menstrual synchrony supports #telepathy

news.psy/parapsy/telepathy/menstrual synchrony:
10.28: 12.9: summary:
. menstrual synchrony refers to
the ability of women who live together
to align their menstrual periods
implying they would have to reset
the duration of their period.
. snopes calls it unproven.
. see list of all the conflicting studies
concerning Menstrual_synchrony.
. one problem with this theory
is that no physical communication
such as human pheromones
have been found to explain it,
thereby leading to the idea
that it involves being influenced by
a collective subconscious,
and if that exists,
it would support the idea of telepathy
which is considered a "bizarre delusion";
ie, there is widespread suppression
of even good telepathy evidence.
[ Rupert Sheldrake`telephone telepathy]
. see Rupert Sheldrake`The Extended Mind.
. the suppression of telepathy evidence
is part of both establishment atheism,
and biblical laws against remote-viewing
and other uses of the collective subcon'mind.


#Hanukkah Jonathan Cahn`haNOOka

12.4: tv.relig/judaism/Hanukkah/
Jonathan Cahn`haNOOka:
Jonathan Cahn (NOVEMBER 29, 2017)`
Hanukkah foreshadows the Antichrist
. he says Hanukkah is about rising up
to protect your culture from
being eaten by a One World Order,
and he wants us to fight back
against modern liberal values.
. Cahn is supporting Christianity
but he is a also a good source of
Jewish culture.


@sproutsfm #sardines with no added salt or BPA #review

11.28: news.cook/fish/
@sproutsfm #sardines with no added salt or BPA #review:
. Sprouts has a good selection of organics;
they stock Certified Humane pastured eggs;
and I will be using their brand of sardines.
. today I tried the Sprouts sardines
with no added salt or BPA.
. if the daily sodium should be
the usa Daily Value (2400 mg per day);
and you don't get sodium from other sources,
then you can eat 9 cans of Sprouts sardines
compared with 5 cans of typical sardines.
. for a sardine with no added salt
I was surprised at how salty Sprouts tasted
(what are they actually doing in Morocco?);
anyway, salt is not really evil:
those with hypertension really need
less sugars (glucose and fructose)
and more greens.


reacting to an active shooter

10.18: care/survival/active shooter education:
. my place of employment had the police come
and tell us how to survive a mass murderer.

calc channel blockers control #emf symptoms including #afib

10.15: web.med/afib/calc channel blockers 
control emf symptoms including afib:
Mercola 2017.9:
. cell phone and other wireless fields
such as smart electricity meters
that are too mild to have thermal effects
(so they won't cook you like a microwave)
can still harm you via VGCC activation
(a cell's voltage-gated calcium channels)
Common heart problems linked to EMF exposure
include: Cardiac arrhythmias
(associated with sudden cardiac death)
Atrial fibrillation / atrial flutter.
[J Chemical Neuroanatomy 2016]
. put a Faraday cage around your bed,
as EMFs are known to disrupt sleep.


detect a #cancer cell's CD 19 protein (cellular_immunotherapy)

10.5: med/cancer/cellular immunotherapy/
detect a cancer cell's CD 19 protein:
time.mag aug 21 p36:
Dr. Carl June developed a method for growing
chimeric antigen receptor T cells;
that is reprogramming a person's T cells
to detect a cancer cell's CD 19 protein,
reducing risk of autoimmunity disorder
while increase chance of a cure.


the cross(product) has set you free

9.19, 10.26: psy/parapsy/relig/christian/
the cross(product) has set you free:
. there is a subconscious part of self
that comes from the devil and the god
that influences our decisions and emotions
because the universe was made to define
the indefinite experience
(an infinite diversity of experiences)
that involves feeling both good and evil.


Eric Dollard` Bearden is a hoax?

10.23: tv.phy/tesla/Eric Dollard/Bearden is a hoax?:
. Dollard gives a history of electrical engineering
and points out that those who said what cost others
would get severely punished;
he then said Maxwell was too hard to understand
(key to understanding scalar EM weapons)
and said the guy who simplified his work was great
(not a conspiracy to hide scalar EM tech);
then when asked about "scalar waves" technology
he said Bearden's scalar theory was a hoax,
meant to sell protective devices.
. Bearden calls it scalar EM because
if you add 2 equal and opposite EM waves
using Maxwell's quaternions,
then you get a zero vector part,
but also a non-zero scalar part
which represents the energy that goes into
longitudinal rather than transverse waves
(EM pulses used in the Hutchison Effect on 9/11
--classified dustification weapon tech).
Prof Eric Dollard "Theory of Anti-Relativity"



10.22: summary:
. before you are aware that the devil
influences your thoughts and emotions
you think of every thought as self,
and have an unquestioning allegiance to them;
you are a puppet of the devil
until you begin to question yourself,
then you become a human, like Pinocchio.


