probiotics reduced infantile colic

30: news.health/probiotics/probiotics reduced infantile colic:
sciencenews.org: (JAMA Pediatrics January 13)
. Treatment with a beneficial microbe
(Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938)
nearly halves crying time .
. probiotics lead to a reduction in crying
from 71 minutes to 38 minutes per day;
and there were fewer incidents of spitting up .
get to know germs
January 13 in the Proceedings of
the National Academy of Sciences:
. when genes of the bacterium
and its human host evolve together,
the strain appears to be less harmful
than that same strain in a person whose ancestors
didn’t encounter that particular microbe.

prochoice for medicaid recipients

30: co.fb/pol/healthcare/prochoice for medicaid recipients:
amen! who wants to be born by
someone who felt they couldn't afford you?
I'm hitching a ride with the next mom!

nuclear fallout is survivable

30: news.health/nuclear fallout is survivable:
. in the 2014-2016 wwIII climax
we might not see any nuclear weapons
because Russia and usa have beam weapons;
however, if China gets involved,
and if China doesn't yet have beam weapons,
that nation may resort to nuclear weapons
in order to defend itself against attacks .
. if you survive a nuclear attack
you may want to stay in your house
to avoid fallout .
. you will want a good supply of
food and water in your house,
because much of what is available later
will be contaminated with radiation .
. if you are trapped in a house
rather than underground, you will need
supplements to neutralize radiation .

acetylcysteine can inhibit anti-cancer p53 protein

30: news.health/acetylcysteine can inhibit anti-cancer p53 protein:
31: summary:
. N-acetylcysteine or NAC is a source of cysteine,
but is too powerful an antioxidant .
. a better source of cysteine is egg yolk:
it too is great at raising glutathione,
a safe antioxidant made by the body .


#mac #osx #rtfm #badBIOS #NSA stuccomontana

9: news.cyb/sec/#mac #osx #rtfm #badBIOS #NSA stuccomontana:
. when NSA conceals a computer vulnerability
(one that can take possession of your computer
and make it do the bidding of the internet)
there is nothing magical about this situation
that would prevent criminal elements
from also exploiting these backdoors .
. NSA knows the cat is out of the bag;
that's why they set up the Snowden leak:
NSA knows they need to get our permission now
rather than use our computer vulnerabilities
because the criminals now know too much
about the backdoors NSA needs for surveillance .

. the following is someone claiming to show
an NSA leak documenting the #badBIOS malware
that has been plaguing Dragos Ruiu .


Rabbi Kaduri characterizes the Messiah

2013.1.21: relig/judaism/Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri characterizes the Messiah
2014.1.12: 1.28: summary:
. Rabbi Kaduri was famous for making predictions,
and claimed that the Savior of Israel
would become apparent after 2014.1.11
or whenever Ariʼēl Sharōn died,
and that the Savior of Isreal would
unify Jerusalem as Israel's capital .
. from his clues I develope a theory
for what this "Savior of Israel" is .


methylated B vitamins #glutathione

25: health/glutathione/methylated B vitamins:
. I was hearing the best form of vit'B for glutathione
(the magic associated with selenium)
is the pro-methylation forms .
. Now Foods thought that the pro-methyl form of b6
needed to be enteric,
so being sublingual might be very important
(either way avoids the stomach acid).
. anyway, here's more about methylation
if you were looking to variety for security .

. I am going to try using Methyl-Guard Plus
sublingually (see below).
I may also try enteric B6 (pyridoxal 5-phosphate) .


usa has perfected what aliens gave to nazis?

news.pol/purges/wwIII/usa has perfected what aliens gave to nazis?:
. what we saw on 9/11 was galaxy-class tech
that could of come from aliens or superhumans
although Tesla was quite bright,
and likely didn't need their help
or perhaps he was one of them ?

onion's Quercetin for #glutathione #antioxidants

25: news.health/antioxidants/onion's Quercetin for glutathione:
26: summary:
. another good reason to get more onions
is their connection to glutathione levels .


FoldRight reversed #arthritis ?

