Israel advances desalination

11: pol/desalination/Israel advances desalination:
desalination can be mainstreamed:
. Israel desalinizes water for a cost of
53 cents per cubic meter;
desalinizing 1,000 US gallons (3,800 L) of water
can cost as little as $3 .
. modern technologies, such as
the Seawater Greenhouse,
use solar energy to desalinate seawater
for agriculture and drinking uses
in an extremely cost-effective manner.
alternet 2010:
. by 2014, Israel's desalination plants
might provide 33% of their drinking water.
. reverse osmosis technology
is used by the Hadera plant
(the world's largest using such technology);
it does not involve heating the sea water .
The Israeli intends to allocate
a separate desalination plant for use by
the future Palestinian state.
This follows the recommendation of the
U.S.-Israeli-Palestinian Joint Committee on Water.
Palestine Water Authority is unimpressed:
[. Israel forbids Palestine from
drilling water wells on their land;
instead, they plan to sell them desalinate .]
"that would require us to
purchase water at a high cost
-- whereas, in fact, the water in our soil
belongs at least partially to us,
but remains inaccessible .
We will not explore alternative water sources
before we're given back our rights
to the Jordan River and to the aquifer" .
Environmentalists fear Israel's short coastline
can ill afford to take the brunt of
so many desalination plants.
There needs be much more research into
the effects of byproducts of desalination,
iron and nutrients that are released into the sea .
. hello?
we are talking about water!
shore life can move along the beach .