Collagen from Wild-Caught North Atlantic Cod

10.3: co.amazon/cook/fp/5-star/North Atlantic Cod:
Zen Principle Marine Collagen from Wild-Caught North Atlantic Cod
. one problem I have with collagen in general
is that it might have a problem with
free glutamates (possible excitoxicity);
well, I will just use it many small doses.

what does the #god want?

9.4: relig/jc/what does the god want?:
. Jesus said all law comes from just 2 laws:
# love the god (obey its commandments),
# love community members as self;
eg, it may be nice to agree with neighbors
but they may want things the god forbids.
. but who knows what the god wants?
Jesus had to assume prior Judaism prophets
knew what the god wanted;
but does the god really hate homosexuals?
how do we distinguish god from devil?
2 main requirements according to Dream theory:
# survival of community
or evolution of an intelligent species;
# diversity of experience.

3-star Pacific Marine Collagen Peptides

9.4: co.amazon/cook/fp/3-star/is the pacific safe?:
Sports Research Marine Collagen Peptides from Pacific-ocean Wild-Caught Snapper
. one problem I have with collagen in general
is that it might have a problem with
free glutamates (possible excitoxicity);
well, I will just use it many small doses.
. but another problem with
this product in particular
is that it is sourced from the Pacific ocean
where there might be problems with radiation
from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear contamination.
. if the bone is from older fish,
it might have considerable levels of strontium 90
(strontium 90's half-life is 30 years,
and it collects in bones like calcium).
. except for having to manage that small fear,
I enjoy this product.

5-star Erythritol

9.4: co.amazon/cook/er/5-star/what are bad reviews talking about?:
NOW Foods Erythritol,2.5-Pound
. I agree erythritol is not sweet;
but if the product tastes bad, it is not pure erythritol.
. the purpose of this product is to repair dental cavities:
you soak your mouth in it; eating too much can give you the runs.


Dane Wigington`Pat Tillman was a 9/11 martyr

9.18: news.pol/911truther/
Dane Wigington/Pat Tillman was a 9/11 martyr:
geoengineeringwatch 9/16:
Dane Wigington remembering 9/11:
. 3 buildings demolished by
elements within our own government;
the official story of 9/11 was a lie;
Pat Tillman joined the military on 9/11
but then after finding out what was really going on,
the military shot him and burned his writings.


child-marriages how is this allowed in usa?

8.24: news.psy/child-marriages/how is this allowed in usa?:
time.mag 6.12 p15:
. 17-year olds can join the military;
thus they should be able to marry before then,
to start their family before they get killed.
. most laws are based on parental rights,
[and many parents feel their children are sexual
and it safer to get them married
so that at least the unavoidable sex will be legal
(sex with your under-age wife is perfectly legal
while other under-age sex is statutory rape).]
. a problem with under-age marriage
is that in some states,
the under-aged cannot retain a lawyer
and thus cannot file for divorce
or fight for custody of their kids;
"legally, a 17-year-old is the same as a 7-year-old."
-- Fraidy Reiss, Unchained At Last


why take down statues of civil war leaders?

8.17: pol/purges/alt-right/
why take down statues of civil war leaders?:
. my anti-"liberal" friend is annoyed with
the ones taking down statues of confederates;
"they were excellent military leaders
who should be honored!"
well, I've heard some say good things about
nazis too:
Hitler was not primarily about killing Jews;
they say he was about protecting Germans,
from evil bankers and communists.
. my friend objects to that comparison:
the nazis were genocidal murderers,
whereas the confederates
were fairly fighting a war;
well, the unfortunate fact is that
whether it is true or not,
the confederates are seen as
wanting independence from the union mainly to
protect the evil institution of slavery.
. and to protect slavery, they were willing to
kill as many people as needed to succeed;
so there is mass murder protecting slavery,
vs genocide;
I don't see much of a difference.
. statues are being taken down because
a fan of confederates
massacred an african-american church
just because he felt it is africans who are evil,
not enslaving confederates.
. I agree that collective punishment is not fair;
why abuse all pro-confederates,
just because one of them is a mass murderer?.
. it might also be true that there were
actually good reasons for
southern independence from the north
just like the north had good reasons
for independence from their mother country, UK;
I vaguely recall there were trade policies
that helped the north and hurt the south;
but protecting slavery is what destroyed them.


fragrances are untested #tradesecrets and often #endocrinedisruptors

8.14: news.health/diet/hormonics/
fragrances are untested #tradesecrets and often #endocrinedisruptors:
. Marilee Nelson 2015 gave some great resources
on the issue of toxic secret fragrances
that I explore here.

