3rd-party tested #probiotics

4: web.cook/probiotics/3rd-party tested products:
. probiotics are capsules of live germs;
they are notorious for delivering dead germs .
. is there any 3rd-party testing going on?
. here's truflora with regular 3rd party testing;
others just claims spotchecks by ConsumerLab.com .

USANA® Probiotic
Receives ConsumerLab.com Certification
-- Sixth Stamp Of Approval From Third-Party Testing .

Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotics 
was also listed as tested by ConsumerLab.com
and I'm betting it got a good review .

17: current practice:
. go to your health food store, and try
refrigerated gardenoflife`RAW Probiotics .
. it has a certain variety of germs that will
pull me out of depression,
but they can also overstimulate my thyroid,
causing a bit of anxiety (leave it in your mouth,
and if you have any oral sores (or leaky gut?),
a lot of germs can get to your thyroid gland .
. I use this everyday like it was sunshine;
but I've been sunburned a few times .