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22: sci.health/geriatrics/insomnia
/#arginine complemented by #weightlifting:
. from the book Life Extension, I learned that
using arginine and peak resistance exercise
just before 2+ hours of sleep
could promote the growth hormone
that makes sleep productive .
[27: caveat: Arginine is not always safe:
Don't take L-arginine if you have had
a recent heart attack.
. have optimal antioxidant protection:
get dark leafy greens and exercise .
. I also found that arginine promotes sleep;
in fact when I was younger and had trouble sleeping
(due mostly to excessive stimulant use)
3..9 tsp of arginine would help out;
but now that I'm over age 50,
I get a different response:
. if I take it before bed without exercising
I become antsy and nauseous
until I do some peak resistance exercise,
such as pushups, jumping squats,
or isotonics which I can do in bed:
have one hand hold the other
as one arm pushes and the other pulls,
so that there is movement in the coupled hands
but there is also a lot of resistance in arms .
. if I didn't sleep well or woke up too early,
I can count on arginine and 9mg melatonin
to get a 2nd round of sleep
( usually I take 3mg melatonin ).