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full-time rv legal residence:

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If you are full time rv person
how do you maintain a resident status
and how do you deal with mail?
Neva Neva -- Best Answer - Chosen by 1 Voter:
Deal with your mail on the Internet.
Do your banking on line.
You do not really have a resident status.
Your home goes where you go.
7.29: my comment to "(best answer)
. that answer may be increasingly correct
in the future:

Here is some disturbing news
for Full Time Rvers who took advantage of
South Dakota's easy residency requirements,
and other states are soon to follow suit:
"( . on recent full time forums there has been
some problem with insurance and banks
even in Texas for Full Timers using Escapees.
... All that has been required is to
spend a night in a campground,
have a receipt from them showing your name,
and then you should be set.
We use MyDakotaAddress.com,
small town where everyone knows everyone.)
. but your answer has not been
historically correct:
. see the Escapees RV Club about mail by postal service;
see here about maintaining a residency status:
they recommend this 2011 paper(pdf):
www.escapees.com`How to Become A Real Texan
Domicile: One’s Legal Residence
By Carol A. Richards, Esq. #2494
"( Anything written here should be
checked out with your attorney
with regard to any concern you have
and the specific state law applicable.
Escapees’ usual concerns are vehicle registration,
driver license, auto insurance, health insurance,
health care, mail, voting, and probate.
The driver license usually needs
a bona fide address
in the issuing state and county.
A mail service address may or may not suffice.
In the case of using the Escapees Mail Service address
to obtain a Texas driver license, it does.
We’ve checked that out with the state agency.
. again, that could change .
. see also"choosing a homebase state .
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