genetics, arachidonic acid, and EPA

2.28: co.yt/health/diet/omega-3/
microalgae oil not a good source EPA:
. great this video informs the public
that some may need to use L-methyltetrahydrofolate
to keep homocysteine levels in check.
. this video is associated with this whitepaper:
it says "If you’re vegetarian,
one other thing you might consider looking into is
microalgae oil since it has EPA & DHA
without having to be converted from ALA."
-- Dr.Sears claimed one problem with microalgae oil
is that it conains only DHA and not EPA;
and that the body's conversion of DHA to EPA
was not a great source of EPA either;
this is why non-fisheaters can't get
medicinal quantities of EPA without absurd levels of ALA.
. checking one source of microalgae oil
we find it contains only trace amounts of EPA.
. good to know about rs174537 being related to
the level of arachidonic acid levels;
Dr.Sears says high levels of that
should be medicated with high-dose EPA.