marijuana's role in schizophrenia

4.28: news.pol/medipot/pot's role in schizophrenia:
. pot before age 15 increases the risk of schiz'ia;
and, while there has not been an increase in schiz'ia
to match the increase in today's pot use,
there has likely been
no such increase in the teen world,
since the major cause of teen drug use
has nothing to do with policy!
. rather, it is a lack of teen supervision
and our inability to effectively fight a drug war
in an environment of privacy rights .
Bob Marley - Smoke the Herb Man! Best Seller Poster Print, 22x34. pot increases dopamine,
and anti-schiz' drugs inhibit dopamine;
but the actual connection has to do with
a little-understood aspect of schiz'ia:
the major problem for the schiz'ic
is secretly breaking taboos
and then discovering the existence of
a spiritual world where there is no way
to hide secrets from telepathy .
. pot's increase of dopamine is both
The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Non-smokers Using Allen Carr's Easy Way Methodhypersexualizing and disinhibiting,
making a youth more likely to
follow taboo impulses;
finally, the inevitable maturation process
(becoming aware of supernature)
means getting outed by telepathy
which then causes psychoses .
. what I'm suggesting here is not that
every schiz'ic necessarily has
a problem with taboo secrets,
but with secrets in general;
ie, feeling too vulnerable from exposure,
(eg, others knowing you have no fighting skills
when you have very damaging opinions of others).
Crippled Lucifer
. anyone who doesn't admit the same
either hasn't matured, or
is not comfortable with
-- in any substantial way --
discussing the supernatural;
perhaps for the same reason
we have a history of burning witches,
so lets not even go there (?#!) .


science-based suicide prevention

4.28: pol/purges/science-based suicide prevention:
Myths about Suicide. we should have a process for suicide
in which we are gathering
more info about perceived prevention;
what does the suicidal person
think the problem is ?
. we can promise them that after
submitting to a consultation
and taking surveys for what's livable,
they actually can get safe, sure relief
if we can't provide what might be
something they can eventually live with .
Why People Die by Suicide. all of our religous anti-suicide policy
is just so much "(suck it up, pilgrim;
we have the job of being the flies
-- every thicker flies in a drying field --
and you need to get used to it).
. keep in mind that our societal choices
directly affect the rate of suicide:
is there no safety net after family failure?
ie, is there no assurance of employment?
Silent Grief: Living in the Wake of Suicide [SILENT GRIEF REV/E]is there no monastary for the addicts and gays?
. you do ask for suicide;
and, by pretending that you don't,
you in fact ask for messy suicides,
disability, mass murder, and
public-endangering reckless behaviors
like manic sexual promiscuity
and wild driving .
No Time to Say Goodbye: Surviving The Suicide Of A Loved One
Suicide Club (Suicide Circle)

oops I did it again ...

4.29: pol/justice/oops I did it again ...:

Jesus Christ Superstar (Special Edition). I was shocked to hear on lib'radio (1330)
that a reporter was dragged and maced
just for asking a question
in a "(townhall) meeting
whose elite she apparently didn't represent .
. we know that anyone requiring dragging
must be maced to reduce officer risk,
but we can still ask,
who really needs to be dragged,
ie, who needs to be "(arrested),
vs who was willing to leave with an escort .
. we then can seek to punish (or victimize?)
The Matrixthose accepting a duty that is unamerican .
. so in my state of ah-fficer-assisted rage
I thought of this perfect crime:
sir-real psy'op's against the undeserving sir .


glenn beck -- may he be confined to hate radio

4.8: news.pol/glenn beck radio's word on religion:
"(... anyone else living under the illusion of
a true Democratic Party
-- what are you smoking?
The Democrats don't exist anymore.
They were eaten by the progressives --
the labor unions, the communists, the radicals,
the globalists, George Soros -- yes ...)
-- Glenn Beck 2010 may 12
. Glenn Beck is big on anti-communism
and reminding us what a destructive mess
the fed's made of the south .
. today, and on Beck's show today,[4.8]
liberals are synonymous with totalitarian communism;
(they are both about freeing the labor class
at the expense of capitalists
-- and even the middle class);

