marine-sourced Hydrolyzed Collagen

4.11: 4.12: co.yt,web.health/diet/
Hydrolyzed Collagen/Dr.Rhonda Patrick:
Dr.Patrick, in her video:
. use a quarter cup of Hydrolyzed Collagen
(in a smoothie that may be divided into several meals);
2 rounded Tbsp contains 12g; cup/4 contains 4 tbsp;
so she is using up to 24g of Collagen
(2.64g of glutamic acid).
. during times of low glucose,
proline is released from connective tissue
for alpha-ketoglutarate for mitochondria
to create ATP for energy.
--. this gave me an idea that using collagen
may help preserve bone and teeth.

. I have 2 concerns, excitotoxicity,
and sourcing from beef rather than fish.
. based on Dr.Patrick's review I'll be trying this
but I'll take it in many small doses
and be sourcing it from fish.

Dr Rhonda Patrick` #leakygut may be a major cause of #heart disease

4.10: news.health/heart/diet/Dr Rhonda Patrick`
leaky gut may be a major cause of heart disease:
Dr.Patrick doesn't use the term "leaky gut"
perhaps because it is controversial;
but among those who do, they are talking about
the same thing Dr.Patrick says here:


the fundamental theory of #Judaism #passover

4.9: 4.10: relig/judaism/the fundamental theory of Judaism:
. passover is about fulfillment of the god's promise
to use Egypt to build the blessed nation,
not about a savior for the enslaved.


problems with #bible as the primary authority

4.3: relig/jw.org/problems with bible as the primary authority:
. a problem with assuming bible is all god-inspired
and is a primary witness
is that although the god is known for
talking directly to humans
and thus could speak to all of us directly,
most of the bible authors are claiming that
the god talks to us through humans
who are known to be deluded by the demons,
or god talks to us through angels
who are known to be deceptive (demons).


#Jesus all the good are gods

2016.12.10: 12.13: 2017.3.28:
relig/jc/all the good are gods:
Jesus said "you call me good ?
nobody is good but the god";
when I first heard that it seemed obvious
he was detecting sarcasm;
"you call me good as if that is in question.
ok, nobody is good but the god
and we both agree I'm not the god."
. but a radio preacher pointed out otherwise:
Jesus did indeed believe he was the god;
because he was faithful to the will of the god;
in fact, in defending this Jesus said:
do the scriptures not say
to those whom the word of the god came,
they are all gods?
. any faithful Judaist follows, and upholds,
the word or will of the god;
so they would be considered gods:
representations of the good god.
. so you could still say he detected sarcasm
but his response was this:
"you question I'm good but what is good?,
only the word of our god is good;
we agree on this."
. all good people are the good god:
emotions come from the gods;
and, when we have emotional reasons
for doing the will of the good god
we are driven by the good god:
we are the same as the good god,
because we are the hands of that god.


manganese toxicity #adhd

3.25: web.health/manganese toxicity:
. someone mentioned that modern life might be
exposing us to toxic levels of manganese;
and a source of that is leaching from stainless steel;
I use a stainless steel pan to boil bones in acidic water.
how do I know if I have manganese toxicity?


healthier people tend to be more optimistic

3.24: news.health/healthier people tend to be more optimistic:
. the more optimistic people tend to also be healthier;
so, it is conjectured that being optimistic
can be learned and can enhance health.
. it could be that optimism creates less stress,
and stress can be a source of disease?
. there are studies of visualization
showing that you can get better sports performance
by visualizing what it is you want to do;
so, perhaps learned optimism could involve
visualization of better health?
. optimism might be the opposite of depression;
and depression is an inflammatory disease,
that seems to coexist with many other
inflammation-related diseases
(cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc).
. ways of learning optimism might involve
learning to mentally control inflammation.


high usa #vet #suicides are part of high #elder suicides

2016.12.7: web.psy/suicide
/usa vet suicides are mostly among elders and normal rates for elders:
. the most notable thing about the suicides among vets
is that they happen during old age
(average age was 60);
there is the same problem for non-vets,
high rates of suicide among elders;
suggesting it's not from service-caused pain.
. guy's who appreciated being in top physical shape
are finding themselves with low hormones
and thus many physical and sexual problems.


2016.12.5: web.psy/gremlin:
. when hearing ventilation systems or motors
it sounds like there are voices from them.
. this reminded me of reports from air service during the war
when the voices of gremlins could often be heard
due to sound of motors and winds.
. it is true that during survival extremes
people may tend to hallucinate,
but gremlin noises may also come from
a bored mind finding patterns in random sounds
like when seeing animals or faces in clouds.


genetics, arachidonic acid, and EPA

2.28: co.yt/health/diet/omega-3/
microalgae oil not a good source EPA:
. great this video informs the public
that some may need to use L-methyltetrahydrofolate
to keep homocysteine levels in check.
. this video is associated with this whitepaper:
it says "If you’re vegetarian,
one other thing you might consider looking into is
microalgae oil since it has EPA & DHA
without having to be converted from ALA."
-- Dr.Sears claimed one problem with microalgae oil
is that it conains only DHA and not EPA;
and that the body's conversion of DHA to EPA
was not a great source of EPA either;
this is why non-fisheaters can't get
medicinal quantities of EPA without absurd levels of ALA.
. checking one source of microalgae oil
we find it contains only trace amounts of EPA.
. good to know about rs174537 being related to
the level of arachidonic acid levels;
Dr.Sears says high levels of that
should be medicated with high-dose EPA.