#cashews #lectins #diet @DrGundry

8.14: health/diet/lectins/cashews:
. cashews seemed to be a good nut
except they inflamed my mouth;
but Dr. Steven Gundry claims
they are related to legumes
and have the same toxic lectins;
although he also said
the toxicity of legumes can be reduced
by heating them in a pressure cooker,
although he didn't say that applied to cashews.


#altright the opposition is less evolved?

8.21: pol/purges/alt-right/
the opposition is less evolved?:
. a psych test of the alt-right
(primarily white nationalists)
asked how evolved various groups were;


Trump's chief strategist is Steve Bannon #wwIII

7.26: news.pol/purges/wwIII/pres 2016/
Trump's chief strategist is Steve Bannon:
theweek.mag apr 7 p11:
. Steve Bannon, Trump's chief strategist;
says that every 80 years or so,
there is a very large "crisis" upsetting things
(like the civil war or world war)
and that "we are at the beginning
of a very brutal and bloody conflict";
"a war that's already global"
he is defending white judeo-christian working class
against the Islam, secularism, and global capitalism.
. he compares the muslim immigration of Europe
to the invasion in Jean Raspail's 1973 book
"camp of the saints"
(in that book the invasion is racial
rather than a difference of religions).
. at the 2014 Vatican conference he said
instead of having an "enlightened capitalism"
of "economic nationalism"
we've been overtaken by "libertarian conservatism"
which had the capitalists dominated by globalists
who are treating employees as "commodities".
. secularism has had us ignoring
the danger of internalizing Islam
[because anti-islam is religious discrimination
and thus politically incorrect]
despite Islam's terroristic war [against
zionism and other judeo-christian
imperialistic controls against Islamic lands
such as CIA running a puppet gov in Iran,
and WWII drawing mideast borders]
. he thinks there will be a "populist revolt"
against the elites who control both political parties
(both of which are too eager for various reasons
to replace white christians with global competition).
. Bannon is apparently being accused of being dark
when he says "darkness is good" and
"Dick Cheney, Darth Vader, Satan. That's power."


Simon "Shack" Hytten (cluesforum.info)`all the #911 video is fake

7.6: news.pol/911truther/
Simon "Shack" Hytten (cluesforum.info)`all the video is fake:
. Dr.Judy Wood's "Where did the Towers go?"
is the best source of 9-11 truth;
Simon "Shack" Hytten says she is an actor
and all of our photographic evidence
was faked like the planes in video were.


cspinet.org`cut back on #xylitol? #dental #health

6.11: web.health/dental/diet/xylitol/
cspinet.org`cut back on xylitol?:
. some dentists refer to studies
showing how use of xylitol
can reduce the risk of getting cavities:
it actually heals them like fluoride does;
so, I was suprised to see a warning from
Center for science in the public interest
to cut back on xylitol;
however their only negative finding
was that large doses cause the runs;
and coincidentally, it is controversial because,
many of the studies that showed it works
had used doses that were too high.


the war on terror is a #christian war #politicaldivide

pol/political divide/
the war on terror is a christian war:
see The New York Times:
How We Became Bitter Political Enemies.
. well first I'm surprised they didn't notice
the divide really heat up around the 70's,
back when the liberal anti-christian dem's
came out with legalized abortion
and illegalized school prayer.
. lately we have made great gains for gay rights,
gay marriage and anti-discrimination of gays/trans,
all anti-biblical and thus anti-christian.
. but the graph shows the real animosity
started around 2001 -- the war on terror;
repub's pres Bush was put in such a poor light,
that's how the dem's got Obama in: anti-war.
. and after Obama the repub's were replaced
with Trump nationalism (and his:
lets be nice to Russia so we can avoid wwIII).
. notice that during the same time frame that
people are turning into political hot heads,
their use of sugar and obesity has gone up.
. this could cause affective disorders.
. more diabetes brings more craziness.


unlisted preservative #tBHQ might provoke #allergies, #obesity

6.9: news.health/immunity/
unlisted preservative tBHQ might provoke allergies, obesity:
. conventional preventive health science
has warned us to avoid fat
claiming it was the main source of
both cancer and heart disease,
whereas alternative medicine warned
that the primary problem was from
a diet high in grains and sugars.
. here is another example of convention
being right for the wrong reasons:
. it turns out that most added fat
in the many processed foods in the usa
contains hidden preservatives
which might have adverse affects
including food allergies and obesity.


