monetizing blogger.com with Amazon`associates program

proj.addn/net.blogger`amazon program/experience with the amazon link maker:

. every time you edit or create a blog,
the amazon search box is there to help you
to find products and create special links;
eg, for "Fagor Futuro 6 Quart Pressure Cooker" $135.79 .
it makes a link like
. or
if you have it add a link & image,
then the image's link is like:
. editing a cooking gear blog,
I found the link maker worked as expected:
I had high-lighted some text
and hoped it would turn it into a link,
or since I'd selected a link,
I hoped it might just replace the link
(not the selected text on top)
and, it does do just that !
. actually, it leaves your old link in place
but with no text,
so, you may want to remove the link first,
if you don't want cluttered html code .]
. if you don't have any text selected,
then where your cursor is,
it inserts the name of the product with a link .
. I intended to amazon-link everything that
actually has such a reference;
eg, "(an AM radio) got linked to the
actual unit I used that is
also available from amazon:
Sony-WMFS497-Sports-Walkman .
. at the bottom of the blog
I would also use Amazon Link&Image
to create ad's of the product I'd reviewed,
[7.20: and anything I'd mentioned
whether or not I tried the product .]
[7.31: also, use a link for a book
that has a good source of info .]