purges throughout the ages

. I had so much fun in wiki the past month
learning about the supercycles of history .
. it started with the wondering about the
people around the Great Wall of china .
. this lead me to Stalin,
and the wide world of
purgings throughout the ages!
. there I found I had so much to learn
about the pervasiveness of slavery,
the persecution of Jews and communalism .
. I've just started making a summary timeline
of these topics, and I include some here,
but the final project can be found at a knol:
purges throughout the ages:
supercycles of free parenting, free enterprise, and privacy rights .
. the world has been, and continues to be
an agonizing replay of unchecked growth,
invasions, enslavements, and mass murders;
empire after empire:
war, slavery, and property rights
have been our only birth control .

mac vmware fusion for fun and security

9.30: proj.addn/mac.vmware/vmtools needs update:

. I'm reminded I have ubuntu in mac.vmware;
because, trying to use blogger.com from the mac
is still too buggy;
and since I do love the mac and blogger.com,
I am so glad vmware is here !

. notice vmtools cut&paste doesn't work in ubuntu,
reminding me that only the upgrade does that;
and, that upgrade is only $10 now?
Tax $0.00 [for usa]
Total $9.99
snatch that up!
--. well, I was sort of right about
thinking it was $40 to upgrade,
the original price I paid was $30,
and now the upgrade is $10 .
Thank you for choosing VMware Fusion® 3.1.1 (build 282344).
VMware Fusion 3 is the best way to run Windows on your Mac.
Run Windows applications just like Mac applications,
with seamless copy-and-paste, drag-and-drop, and printing
that "just works" on the Mac you love
—no additional setup required.
--[. that may be true if vmware 3.x is new to you,
but during an upgrade from fusion 2.x
I found you do need to restart your vm
and maybe before that,
manually install the tools
with a terminal script (easy in ubuntu) .]
VMware Fusion's 64-bit native engine
is optimized for Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard
to offer the best Windows performance
without impacting the performance of your Mac.
Run Windows the Mac way with VMware Fusion.
For the most up-to-date information about VMware Fusion,
. during upgrades, it has a nice way of
filling in your owner's code for you
(where did I put that thing? oh);
but for this major upgrade from 2 to 3,
your unlock code is still
copyable within the dialog,
but is not in the box it should be .
. the dialog says it's there because
if this is an upgrade from 2.x,
then you should paste your old code into there .
. doing that sends you to
the [buy the upgrade].page .

. I'm sort of confused because
I just bought that upgrade,
and didn't notice a "(here's your unlock code);
so then I was expecting a link to paid version,
but they sent me to the usual download page;
I'm wondering how my payment
is supposed to make a difference .
. looking under the receipt's
product description
I do see a number that could pass for an
unlock code (I'm a long-time user,
I should parse unlabeled codes
by mapping them to expected labels!)

. now I'm into installation,
and joining the user experience improvement
program (sends info about your interactions) .

. the installation is nearly done
when the mac gave this error alert:
system ext' cannot be used:
. the system ext'
) was installed improperly and cannot be used .
. please try reinstalling it,
or contact the product's vendor for an update .
--. I've had something like this appear
with nearly every upgrade!

. what's that .kext file for?
the Canon site uploaded some new
Snow Leopard (10.6) compatible drivers
as at 9 September 2009.
Seems to fix the problem for me.
-- many with this problem
happened to have a Canon LiDe 500F scanner
(I owned this until 2007
and got a software upgrade 2008.10)
. one reports manually removing unneeded .kext's .

. like them on facebook,
and add wall-msg:
"(. now if vmware can just keep a tight sandbox;
this is the way to keep mac malware-free
even when it becomes popular
and a major target!
. I love running ubuntu on snow leapard;
it comes with firefox, and
ubuntu's software center easily downloads
seamonkey web editor, and chrome browser .)
[. actually, I forgot to mention
the need to reconfigure ubuntu
to allow downloads of anything in the
ubuntu software center:
open ubuntu`menu/app's/ubuntu software center;
open [ubuntu software center]`menu/edit/software sources;
select check boxes:
# [other software].tab/(all);
# updates.tab/unsupported updates(lucid-backports)
Product Registration confirmation
Thank you for registering your product(s)
Serial Number(s) / License Key(s) Details
((my upgrade key))
Successfully Registered : 1 CPUs/instances/VMs of Fusion 3
purchased on order [...](curiously
not the order# I just made)

. I may need to install new vmtools;
(that's the whole reason I'm
getting the upgrade;
fusion 2.x doesn't have tools for
the latest ubuntu linux -- v10.04):
. start the tools install with:
vware`menu/virtual machines/instal vmware tools;
it says I have to do it manually
with the compressed package .

that's easy in ubuntu:
. on the vmtools package right-click/uncompress to ..
say, into the desktop;
then open the resulting folder,
so you can see the .pl file to be run .