23: news.health/arthritis/FoldRight reversed arthritis?:

Jarek (Califonia USA) August 11, 2013
( reviewing Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw's
Life Enhancement`FoldRight )
I'm 59 and I've been taking FoldRight for about nine months
hoping to feel younger (okay, don't laugh).
Unexpectedly, after the first month
my osteoarthritis improved
in my hands, knees and hip joints.
Now, nine months later
I can even snap my fingers!
My knees and hips no longer hurt
and my muscles seem firmer.
... I take two teaspoons
mixed in water before each meal.
so, what's in FoldRight?:

onion's hydrogen gas is an #antioxidant

23: news.health/probiotics/onion's hydrogen gas is an antioxidant:
24: summary:
. certain types of fiber produce an odorless gas
that is also a powerful antioxidant: hydrogen .

mortar & pestle as pill crusher

23: sci.cook`gear/mortar & pestle/metal is a great pill crusher:
(review of BC Classics Stainless Steel Mortar and Pestle)

all things in moderation #vaccinate

23: co.fb/health/vaccines/the word from theverge:
this interactive map is very interesting
specifying measles, rubella, polio,
mumps, whooping cough (Pertussis), and other .
. apparently the usa is not getting vaccinated for
mumps and Pertussis .
. theverge wants to point that
at least 10 babies died from Pertussis;
but, this should considered in the context of
vaccine-caused injuries and deaths
(over $2 billion has been awarded for these).
. therefore, some people are asking,
do we really want to cause dozens of grief
to avoid one death?

#arginine complemented by #weightlifting #geriatrics #insomnia

22: sci.health/geriatrics/insomnia
/#arginine complemented by #weightlifting:
. from the book Life Extension, I learned that
using arginine and peak resistance exercise
just before 2+ hours of sleep
could promote the growth hormone
that makes sleep productive .
[27: caveat: Arginine is not always safe:
Don't take L-arginine if you have had
a recent heart attack.
. have optimal antioxidant protection:
get dark leafy greens and exercise .
. I also found that arginine promotes sleep;
in fact when I was younger and had trouble sleeping
(due mostly to excessive stimulant use)
3..9 tsp of arginine would help out;
but now that I'm over age 50,
I get a different response:
. if I take it before bed without exercising
I become antsy and nauseous
until I do some peak resistance exercise,
such as pushups, jumping squats,
or isotonics which I can do in bed:
have one hand hold the other
as one arm pushes and the other pulls,
so that there is movement in the coupled hands
but there is also a lot of resistance in arms .
. if I didn't sleep well or woke up too early,
I can count on arginine and 9mg melatonin
to get a 2nd round of sleep
( usually I take 3mg melatonin ).


effect of food irradiation

22: news.health/effect of food irradiation:
23: summary:
. cooking causes much more peroxidation of oils
than keeping the food refrigerated raw,
but pureeing food with high-potency spices
can do much to maintain freshness .
. radiation of food is not very damaging
compared to cooking it;
however, radiation does do minor damage to oils;
the retail outlets should keep food raw,
and then the consumer should do the irradiation
as that is preferred to cooking it ?
. does it also kill pork and fish worms?


the symbolism of quick-cooked meat

6: psy/the symbolism of quick-cooked meat:
. quick-cooked meat is burnt on the outside,
but still raw on the inside,
and could be a vector of parasites or pathogens .
. this is similar to born-again* syndrome
where someone has been raised by whims
and then at the last moment saw the light
and quickly adopted a culture
that others trained years for
leaving reflexes that are still untamed,
so there is a problem of serving 2 masters:
the born-again wants to be nice,
but in a world of telepathy,
it's not enough to hide rude thoughts;
rather, to really have a nice meet,
we need to be enculturated much earlier
so that diplomacy is subconscious,
not pairs of infantile thoughts
being revised by parenting thoughts .
. even with good intentions,
those who are quick-cooked may find
they have a lot of rough edges
that make them difficult to be around .
. if someone serves you quick-cooked meat,
and you get worms in your brain;
you might want to ask yourself:
where has that brain really been? ;) .


#cancer treatment #fda obstruction #antineoplastons

7: news.pol/healthcare/#cancer treatment #antineoplastons #fda obstruction:
Dr. Burzynski is perhaps best-known for
his discovery and development of antineoplastons,
which are peptides and amino acid derivates
that activate tumor suppressing-genes.
Antineoplastons have also been proven to be
an effective cancer treatment
via independent research by Japan's Dr. Hidaeki Tsuda
of the Kurume University Hospital.
Until the 1990s,
Dr. Burzynski used antineoplastons,
sometimes in conjunction with traditional oncology agents,
to treat and cure cancer patients.
Over the past several decades,
the conventional medical establishment,
via a succession of relentless attacks,
has slowly choked off patient access to antineoplastons.
After 1998, and at the insistence of the FDA,
treatment with antineoplastons was limited to
patients in registered FDA trials.
isn't this available somewhere else?
usa is such a he'll-hole of patents and obstruction .
. petition the FDA .


