National Academy of Sciences` postmarketing surveillance of #GMO foods

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/National Academy of Sciences` postmarketing surveillance of GMO foods:
The New England Journal of Medicine 2015:
by Philip J. Landrigan, M.D., and Charles Benbrook, Ph.D.
[cornucopia.org 2015]

[Genetically modified (GM) policy is ignoring the science.]
. unlike traditional selective breeding,
genetic engineering vastly expands the range of traits
that can be moved into plants.
Foods produced from GM crops have become ubiquitous.
And unlike regulatory bodies in 64 other countries,
the usa's FDA does not require labeling of GM foods.

. the argument that [gm foods are equivalent to non-gmo]
misses the point that GM crops are now
the most heavily treated with herbicides
and that two of these herbicides may pose risks of cancer.


Rupert Sheldrake Rediscovering God

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Rediscovering God with Rupert Sheldrake
at Hollyhock [a place he likes to vist]
(this is a partial transcript [with comments]).


Rupert Sheldrake The Extended Mind

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GoogleTechTalks`Rupert Sheldrake`
The Extended Mind[the mind beyond the brain]:
Recent Experimental Evidence
Rupert Sheldrake at GoogleTechTalks!
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