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2: news.health/probiotics/leaky gut related to autism:
DECEMBER 5, 2013 sciencenews.org:
Leaky intestines and an abnormal mix of gut microbes
may contribute to autism symptoms,
a study of mice suggests.
A skewed mixture of intestinal microbes results in
high levels of certain chemicals,
including one similar to a compound found in
the urine of some children with autism,
researchers report in the Dec. 19 Cell.
Mice with autism-like behaviors
also have leaky intestines,
which allow the chemicals to
build up in the animals' blood, the team found.
Giving the mice beneficial bacteria
reduced gut leakiness
and improved some abnormal behaviors,
suggesting that some children with autism
might benefit from probiotic treatments.
Elizabeth Hensley  wcbdad@comcast.net • a month ago:
Google "sick monkeys" + Autism
http://www.ageofautism.com/2008/05 ]
to learn about vaccine overload research.
When the same kind of monkeys that are used to test
individual vaccines
are given all of them the way we do our kids
they develop the same kind of
social difficulties & painful gut problems.