Shia and Sunni hijacked by the illuminati

7.30: relig/islam/Shia and Sunni hijacked by the illuminati:
8.3: summary:
. the elites long ago engineered Islamic factions
that the superpowers are now using
in proxy wars that will lead to WWIII,
planned as a means of installing
the international neocon movement
as the One World Government .

the anti-Final Prophet:
. I was just casually imagining Islam as being
simply a better, more reasonable Christianity:
here they wanted to support Jews and Jesus,
but also reminded us that idolatry is a sin,
and it's idolatry to be thinking that
Jesus is literally the son of the god
-- Islam just sobers up Christianity,
and humbles Judaism .
. but then more details popped up:
they have some absurd beliefs too
just like Christianity,
and they had the same military machine
demanding that others convert to their absurdities,
and they still tend to demand conversions
or islamification of the constitution
whenever their irresponsible hyper-breeding program
outnumbers the culture they are in .
. Islam insists there's a Final Prophet
-- because the Final Prophet said so!
how convenient and self-serving is that ?
. they go in to save Christian's from their delusions
only to reassure them that there will never again be
a need for another prophet that could
revise a stray or non-adaptive culture .
. what snake oil are they trying to sell us ?
it's just another elite protectionism scheme .

. for example, because there was no
overpopulation in the prophet's time,
there will never be word from god on
the proper number of children we should have:
just breed until your numbers are controlled by
war, starvation or packed-city plagues;
is that it?
this is what the christians offer too
-- them and all the other "great" religions;
if Jesus followers wanted the best for
"the least of these"
they would insist they be made scarce,
and thus easy to afford . [8.3:
ie, a really "great" religion would
regulate and communalize parenting .]

. the prior prophets were mainly concerned with
justice for all (especially during
times of overpopulation,
that is when the orphans and widows
tended to become neglected,
and when the prostitution was getting thick).
. why couldn't they just say pop'control?
maybe they just needed a next prophet .

the antichrist:
. what harm is there in letting deluded people
worship a "prince of peace" as "son of god"?
for one, they were an invasive military machine
insisting you should worship the idol too;
but those days are gone;
and conversely, Islam is less militant:
many believe you can be a good Muslim
without forcing conversions by jihad;
they'd be happy with just
holding onto what territory they have ...
which brings us to Israel,
the most vicious or incomprehensibly inept act
that our United Nations has ever golf-balled .
. you'd have to be a crazy true Christian
to turn the other cheek for that one;
alas, muslims aren't really the Jesus followers
they claim to be .

. what kind of justice did Jesus want?
the reason he had you give your shirt
along with your coat:
is that you were naked then,
and you shamed the community:
you would be saying
"this isn't a fight between me and you,
this is a fight between
you and the community" .

it fits like a glove:
. the world wants freedom to be this mess
(unregulated parenting)
and, the elites want a surveillance state
that ensures security and stability;
certainly one will get the other
when the grave injustice that is Israel
leads to the final war starting in Iran
that leaves only one superpower
in complete control .

. according to the future reader, Nostradamus,
there is a secret alliance between
3 eastern kings; and, if you consider the
easterly direction of human migration
(Africa, Europe, India, China, then America;
ie, America was first discovered from the east,
by people with China-India genetics),
that means America is really the far far east;
and the king of America happens to be
USA's unelected CIA secret military generals .
. that meshes with other clues* suggesting that
the elites of USA, Russia, and China
-- the greatest eastern kings --
are really one in their objectives:
they will protect each other,
even as they use the final war to
depopulate the world's non-elites,
and install the international neocon gov't .
8.3: the king's coup:
. another future reader, Raphael, claims that
the war over the control of Jerusalem,
will lead directly to WWIII;
and a USA president will be disempowered
by a political and military coup
that will stun the world.
. if the WWIII beam weapon battle is 2016.9,
then that president will be Obama .

* 31: the other clues:
. the main clues are from the NWO article
that indicates there is a global banking elite
that is internationally conspiring with
the military elites of multiple nations
including USA and Russia,
to sustain endless wars for
profitting the banking and military elite .
. notice that USA is very rich, yet it too is
borrowing $trillions from bankers
to sustain its perpetual wars .
. also consider how Islam's factions
have been co-opted by the superpowers:
the Sunni Al-Qaeda is backed by
the USA's CIA and 911neocons,
while the Shia Hezbollah is backed by
Iran and the communists .

the international neocon gov't:
. how are USA's neocons basically like
the modern communists?
can you imagine them both sharing power
in the One World gov after WWIII ?
. perhaps a better question to ask is:
how do they really differ?
don't they both have sham democracies,
heavy war borrowing, real estate inflation,
and pervasive surveillance states?
does USA really have freedom of the press?
only on the internet, and Russia has that too! ]