#Trump mentioned #DAPA destroyed by courts to say #DACA stays

6.15: web.pol/purges/immigration/
Trump mentioned DAPA destroyed by courts to say DACA stays:
Obama's DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of
Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents)
gave "backdoor amnesty" (said Republicans)
to perhaps as many 4 million people
who have resided illegally in usa
for a long time -- at least since 2010,
have no criminal record
and have children who are U.S. citizens
(because the child was born in the usa
despite their parents not being legal residents)
or whose children have a green card
--"permanent resident aliens".
. DAPA would have shielded them from deportation
and supplied work permits,
but was considered unconstitutional
by federal appeals court; because,
the president was infringing upon
the authority of Congress.
. the U.S. Supreme Court was divided
so they couldn't overturn it.

. the Trump admin's Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly
-- on the 5th anniversary of DACA --
"signed a memorandum rescinding the
November 20, 2014 memorandum that created
the program known as [DAPA]
because there is no credible path forward
to litigate the currently enjoined policy."
"The June 15, 2012 memorandum that created the
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program
will remain in effect.


Dr.Jay Sordean`outsmarting the #dementia epidemic #alz

6.3: bk.health/diet/alz/
Dr.Jay Sordean`outsmarting the dementia epidemic:
book review of Dr. Jay Sordean 2015`
Outsmarting the Dementia Epidemic:
7 Key Memory Care Actions to Avoid Alzheimer's
and Successfully Keep Your Brain Safe, Sharp
and Sexy Into the Future.
. his website pages related to this topic
and fb news feed.

Joseph A. Olson not quite the #fauxscience slayer

6.2: web.pol/gemini/phy/big bang theory/
Joseph A. Olson not quite the #fauxscience slayer:
. I heard Joseph A. Olson on coasttocoastam radio
and was interested by his attempts at
rooting out faux science
at his site fauxscienceslayer.com.
Joseph Olson is most notable for
"debunking the greenhouse gas theory".
(see his book as well as his site).
. does he have a position against
the Big Bang theory? yes, but
his theory is even more absurd:
assuming the bizarre Relativity theory
is proof of even more-bizarre time travel.
. he thinks the elites are hiding time travel
because they are trying to rewrite history.
. I would agree that remote viewing (ESP)
is a sort of time travel;
and there is evidence that is possible,
but Olson seems to be talking about
time travel based on a physics theory,
and claims the purpose of Big Bang theory
is to destroy any ideas of time travel.


laws against the #paranormal #judaism #christianity

6.1: 6.6: news,web.relig/judaism/
laws against the paranormal:
. in case you were wondering why
remote viewing and ESP could be considered
pseudoscience despite overwhelming evidence;
historically science had been dominated by
Christians (following the god of Judaism,
who commanded that remote viewing and ESP
are secret arts punishable by death or stoning).


#911truther Mark Passio`The Dark Side Of Tesla's Technology

5.31: news.pol/911truther/Mark Passio/
The Dark Side Of Tesla's Technology:
summary transcript of video with commentary:
. scalar waves flow at right angles to EM waves
considered to be finer than gamma rays;
they belong to the subtle gravitational field
aka gravitic waves or longitudinal waves;
many refer to them as Tesla waves.
. the Tesla Colorado Springs magnifying transmitter
transmitted scalar waves.
. as described by Thomas Bearden
interferometry that intersects 2 scalar waves
can cause earthquakes and dustifications.
. scalar interferometry was used on 9/11
to dustify the trade towers,
as seen in the evidence compiled by
Dr.Judy Wood [who mentions Hutchison].
. finally Mark Passio believes that
HAARP (high-altitude active auroral research proj)
involves scalar wave technology.
my comment:


Anonymous` #wwIII 2017-2018

5.25: news.pol/purges/wwIII/
Anonymous` #wwIII 2017-2018:
summary of video:
. usa knows it is doomed to failure
(obviously because it depends on debt
and it will run out of borrowers eventually);
so it will likely start wwIII
to stay in control of the world.
. N.Korea said they would be less threatening
if usa and S.Korea would stop their military drills;
usa responded by installing a missile defense shield
that threatens China's and Russia's nuclear strategy.
. just as usa had oil interests in the middle east;
(in addition to defending Zionism)
and this was the basis for many usa wars;
usa is now concerned with rare earth metals,
essential to high tech, and thus national security.
. major new sources include Afghanistan and
-- bet you can't guess -- N.Korea.
. recently Russia has been accused of
helping the resistance in Afghanistan,
working against usa.