#vinegar anti-diabetic effects

2.14: web.health/diet/vinegar/anti-diabetic effects
. vinegar's acetic acid may improve carb tolerance
by inhibiting carb-crunching digestive enzymes;
it may enhance insulin sensitivity:
the acetic acid may enhance glycogen repletion
in liver and skeletal muscle
(it may move glucose from blood to
liver and skeletal muscle).
. apple cider vinegar could be healthy because
it provides polyphenols, fiber, and phytosterols
while turning the apple's carb's to acid.
apples contain chlorogenic acid.
. there is also a red wine vinegar
that might provide the benefits of red wine
without the alcohol.
33% vinegar whitens teeth

Diabetes Care 2004
Vinegar Improves Insulin Sensitivity to a High-Carbohydrate Meal
in Subjects With Insulin Resistance or Type 2 Diabetes
Acetic acid has been shown to suppress
disaccharidase activity [carb-digesting enzymes](3)
 and to raise glucose-6-phosphate concentrations
in skeletal muscle (4);
3: J Nutr 2000
Acetic acid suppresses the increase in disaccharidase activity
that occurs during culture of Caco-2 cells.
Acetic acid treatment (5 mmol/L and 15 d) significantly decreased
the activities of disaccharidases
(sucrase, maltase, trehalase and lactase)
and angiotensin-I-converting enzyme,
whereas the activities of other hydrolases
(alkaline phosphatase, aminopeptidase-N,
dipeptidylpeptidase-IV and γ-glutamyltranspeptidase)
were not affected.
4: Amer Society for Nutritional Sciences 2001
Acetic Acid Feeding Enhances Glycogen Repletion
in Liver and Skeletal Muscle of Rats
. investigate the efficacy of the ingestion of vinegar
in aiding recovery from fatigue,
we examined the effect of dietary acetic acid,
the main component of vinegar, on glycogen repletion in rats.
Rats were allowed access to a commercial diet twice daily for 6 d.
After 15 h of food deprivation, they were either killed immediately
or given 2 g of a diet containing 0 (control), 0.1, 0.2 or 0.4 g
acetic acid/100 g diet for 2 h.
The 0.2 g acetic acid group had significantly greater
liver and gastrocnemius muscle glycogen concentration
than the control group.
In liver, acetic acid may activate gluconeogenesis
and inactivate glycolysis through inactivation of
fructose-2,6-bisphosphate synthesis
due to suppression of xylulose-5-phosphate accumulation.
In skeletal muscle, acetic acid may inhibit glycolysis
[breakdown of glucose to extract energy]
by suppression of phosphofructokinase-1 activity.
We conclude that a diet containing acetic acid
may enhance glycogen repletion in liver and skeletal muscle.

starch-inhibiting ingredient in vinegar is acetic acid,
“Vinegar appears to inhibit the enzymes that
help you digest starch.” When starch is not completely digested,
you get a smaller blood sugar (glycemic) response
— “20-40% less in healthy people and in diabetics” —
after eating a high-glycemic food such as a bagel.
. the “mother” in it, the solids at the bottom
are the bacteria that fermented it,
not the fiber (eg pectin) of the apple.
co: VerseauT
3/24/2016 4:42 PM MST
Leg Cramps Be Gone! I heard about how
ACV was good for reducing leg cramps in the night.
It is true. I take a half-inch of ACV
in a glass of water&honey,
or with cherry juice or blackberry juice, EVERY DAY,
and I don't get leg cramps in the night anymore.
If I forget, sure enough in a day or two
I will get a leg cramp in the night.

Switchel is the name for water mixed with vinegar.

Dr. Joel M. Hoffman`The Bible Doesn't Say That

2.12: web.relig/bible/Dr. Joel M. Hoffman 2016`The Bible Doesn't Say That:

Dr. Hoffman`The Bible Doesn't Say That:
40 Biblical Mistranslations, Misconceptions, and Other Misunderstandings
I heard the author on Too Jewish radio
and am commenting on his view of the bible.

. he said that while the bible discourages
certain (male) homosexual acts;
it doesn't say homosexuality is a sin.
. the bible says it's (pronounced toy-ee-vah)
which some interpret as "abomination"
but it means "taboo";
an abomination is universally inappropriate;
whereas a taboo is something that is
culturally inappropriate.

what is the point of that distinction?


funeral methods

2016.12.1: web.care/funeral methods:
. burying in a cemetery wastes land;
cremation causes mercury pollution
and uses a lot of energy.
the best way uses the same technique as
livestock mortality composting.