. open a terminal:
. type into the terminal "(sudo )
then drag the .pl file into the terminal window;
that will create the full path name,
so the terminal window looks like:

sudo /home/[...]/vmware-install.pl

. sudo asks for your root acct pass
and when it's running the script,
you can use all the defaults (be ready to
hit the enter key a dozen times).

. after that, the cut&paste to mac
still doesn't work?
how about the shared folders? yes:
. take a vmware-snapshot of ubuntu's current state,
and restart ubuntu (not the mac or vmware):
. that did work!

smooth pigweed and nitrate poisoning

9.22: web.apt`garden/smooth pigweed:

. what intuition should call "(the pollen towers)
-- Amaranthus -- is not easy to name,
due to the confusion over many varieties:
Green Pigweed Amaranthus hybridis
. a native of tropical America .
. those sites have differing pict's? ..
. here one shows my kind is smooth pigweed:
"(The first leaves of redroot and smooth pigweed
are rounded, whereas those of green pigweed
are tapered and slightly pinched toward the end. (Figure 1)
The upper stem of green pigweed is often less hairy
than that of redroot or smooth pigweed.
Redroot pigweed
has a relatively short, thick, compact inflorescence,
with the uppermost central spike
extending only a short distance above the
first branches of the panicle. (Figure 2a)
Green pigweed
has a longer and narrower terminal spike
with fewer but longer branches. (Figure 2b)
Smooth pigweed
has a very narrow, often lax, terminal spike
with numerous short lateral branches. (Figure 2c)

Figure 2c. Mature inflorescences of smooth pigweed.
(this is the kind around here)
. pigweed species occasionally accumulate nitrates
in the stem and branches in concentrations high enough
to poison livestock. [commonly eaten by humans too]
Infestations in silage corn
have been reported to cause
severe illness or death in cattle .).
[. vaguely recall from a china cancer study,
that the occasion for nitrates was a mineral deficiency:
"(Plants require molybdenum to synthesize nitrate reductase,
a molybdoenzyme necessary for converting nitrates
from the soil to amino acids.
When soil molybdenum content is low,
plant conversion of nitrates to nitrosamines increases,
resulting in increased nitrosamine exposure
for those who consume the plants.
Adding molybdenum to the soil in the form of ammonium molybdenate
may help decrease the risk of gastroesophageal cancer
by limiting nitrosamine exposure.).]


anti-communitarianisms by Niki Raapana

through her acl site
and in case anyone would like to avoid being
dragged slow-motion through the hate & porn
I transcribed them here
so you can study some
anti-communitarian propaganda
from a safe distance .

. all nations agreed in 1992
into regions under UN control;
the UN was created by communists,
fabian socialists, internat'bankers,
british & dutch royalty, and amer'capitalists .
. the usa and most other congresses,
make new laws every day
that take away your rights
in the name of sustainability
esp'ly for the sake of global warming
(later renamed climate change) .
. UN local agenda 21
defines "(sustainable)
as amer's needing to
balance their individual rights
against the needs of the global community

. shows a policy square and each one's
focus on {community, individual}:
## left-right
liberal, dem:
-- economic comm,
-- cultural individ .
conservative, repub:
-- cultural comm,
-- economic individ .
## upper-lower
-- economic comm,
-- cultural comm .
-- cultural individ,
-- economic individ .

. obama was trained to trick amer's
into adopting community values .
. his philosophy of community
is the same as EU founders:
jean monnet and robert schumann
who slipped some communitarian law
into the first EU trade agreement .
. now the basis for global law
is communitarian supremacy
-- over all state constitutions .

. obama was taught by his mentors
at the northwestern univ's
communitarian network
and by communist activist Saul Alinsky's
who taught the american colonial version
of building a global community
"(block by block).

. communitarianism is the emerging
supra-national system of community rules
and the new global religion .

--[that has the same red spiral
as debian linux .]

image of book: my brother's keeper .

. prof' McNight's role in
obama's rise to power:

quietly similar to 1970's
amer'press coverage of the
democratic khmer rouge
and their rise to power in cambodia ...
... was never scrutinized by the press .

Obama's committment to community building
is the key to his amazing success .

image of black unicorn
on pink construction paper
with a brilliant rainbow
flowing from its rear .

. ABCD (asset based community development)
is the friendlier way to gather
personal info for the fed,
a mapping and db program
used by community dev's to identify
"(bad weeds) and valuable skills people .