#vaccine higher rate of allergies and neurodevelopmental disorders

5.23: news.pol/healthcare/vaccine/
higher rate of allergies and neurodevelopmental disorders:
Pilot comparative study on the health of
vaccinated and unvaccinated
6- to 12- year old U.S. children.
[J Translational Science 2017]
. neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD);
vaccinated homeschool children were found to have
a higher rate of allergies and NDD
than unvaccinated homeschool children.
While vaccination remained significantly associated with
NDD after controlling for other factors,
preterm birth coupled with vaccination
was associated with an apparent synergistic increase
in the odds of NDD.
summary of findings:
snopes reaction:

#cancer #colon why is it happening more to youth?

5.23: co.geneticliteracyproject.org/health/cancer#colon
/why is it happening more to youth?:
Ben Locwin May 18, 2017:
". if you look back to the 1890s,
you can find colorectal cancer rates as high as those
being found in Generation X and Millennials recently.
Young and middle-aged adults are showing
patterns in these cancers not seen in over 100 years,
according to the authors of a recent study.
Lead author Rebecca Siegel, of the American Cancer Society noted,
“People born in 1990 now have double the risk of colon cancer
and quadruple the risk of rectal cancer
compared to people born around 1950.”
about 14,000 cases of colorectal cancer per year
occur in people younger than 50
. if it was the obesity rates
driving up the colorectal cancer rates,
we would expect to see a time-lag
where colorectal cancer incidence followed obesity rates
by 10 or 20 years,
allowing for causality from obesity to result in colorectal cancer.
But these two trends appear to have increased at about the same time"
this article points out that inflammation
could increase the risk of colon cancer.
. coincident with increased obesity
is increased preference for artificial sweeteners:
sucralose is known to cause gut dysbiosis,
and inflammatory bowel disease,
also saccharin is associated with inflammatory bowel disease.
Qin, Xiaofa. "Etiology of inflammatory bowel disease:
 A unified hypothesis."
World Journal of Gastroenterology: 18.15 (2012): 1708.
more resources: evidencebasedibd.


canned sardines have B vitamins #health

5.22: web.health/diet/canned sardines have B vitamins:
. canned sardines, despite being cooked,
still have some b'vitamins:
very good source of b12,
but only 9% of daily b6.


Dan Harris 10% Happier #meditation vs #schizophrenia

5.21: co,web/psy/meditation/Dan Harris`10% Happier:
. "happy Sunday!" I greeted a coworker;
. from listening to a radio preacher today,
I was revisiting the idea that our thoughts
-- which we assume to be our self --
are actually influenced by the god or devil;
just like I saw on a cartoon once,
where the character has a devil and an angel
perched on each shoulder,
telling him different ways to react:
a supernatural game of good vs evil.
. I might like a book about handling thoughts:
Dan Harris`10% Happier:
How I Tamed the Voice in My Head,
Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge,
and Found Self-Help That Actually Works--A True Story
-- it's about the benefits of meditation,
and quitting drugs and alcohol.

. the primary benefit of meditation
is mindfulness -- being aware of your thoughts
objectively without automatically reacting.
. I do have some experience with meditation;
at times when I feel too toxic to work or sleep
I try to control my breathing and
and that becomes my only thought.
. however,
what I found most useful for mindfulness
was not meditation but schizophrenia.


boxed wine and canned sardines #health

5.16: web.health/diet/hormonics
/boxed wine and canned sardines:

. boxed wine and canned sardines
are some of my favorite products
but are they a source of endocrine disruptors,
being exposed to plastics? not to worry:
the endocrine disruptors are even in our water;
there is no way to escape from them.

