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7.14: co.fb/pol/obama/the least spending increases:
Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower?
Would You Believe It's Barack Obama? - Forbes
It’s enough to make even the most ardent Obama cynic
scratch his head in confusion.
. one of many rebuttals ... .
. the problem with obama's thriftiness
is that he himself
does wish it were otherwise!
. he realizes that during a recession
the way out is using more gov' spending, not less .
. the bigger problem though
with comparing presidential thriftiness
is that neither party is doing anything about
the source of gov costs:
in the age of automation
we could all be filthy rich,
except that we keep over-breeding
( the norm is to use breeding as a
motivation for the creation of wealth,
rather than -- the apparently reaganomic idea --
using the size of family fortune
as the motivator for breeding
. there are 2 sources of national overbreeding:
immigration and lack of contraception;
the dem's are big on promoting immigration,
while the repub's are notorious for their
backing of pro-lifers
and their barking about abstinence
without any teeth like laws against fornication .
. if we don't have the heart to
punish people for breeding in poverty,
then we should pay them for
cooperating with reduced breeding;
what we do now may not be child abuse yet,
but wait until capitalism is perfected:
there will be far fewer jobs in the future
yet people's breeding will not slow down .
. we need to put everyone on welfare
and tie it to population reduction .
. the more your community reduces,
the more federal or state funds it gets
-- and the more land it keeps .