#emp threat is preventable

5: co.fb/pol/energy/emp threat is preventable:
. EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack
can happen from a 150-yearly solar flare
not just nuclear terrorism
and it can send us to the stone age
by destroying our electrical grid's transformers
which take months or years to replace .
. there is a way to harden our grid
just as Canada has done,
but so far the usa is too cheap .
. we are due for a solar EMP attack,
and when that happens,
only the military will have electricity,
communications, and computing power .
 Mr.Bartlett spent 20 years as a congressman;
Now he's prepping for doomsday.
-- nice to see someone who should know
telling us what we should know:
emp is no joke .

Dr.Rupert Sheldrake`extended mind

17: summary:
. I'm interested in parapsychology
in pursuit of theories of supernature;
this helps us to understand the phenomena
that formed religions and theories of god .
. I recently found Dr. Sheldrake's intro .

#christian #meatless means less of warm-blooded

4: web.relig/christian/meatless means less of warm-blooded:
. according to historical records,
Jesus sacrificed his warm blood on a Friday .
. as early as the first century,
People have written of fasting on Friday
to commemorate this sacrifice .
. Technically, what's off limits on Friday
is the flesh of warm-blooded animals
explains Prof. Michael Foley, author of
Why Do Catholics Eat Fish On Friday?
. Fish and reptiles are coldblooded,
so Christians can eat them on Friday
even when they can't eat mammal meat .

nut trees for desert (not mac's) #xeriscape

4: web.apt`xeriscape/nut trees for desert (not mac's):
17: summary:
. I'm looking to grow cooking oil in the desert;
the healthiest is the mac nut (macadamia).
. avocados are heavy in palmitic fat;
and other nuts have a bit too much omega-6 .
. olives are difficult to process,
brazil nut fat is good only for selenium,
(the anti-cancer cysteine-bound form),
better to get that from brocolli and onions .
. so, what can I grow in the desert,
around Tucson AZ -- zone 12 ?

3rd-party tested #probiotics

4: web.cook/probiotics/3rd-party tested products:
. probiotics are capsules of live germs;
they are notorious for delivering dead germs .
. is there any 3rd-party testing going on?
. here's truflora with regular 3rd party testing;
others just claims spotchecks by ConsumerLab.com .

USANA® Probiotic
Receives ConsumerLab.com Certification
-- Sixth Stamp Of Approval From Third-Party Testing .

Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotics 
was also listed as tested by ConsumerLab.com
and I'm betting it got a good review .

17: current practice:
. go to your health food store, and try
refrigerated gardenoflife`RAW Probiotics .
. it has a certain variety of germs that will
pull me out of depression,
but they can also overstimulate my thyroid,
causing a bit of anxiety (leave it in your mouth,
and if you have any oral sores (or leaky gut?),
a lot of germs can get to your thyroid gland .
. I use this everyday like it was sunshine;
but I've been sunburned a few times .

leaky gut related to #autism #GAPS

2: news.health/probiotics/leaky gut related to autism:
DECEMBER 5, 2013 sciencenews.org:
Leaky intestines and an abnormal mix of gut microbes
may contribute to autism symptoms,
a study of mice suggests.
A skewed mixture of intestinal microbes results in
high levels of certain chemicals,
including one similar to a compound found in
the urine of some children with autism,
researchers report in the Dec. 19 Cell.
Mice with autism-like behaviors
also have leaky intestines,
which allow the chemicals to
build up in the animals' blood, the team found.
Giving the mice beneficial bacteria
reduced gut leakiness
and improved some abnormal behaviors,
suggesting that some children with autism
might benefit from probiotic treatments.
Elizabeth Hensley  wcbdad@comcast.net • a month ago:
Google "sick monkeys" + Autism
http://www.ageofautism.com/2008/05 ]
to learn about vaccine overload research.
When the same kind of monkeys that are used to test
individual vaccines
are given all of them the way we do our kids
they develop the same kind of
social difficulties & painful gut problems.


