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17: summary:
. I'm looking to grow cooking oil in the desert;
the healthiest is the mac nut (macadamia).
. avocados are heavy in palmitic fat;
and other nuts have a bit too much omega-6 .
. olives are difficult to process,
brazil nut fat is good only for selenium,
(the anti-cancer cysteine-bound form),
better to get that from brocolli and onions .
. so, what can I grow in the desert,
around Tucson AZ -- zone 12 ?

desert mac nuts use a lot of water:
. moderate location with high humidity
Macadamia trees prefer moist soil conditions
and have roots that grow close to the soil surface
to optimize moisture absorption.
more mac nut specifics:
Being an Australian native plant
it has adapted to low levels of phosphorus .
. mac's are vulnerable to frost
so cultivation would only suit
frost free temperate to tropical zones.
. use rich, well-drained soil;
with plenty of of nitrogen and potassium:
use chicken manure and compost
before planting and as a regular side dressing
throughout the growing season .
Macadamia tree has a very fine fibrous root system
that is vulnerable to drying out,
so tip number one is
to grow it with regular irrigation
and a good layer of mulch in the home garden.
Lucerne is a good mulch
that adds nitrogen as it breaks down;
a layer at least 5cm (2 inches) deep is needed
around the drip line of the tree
to keep moisture in and weeds out.
no Avocado:
. Avocado is a tropical plant
and does not like frost
or temperatures under 50F .
Avocado trees prefer high humidity of 60 to 80% .
They can also grow in dryer climates
(with no less than 40 percent humidity),
but more problems may occur with the fruit or tree.
tucson is in zone 12 .

what nut does grow in desert? almonds:
If you live in Sunset Zone 12,
late frosts will be your main concern:
for frosty areas you should
plant varieties that bloom a little later,
such as "Hall" or "Mission" .
Almonds need a pollinating partner,
so you will need at least two trees.
They do not have to be the same variety,
but do need to bloom at the same time.