#wwIII #Russian tv remembers #international #bankers

5.15: news.pol/purges/wwIII/
Russian tv remembers international bankers:
. usa is on the verge of war with Russia;
and usa is the military heart of international banking;
Russian historians remember how civil war came
shortly after the Russian tzar failed to accept
a deal from an international banker.
. when talking about Rothschild's bank
it is typically seen as anti-semitic,
since Rothschild presented himself as Jewish;
but Russia's tv and historians remind us that
regardless of what ethnicity a bank owner is,
international banking can have a profound influence
on the relations and wars between nations.
. on the other hand, if you think we need
a banker's credit line to sustain a war,
you haven't been paying attention to
why the masses are so willing to fight wars.

dietary sources of AGEs #health #diet #cook

5.15: web.health/cook/dietary sources of AGEs:
. a doctor who wrote a healthy lifestyle book
says that sautéing is the best method for retaining nutrients;
but, sautéing involves browning the food,
and exposing fat to high heat.
. browning via heat is a Maillard_reaction:
Acrylamide, a possible human carcinogen
can be generated as a by-product of that.
. browning is related to AGEs
however, I suprised to find
that compared to the diet I had supported,
browning vegetables is a relatively minor source
at least if very little oil is used;
because, foods high in even good fat
tend to contain high levels of AGEs
regardless of cooking method or being raw
-- relevant to a ketogenic (high-fat) diet.

J Am Diet Assoc. 2013:
Advanced Glycation End Products in Foods
and a Practical Guide to Their Reduction in the Diet.
"Modern diets are largely heat-processed
and as a result contain high levels of
advanced glycation end products (AGEs).
". grilling, broiling, roasting, searing, and frying
propagate and accelerate new AGE formation
[Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. 1989,
J Am Diet Assoc. 2004]."
"In all food categories, exposure to
higher temperatures and lower moisture levels
coincided with higher dAGE levels
for equal weight of food
as compared to foods prepared at
lower temperatures or with more moisture.
Thus, frying, broiling, grilling, and roasting
yielded more dAGEs compared to
boiling, poaching, stewing, and steaming.
Microwaving 6 minutes or less
did not raise dAGE content to the same extent
as other dry heat cooking methods."
"... in animal studies, a reduction of
dietary AGE by 50% of usual intake
is associated with reduced levels of oxidative stress,
less deterioration of insulin sensitivity
and kidney function with age,
and longer life span [Am J Pathol. 2008:
Oral glycotoxins determine the effects of calorie restriction
on oxidant stress, age-related diseases, and lifespan.
"advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in the diet
correlates with serum AGE levels, oxidant stress,
organ dysfunction, and lifespan."]

. oils and nuts are AGE-rich, even in their
uncooked and minimally-processed forms;
for example, measuring just one of many AGEs,
we find in 100g:
grilled veg(broc,carrot,celery): 226 kU AGE;
-- a browning process yet not very toxic;
raw cashew (steamed briefly) contains 6730;
-- compare to roasted: 9807;
so, most of the toxin is from the natural fat
not the roasting. compare also,
100 mL (3.38fl oz) extra virgin olive oil: 10,040.

protein is a moderate source too:

100g chicken boiled 1 hour: 1,123
-- or half that if using acidic solutions
such as lemon juice or vinegar marinades.

salmon canned: 917
salmon raw: 528
no mention of raw yolk but
100g yolk cooked 10 min is: 1193


happy mother's day

. mother is a social engineer:
shaping the mind of the new generation
to fit within the day's culture:
mother prunes the thorns of the devil
and develops fruitful shade trees.
. mother encourages the timid,
and sobers the foolish;
she would be the first to teach,
and the last to leave.
. and when her time on Earth was done,
the god kept her voice with us always.
shrine for a Mexican social engineer


marine-sourced Hydrolyzed Collagen

4.11: 4.12: co.yt,web.health/diet/
Hydrolyzed Collagen/Dr.Rhonda Patrick:
Dr.Patrick, in her video:
. use a quarter cup of Hydrolyzed Collagen
(in a smoothie that may be divided into several meals);
2 rounded Tbsp contains 12g; cup/4 contains 4 tbsp;
so she is using up to 24g of Collagen
(2.64g of glutamic acid).
. during times of low glucose,
proline is released from connective tissue
for alpha-ketoglutarate for mitochondria
to create ATP for energy.
--. this gave me an idea that using collagen
may help preserve bone and teeth.

. I have 2 concerns, excitotoxicity,
and sourcing from beef rather than fish.
. based on Dr.Patrick's review I'll be trying this
but I'll take it in many small doses
and be sourcing it from fish.