Israel advances desalination

11: pol/desalination/Israel advances desalination:
desalination can be mainstreamed:
. Israel desalinizes water for a cost of
53 cents per cubic meter;
desalinizing 1,000 US gallons (3,800 L) of water
can cost as little as $3 .
. modern technologies, such as
the Seawater Greenhouse,
use solar energy to desalinate seawater
for agriculture and drinking uses
in an extremely cost-effective manner.
alternet 2010:
. by 2014, Israel's desalination plants
might provide 33% of their drinking water.
. reverse osmosis technology
is used by the Hadera plant
(the world's largest using such technology);
it does not involve heating the sea water .

High-Gristle Diet

10: health/High-Gristle Diet:
. I was reading on page 93 of Harley's Monroe 2013
about the "high-gristle diet".
. you might think think he is kidding,
going from veganism to "sausage",
but there is some science behind it .
. sausage and hotdogs are given as
typical sources of gristle;
but, the ideal convenience product is gelatin .
Dr. Ray Peat points out that gelatin has
a different amino acid profile than meat,
and that the two complement each other .
. if anyone is going to be eating animals,
they need to start with the whole animal,
not just the muscle meat;
say, by adding "5 or 10 grams of gelatin"
to a large meat portion .
. "gelatin is a protein which contains
no tryptophan, and only small amounts
of cysteine, methionine, and histidine.
Using gelatin as a major dietary protein
is an easy way to restrict the amino acids
that are associated with many of the
problems of aging" .


you have 2 choices to make #wwIII #globalization #nationalism #catholicism

10: pol/purges/wwIII/you have 2 choices to make:
. wwIII is obviously going to happen
as usa defends zionists in Israel,
while Russia defends Arab regimes against
being undermined by usa's cia,
which in turn means that Russia is defending "terrorism"
(anti-zionist guerrilla warfare operations
punishing usa and Israel).

. in the bigger picture, the purpose of WWIII
is to decide who will be the global leader
of the modern world:
will it be usa's brand of democracy
and attention to human rights ?
or will it be something from russia
promoting orthodox christian views
as they rally against bible-sex deviants ?

Dr.Mercola's vitamin E

12: web.cook/vit'e/Dr.Mercola's vitamin E:
. this talk from Dr.Mercola about vitamin E
(it's a video speech with matching text)
tells you why his vitamin E is better
(derived from sunflower seed not soy, etc).
. I take it only once a month or so,
when my fishoil contains imbalanced vit'e
( alpha instead of mixed with gamma ).
. here's the same mercola with a different view:
rather than selling you on supplements,
he's reminding you that vitamin e
like most other nutrients except trace minerals
is best obtained from food not supplements .
. given the amount of greens you should eat,
greens provide plenty of vitamin e .


universal calendar #5777 idealized lunation

1.5: summary:
. part of my logging routine involves
copying a template of month folders
that contain files for each annual date:
each file in a month folder
starts with a date and some event's name,
such as: sched/12 dec/25 christmas.txt .
. ever since hearing about the prophesies of
Hebrew year 5777 (2016.fall ... 2017.fall)
I have been interested in Jewish and Islamic events;
so, I was looking for a way to add them
to my year's logging template .
. the jewish calendar is lunisolar,
and the islamic calendar is lunar,
so while their events are on
a particular monthly date,
their months are shifting around
within the calendar that modernity uses,
I devised an idealized lunation system,
that assigns their months to particular days,
aligned with the equinoxes of the year 5777 .
. also, there are many usa calendar events
that are shifting their date annually
because they are defined as being on
something like the 1st monday of a month;
so, in order to fix a date for these,
I had to choose a particular year,
and, again, the year I chose was 5777 .


my new year's resolution

8: adds/doc'ing/my new year's resolution:

Lean In / Fall Down ART OF HUSTLE":
Alanna Coby: Word! Particularly relevant to women artists.
In contrast to the article, though,
I feel the advice I've gotten from
writing teachers over the years has been,
"Just write. Make time for it.
Don't wait for the ever-elusive 'inspiration'
because a working writer can't afford it.
Send out your writing and expect mostly rejection.
But keep sending it out."
. I made a new year's resolution
that is similar to that advice;
instead of being too cautious about
when it's time to do some blogging,
I will try to push myself to finish pieces sooner,
and get them posted within days of producing them,
rather than at the end of the month or year .