic radical terrorism --
then is this war really justified ?
oh, and by the way,
anti-zionism is the new communism:
it could be dangerous to your career
to not support Israel under Zionism .
. if you think Islam is all about peace,
what do you think Israel is all about ?
. when Jews mass-migrated to the Holy land
backed by so many arrogant Christians,
-- especially the Nazis --
the Muslims who were being invaded
didn't just call their lawyers,
or in any way sue the United Nations
for giving Muslim lands over to the Jews;
no, Muslims think they are the new real Jews
and they won't be bought off:
they are not letting go of Israel
without a bloody fight to the end .
. and,
that is what the 911neocons were telling us
when they did that inside job on 9/11 .
. I want Christians and Muslims to apologize
for pushing the Jews in and out of Israel;
I'm not marching with either of them
-- Christians or Muslims --
for any cause related to either
9/11, terrorism, or the zionism war .
. why have a march against fear
when there is still so much to fear?
the Christians and Muslims are pawns
as the USA and Russia are conspiring
to launch the WWIII Shock & Awe
that ushers in a One World Government .


NRA vs non-lead ammo

8.15: co.pol/gun rights/NRA vs non-lead ammo:
re: sierraclub's Tell the NRA:
Stop your deceptive campaign against our wildlife
to: NRA (national rifle association)

non-lead is for Handloading but not Casting
. sorry about non-lead not being readily casted;
maybe we can guarantee that lead ammo can be owned
only for military (self-defense) purposes ?
. it also looks like some guns won't fit non-lead;
and so there will be some additional cost
to be a hunter in the new environment .
. in the following I show that
lead for food hunting is unhealthy;
and that your arguments against advocates are lacking .


anti-cancer selenium-cysteine compounds update

is the most valuable form of selenium
. garlic grown in a selenium-rich medium
can produce Se-methylselenocysteine;
which has been demonstrated in animal carcinogenesis bioassays
to be a non-toxic dose-dependent cancer cell-killing agent;
but, se-msc needs help against Survivin (apoptosis inhibitor).

here is the updated article:


Shia and Sunni hijacked by the illuminati

7.30: relig/islam/Shia and Sunni hijacked by the illuminati:
8.3: summary:
. the elites long ago engineered Islamic factions
that the superpowers are now using
in proxy wars that will lead to WWIII,
planned as a means of installing
the international neocon movement
as the One World Government .