Dr Rhonda Patrick` #leakygut may be a major cause of #heart disease

4.10: news.health/heart/diet/Dr Rhonda Patrick`
leaky gut may be a major cause of heart disease:
Dr.Patrick doesn't use the term "leaky gut"
perhaps because it is controversial;
but among those who do, they are talking about
the same thing Dr.Patrick says here:


the fundamental theory of #Judaism #passover

4.9: 4.10: relig/judaism/the fundamental theory of Judaism:
. passover is about fulfillment of the god's promise
to use Egypt to build the blessed nation,
not about a savior for the enslaved.


problems with #bible as the primary authority

4.3: relig/jw.org/problems with bible as the primary authority:
. a problem with assuming bible is all god-inspired
and is a primary witness
is that although the god is known for
talking directly to humans
and thus could speak to all of us directly,
most of the bible authors are claiming that
the god talks to us through humans
who are known to be deluded by the demons,
or god talks to us through angels
who are known to be deceptive (demons).


#Jesus all the good are gods

2016.12.10: 12.13: 2017.3.28:
relig/jc/all the good are gods:
Jesus said "you call me good ?
nobody is good but the god";
when I first heard that it seemed obvious
he was detecting sarcasm;
"you call me good as if that is in question.
ok, nobody is good but the god
and we both agree I'm not the god."
. but a radio preacher pointed out otherwise:
Jesus did indeed believe he was the god;
because he was faithful to the will of the god;
in fact, in defending this Jesus said:
do the scriptures not say
to those whom the word of the god came,
they are all gods?
. any faithful Judaist follows, and upholds,
the word or will of the god;
so they would be considered gods:
representations of the good god.
. so you could still say he detected sarcasm
but his response was this:
"you question I'm good but what is good?,
only the word of our god is good;
we agree on this."
. all good people are the good god:
emotions come from the gods;
and, when we have emotional reasons
for doing the will of the good god
we are driven by the good god:
we are the same as the good god,
because we are the hands of that god.


manganese toxicity #adhd

3.25: web.health/manganese toxicity:
. someone mentioned that modern life might be
exposing us to toxic levels of manganese;
and a source of that is leaching from stainless steel;
I use a stainless steel pan to boil bones in acidic water.
how do I know if I have manganese toxicity?


healthier people tend to be more optimistic

3.24: news.health/healthier people tend to be more optimistic:
. the more optimistic people tend to also be healthier;
so, it is conjectured that being optimistic
can be learned and can enhance health.
. it could be that optimism creates less stress,
and stress can be a source of disease?
. there are studies of visualization
showing that you can get better sports performance
by visualizing what it is you want to do;
so, perhaps learned optimism could involve
visualization of better health?
. optimism might be the opposite of depression;
and depression is an inflammatory disease,
that seems to coexist with many other
inflammation-related diseases
(cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc).
. ways of learning optimism might involve
learning to mentally control inflammation.


high usa #vet #suicides are part of high #elder suicides

2016.12.7: web.psy/suicide
/usa vet suicides are mostly among elders and normal rates for elders:
. the most notable thing about the suicides among vets
is that they happen during old age
(average age was 60);
there is the same problem for non-vets,
high rates of suicide among elders;
suggesting it's not from service-caused pain.
. guy's who appreciated being in top physical shape
are finding themselves with low hormones
and thus many physical and sexual problems.


2016.12.5: web.psy/gremlin:
. when hearing ventilation systems or motors
it sounds like there are voices from them.
. this reminded me of reports from air service during the war
when the voices of gremlins could often be heard
due to sound of motors and winds.
. it is true that during survival extremes
people may tend to hallucinate,
but gremlin noises may also come from
a bored mind finding patterns in random sounds
like when seeing animals or faces in clouds.


genetics, arachidonic acid, and EPA

2.28: co.yt/health/diet/omega-3/
microalgae oil not a good source EPA:
. great this video informs the public
that some may need to use L-methyltetrahydrofolate
to keep homocysteine levels in check.
. this video is associated with this whitepaper:
it says "If you’re vegetarian,
one other thing you might consider looking into is
microalgae oil since it has EPA & DHA
without having to be converted from ALA."
-- Dr.Sears claimed one problem with microalgae oil
is that it conains only DHA and not EPA;
and that the body's conversion of DHA to EPA
was not a great source of EPA either;
this is why non-fisheaters can't get
medicinal quantities of EPA without absurd levels of ALA.
. checking one source of microalgae oil
we find it contains only trace amounts of EPA.
. good to know about rs174537 being related to
the level of arachidonic acid levels;
Dr.Sears says high levels of that
should be medicated with high-dose EPA.


