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23: co.fb/health/vaccines/the word from theverge:
this interactive map is very interesting
specifying measles, rubella, polio,
mumps, whooping cough (Pertussis), and other .
. apparently the usa is not getting vaccinated for
mumps and Pertussis .
. theverge wants to point that
at least 10 babies died from Pertussis;
but, this should considered in the context of
vaccine-caused injuries and deaths
(over $2 billion has been awarded for these).
. therefore, some people are asking,
do we really want to cause dozens of grief
to avoid one death?

. not all vaccines should be avoided,
but there are caveats for their use,
including an existing gut infection .
. theverge says:
"... the MMR vaccine was also the focus of
an infamous study by Andrew Wakefield,
who suggested that the vaccine had a link
to the development of autism.
Although the study was discredited, ... "
. actually,
that discreditation was a public relations ploy
to reduce popular resistance to vaccines;
and, according to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride
it appears that Wakefield's work was
consistent with a theory that says
those with autism had pre-existing gut infections
that didn't respond well to the vaccine:
ie, it mixed with the existing gut infection
to create an even more toxic gut infection
which in turn released autism-causing toxins .
. here's more support for Andrew Wakefield .
mercola.com  /2013/03/26/dr-wakefield-vaccine-film.aspx