. the 1800's civil war fed's can be thought of as
being the first communists here in usa;
because, the crux of communism is
labor rights vs capital owner's rights;
and, in the 1800's southern usa,
slavery and land was the primary capital;
slavery was hardly a liberal vs conservative issue,
since the northern christians were conserving
evangelical christian values,
and defending usa`honor against attacks on
the sincerity of "(all men are created equal)
after rebelling against slave drivers
only to make a mint promoting slavery .

. the religion that southerners were conserving
was certainly the more popular one:
straight out of the roman empire,
should any one think it ever declined
-- human trafficking thrives to this day
and will continue as long as we support
privacy as an inalienable right .
praise be to the feds:
. still, you have to agree
that the fed's made a mess of the south;
we were fine splitting up once (with britain),
never again?
the least we could have done was
give the ex-slaves their own western reservations;
perhaps the trick to being a good capitalist
is making sure the competition is not ?

. speaking of reservations,
Glenn Beck must agree the feds can be useful
at least any time your religion needs to
keep some Jews in Palestine; [christian zionism]
here again, anyone with any religion at all,
would suggest the jews should accept a usa reservation,
they are sure to start the next world war,
just as the Nazi's hoped for
when they allowed their Jews to leave only if they
moved to {Palestine, Zion, Israel} .
. Hitler called Zionism "a great movement";
in fact,
it was his acquaintance with Zionism
that coalesced his view that
one cannot be both a German and a Jew;
Hitler's book, Mein Kampf, had also claimed
"(the world's twin evils) are
--[evil# from below:
too little competition]-- Communism
--[evil# from beside:
too much competition]-- Judaism.

. Hitler's Zionism obviously differs from Glenn's
if only because Glenn is quite tolerant of Jews;
when the bible's G-D gives a prophesy like
"(you'll eat this fruit I warned you about
and then start dying)
do you really think this is a good time to
praise the power of prophesy
and eat the fruit from that tree?
when G-D is whispering that bad things
will happen in Palestine,
believers might want to start thinking about
what they can do to make other places
more inviting .
. usa's Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
has 245 million surface acres,
-- 13 percent of the total usa land surface
and more than 40 % of all fed land .
. in order to replace Israel,
you need:
. 20,700 sq.km (5 million acres),
which hopefully includes
445 sq.km (172 sq mi) of inland water,
and some coastline (Israel boasts 273 km of that).]
breaking news from American Jews:
. over 10,000 petitioned Fox News
to fire Beck last fall,
and it recently happened [4.6] .

. as Glenn Beck was selling his newsletter, [4.8]
he said curiously:
"(I'm a capitalist;
I'm not asking for a handout).
--[4.9: . my first fallacious impulse, unfortunately,
was to brand him as a slaver proponent
(a whip-cracker asking for handouts)
when, in fact, he's only
objected to the way fed's handled the slavers .
. then again,
when are good capitalists not slavers?
The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Lifewell, when they're good eno' to automate
(or in Glenn's case, be self-employed);
between the stampede of free parents
just dropping us off
-- with our very numbers and desperation
so devaluing our worth as a human resource
that we set our wages at "(under the table) --
and Free Capitalists automating away jobs,
capitalists are getting handouts
whether they accept them or not !]
Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government
Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big GovernmentBroke: The Plan to Restore Our Trust, Truth and TreasureThe Overton WindowGlenn Beck's Common Sense: The Case Against an Out-of-Control Government, Inspired by Thomas PaineAn Inconvenient Book: Real Solutions to the World's Biggest ProblemsThe Five Thousand Year Leap: 30 Year Anniversary Edition with Glenn Beck Foreword