. the old DARPA insignia was the
seal of "(info awareness office)
with a dollar's eye-topped pyramid
behind the globe, as if eyeing the usa .
. the new logo is:
"(. darpa . 50 years .
bridging the gap, powered by ideas )
with "(darpa) in front of the globe .

image of depressed guy with caption:
"(nothing is real).
image of woman drinking coffee
by bending backwards to hold mug with feet
while sipping it .

community economic development:
always sustainable.
image of USSR flag during war .
image of street sign with warning
lic'#'s are recorded for war on
drug dealing and prostitution .

community policing:
is no joke .
image of a clown being arrested .
grade school cartoon of dog in police uniform
with caption: "(let's work together
to prevent crime an violence)

. the violent crime act of 1994
authorized a new federal police force
charged with rebuilding communities
using communist Alinksy's method .
cartoon image of police smiles
with caption:
"( I'm going to kick your ass

character edu -- very 3rd Way:
cartoon of running naked
with caption: "(life is short . play naked!)
parody of dr.seuss's book with caption:
"(my foot in your ass) .

community faith based initiatives:

image of the seal of Theosophy
with gold writing on black and caption:
"(there is no religion higher than truth)
a snake is eating it's tail but stopped by
the tail is bulging with double-lined nazi sign
in the middle is up-pointing double-line triangle,
and a matching down-pointing triangle
like the star of david .
. in the middle of that is the Ankh
. above all that is arabic with moon & star .

cartoonized image of obama
with a shining globe on his forehead .
image of church sign advertising:
"(the most powerful position is on your knees)

domestic violence act
and victim's rights:

image of book: "(the rape of nanking) .
-- they were burning their children alive
to avoid being arrested by fed's .

identical communitarian laws
are often passed in many nations
on the same day ...
almost as if there's a plan .
image of cat as viking
with caption: "(GOD WILLS IT).

mandatory community service:
criminals and students only .. (so far )

image of tide washing over
"(freedom) written in the sand .

image of comical poster of
native amer's with guns
"( homeland security:
fighting terrorism since 1492 .)
image of campers with hunting rifles .
image of palestinian stoning an israeli tank .

community councils:
self-appointed do-gooders .
"(at the root of better gov')

LA (local agenda) 21 project:
image of this projected in a graph
showing it networked with:
( environment center;
residents's assoc's,
NGO's, and other citizen level partners;
helsinki businesses;
other public admn's;
resident-managed local projects and campaigns;
urban facts;
city office,
steering group;
city council,
city board;
regional level ).

cartoon of hands raised to a fish above
with caption: fish worship .
image of "(salmon nation) .
cartoon of smoky the bear
with shovel and telling kids:
"(let's [defecate] in the woods) .
image of "(go green) ad' .

community visions:
(amer's have no idea
they all agreed on these)

neighborhood plans:
following mandates in UN local agenda 21

Local Agenda 21
sustainable development through
local partnerships .
image connects it to 3 things:
# local authority:
(city, municipal, district, ...)
# private sector:
(busi' and industr' informal sector)
# community:
(public, consumers, NGO, CBO, residents assoc,
prof' bodies, mass media, ...)

comical 1950's poster captioned:
"(world's highest std of living:
there's no way like the amer' way)
and in front of it is a soup line
with mostly people whose color
did not include that of anyone in the poster .

it's the ultimate Third Way, baby!
a bridge between our churches and community.

poster of 3rd-world africans
wanted for genocide .

a raised automatic rifle captioned:
"(the rise of israel)
a traffic sign pointing directions to "(hell..)
a white-face reimaging of obama captioned:
"(communitarian) .

the wining x-prize car is here!

the winning x-prize car is here!
Edison2 CEO Oliver Kuttner`The Very Light Car:
. the production models should be < 1000lb;
the proto' was 830lb, yet crash testing is meeting spec's .
 . along with the weight loss, and aerodynamics,
 it features a revolutionary suspension system .
challenge.gov lists the spec's it met:
High fuel economy (100 MPGe)
low emissions (200 g/mi CO2e wells‐to‐wheels
greenhouse gas emissions and low tail pipe emissions);
Production‐capable and designed to reach the market
in volumes of at least 10,000 units per year;
Safe and affordable .
some comments I replied to:
We don't have to re-engineer the entire car
in order to reach 100mpg? well,
that was just the min'spec';
the prize went to the fastest, cheapest, greenest .
. safety and comfort for mileage
isn't a good tradeoff?
. this is a weatherproof recumbent,
cheaper to own than riding the bus!
if you want 2000lb of safety add-on's
why not 3000? why not a hummer;
be the best you can be;
I'm just glad to get off the friggin' bus .