#vinegar anti-diabetic effects

2.14: web.health/diet/vinegar/anti-diabetic effects
. vinegar's acetic acid may improve carb tolerance
by inhibiting carb-crunching digestive enzymes;
it may enhance insulin sensitivity:
the acetic acid may enhance glycogen repletion
in liver and skeletal muscle
(it may move glucose from blood to
liver and skeletal muscle).
. apple cider vinegar could be healthy because
it provides polyphenols, fiber, and phytosterols
while turning the apple's carb's to acid.
apples contain chlorogenic acid.
. there is also a red wine vinegar
that might provide the benefits of red wine
without the alcohol.
33% vinegar whitens teeth

Diabetes Care 2004
Vinegar Improves Insulin Sensitivity to a High-Carbohydrate Meal
in Subjects With Insulin Resistance or Type 2 Diabetes
Acetic acid has been shown to suppress
disaccharidase activity [carb-digesting enzymes](3)
 and to raise glucose-6-phosphate concentrations
in skeletal muscle (4);
3: J Nutr 2000
Acetic acid suppresses the increase in disaccharidase activity
that occurs during culture of Caco-2 cells.
Acetic acid treatment (5 mmol/L and 15 d) significantly decreased
the activities of disaccharidases
(sucrase, maltase, trehalase and lactase)
and angiotensin-I-converting enzyme,
whereas the activities of other hydrolases
(alkaline phosphatase, aminopeptidase-N,
dipeptidylpeptidase-IV and γ-glutamyltranspeptidase)
were not affected.
4: Amer Society for Nutritional Sciences 2001
Acetic Acid Feeding Enhances Glycogen Repletion
in Liver and Skeletal Muscle of Rats
. investigate the efficacy of the ingestion of vinegar
in aiding recovery from fatigue,
we examined the effect of dietary acetic acid,
the main component of vinegar, on glycogen repletion in rats.
Rats were allowed access to a commercial diet twice daily for 6 d.
After 15 h of food deprivation, they were either killed immediately
or given 2 g of a diet containing 0 (control), 0.1, 0.2 or 0.4 g
acetic acid/100 g diet for 2 h.
The 0.2 g acetic acid group had significantly greater
liver and gastrocnemius muscle glycogen concentration
than the control group.
In liver, acetic acid may activate gluconeogenesis
and inactivate glycolysis through inactivation of
fructose-2,6-bisphosphate synthesis
due to suppression of xylulose-5-phosphate accumulation.
In skeletal muscle, acetic acid may inhibit glycolysis
[breakdown of glucose to extract energy]
by suppression of phosphofructokinase-1 activity.
We conclude that a diet containing acetic acid
may enhance glycogen repletion in liver and skeletal muscle.

starch-inhibiting ingredient in vinegar is acetic acid,
“Vinegar appears to inhibit the enzymes that
help you digest starch.” When starch is not completely digested,
you get a smaller blood sugar (glycemic) response
— “20-40% less in healthy people and in diabetics” —
after eating a high-glycemic food such as a bagel.
. the “mother” in it, the solids at the bottom
are the bacteria that fermented it,
not the fiber (eg pectin) of the apple.
co: VerseauT
3/24/2016 4:42 PM MST
Leg Cramps Be Gone! I heard about how
ACV was good for reducing leg cramps in the night.
It is true. I take a half-inch of ACV
in a glass of water&honey,
or with cherry juice or blackberry juice, EVERY DAY,
and I don't get leg cramps in the night anymore.
If I forget, sure enough in a day or two
I will get a leg cramp in the night.

Switchel is the name for water mixed with vinegar.

Dr. Joel M. Hoffman`The Bible Doesn't Say That

2.12: web.relig/bible/Dr. Joel M. Hoffman 2016`The Bible Doesn't Say That:

Dr. Hoffman`The Bible Doesn't Say That:
40 Biblical Mistranslations, Misconceptions, and Other Misunderstandings
I heard the author on Too Jewish radio
and am commenting on his view of the bible.

. he said that while the bible discourages
certain (male) homosexual acts;
it doesn't say homosexuality is a sin.
. the bible says it's (pronounced toy-ee-vah)
which some interpret as "abomination"
but it means "taboo";
an abomination is universally inappropriate;
whereas a taboo is something that is
culturally inappropriate.

what is the point of that distinction?


funeral methods

2016.12.1: web.care/funeral methods:
. burying in a cemetery wastes land;
cremation causes mercury pollution
and uses a lot of energy.
the best way uses the same technique as
livestock mortality composting.