@MonsantoCo #roundup chronic low doses caused #kidney damage in rats

4.19: news.pol/healthcare/roundup/
chronic low doses might cause kidney damage:
. low-dose Roundup might cause kidney damage?
this had caught my eye because recently
I had blamed the increasing kidney damage on
dramatically increasing use of fructose;
but also there has been increasing use of Roundup
(it contaminates much of the water supply now;
it might even be your rain).
and this study says low-dose Roundup in rats
was associated with slow kidney damage
(occurring over years not months).
. tests for gmo's and their associated pesticides
are usually short term (eg, 90-day) studies,
whereas any damage may take several years.


@pcrm.org is demonizing #eggs to protect hens

4.10: news.pol/animal rights/
pcrm.org is demonizing eggs to protect hens:
4.17: summary:
. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
(pcrm.org) wants us to be vegans,
which includes demonizing eggs;
and it turns out that their primary reason
has to do with animal rights.
. I am sure we can humanely steal eggs;
what this requires is not a boycott,
but the implementation of a certified humane egg;
by Humane Farm Animal Care!
(see sample of passing hen care Standards).

(unfortunately my Eggland's Best didn't pass yet).

offering humane #prochoice #eugenics for World #Hemophilia Day 4.17

4.16: web.pol/healthcare/offering humane #prochoice
#eugenics for World #Hemophilia Day 4.17:
. hemophiliacs have an inherited medical condition
that can involve untreatable complications;
we should offer free embryo selection
so that hemophiliacs can have children
who are sure to avoid this disease.
. some in the pro-life movement
will tell you that embryos are people too;
but I'm here to remind you that how I feel matters,
and many hemophiliac treatments feel aweful forever.
. an alternative that is both pro-life and pro-feeling
is to force hemophiliacs to abstain from reproduction;
which is virtually forced sterilization;
whereas selecting embryos is harmless killing
of people who don't even know they are alive:
to every embryo we discarded, I say:
. your life was sacrificed in order that
the remaining you did feel well.