overpopulation inciting class warfare

7.31: co.apt/pol/purges/reaganomics/
#ows delivers centralized banking:
. on the subject of OWS
[the Occuppy WallSt movement]
out there bothering our cops, I ask:
why are they there, anyway?
they didn't have half the excuse of
southern hiafrics fighting unequal segregation;
however, while on the topic of
stupid uses of reaganomc capitalism,

why did we give the banks bailouts?
it was because
we're so stuck on capitalism
that even when it isn't working,
we are still worshipping it .
. we should have had our own fed bank,
to keep the businesses rolling in cash,
making the fed bank a full bank,
not just a skeleton,
at least as a back up for stupid times like this .

7.4: news.pol/purges/reaganomics/
knst's Garret Lewis with Mellencamp's drummer for #OWS:

knst's Garret Lewis
interviewing a member of Mellencamp
about his OWS Song .
. he hates #ows for wanting to
end capitalism as we know it;
he defends our current capitalism like so:
the reason for off-shoring is to escape from
our burdensome corporate tax rates
and the over-reaching labor unions;
so, the pro-capitalist solution is to
vote out those who
keep raising corporate tax rates .
my response:
. how about the solution is to
trade only with those who
uphold our standards of living
and our environmental protections
(for cancer prevention)?
. how about the republicans
paying people to stop reproducing
instead of being aligned with pro-lifers?

7.14: pol/purges/reaganomics/
tools of the literal class warfare:
. I'm trying to envision a literal class war
after remembering how often recently
obama or the liberal dem's
have been accused of inciting a class war .
. we all known that Free Capitalism* is unsustainable;
*: ( free parenting + reaganomic capitalism )
it can only mean (even without ever-higher population growth)
ever higher unemployment
and at some point a critical mass forms,
that starts to get violent in low-tech ways
that can circumvent any gun laws .
. the bow and arrow
came to mind as unstoppable;
if elastic was not easy to get,
then slingshots can be replaced by the crossbow

-- the fiercest of power
using the simplest of tech and supplies .
. crossbows could also sling fire bombs
(like a paint ball with a spark on impact)
that could be quite destructive
(Molotov cocktails were known to stop old-style tanks), [9.29:
and it would not be easy to regulate
the volatiles that fire bombers would need,
because alcohol is easy to distill .]
. shorter arrows might be cheaper;
the guidance would need to come from
having the string hold the head
instead of the tail of the arrow.
[. or sling shots could replace their sling
with a hollow tube .]

7.28: co.apt/pol/purges/reaganomics/
religion is the mafia here not capitalism:
. comparing capitalism to mafia?!
you breeders expect capitalism
to employ anything you gave birth to;
ok, maybe your property was unfairly taken
because of the evil property taxes;
but those taxes were needed to pay for
the evils of your overpopulation;
if you want something to be valuable
(like your own lives)
then you should make sure it's scarce .
even without immigration,
the religous nut is still invading us
saying that god called him to have13 kids .
. of course, he's part of global warming
-- and fires everywhere --
I hope he has some place safe
to keep those kids .

7.16: co.apt/pol/purges/reaganomics/
the college problem:

. mulled ways to cheapen college expenses;
but certification may be inherently spendy ?
need child insurance:
before parents are allowed to have children
they, their family or an adoptive community
must already have the funds
for getting the child through a college .

7.21: pol/purges/reaganomics/
good from evil is in the eye of the haggiss cook:
. like beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
good from evil is in the eye of
the haggis cook:
. by the time it gets to the customer
there's no telling what it was .
. unregulated, free capitalism
assumes there is free quality
-- but there is no free quality!
. a free lunch, on the other hand, is possible,
in the age of robotics .
. well, you might see the age of robotics
as a call for welfare, assumed to be socialism,
but reaganomics still makes sense,
as a source of accountability:
. reaganomics allows a sort of voluntary socialism
in the form of stock holders
sharing ownership and profits .
. if the stock holder is not wise with their money,
they will incur debts,
forcing them to sell their shares,
thereby keeping the reaganomic's union healthy .
. a socialism, on the other hand,
passes an individual's debts to society,
thereby making the socialism weaker .
. the key to a free lunch is controlling pop'growth:
if a community is not wise with their money,
fthey must pay their debt by
reducing their numbers .
. the flaw in our version of reaganomics
is that we assume that
if someone has to sell their shares,
that they will be forced into
being employed by others,
and that if they can't or won't find employment
then they will reduce their numbers .
. but they don't reduce their numbers;
instead, they pass costs on to the reaganomic society
in the form of unemployable children
being destined for the prisons
that are paid for by the reaganomic society .
. they may have had the right idea with
the idea of marriage licensing:
why license a marriage,
unless the point is to control who can reproduce?
. if your family loses its wealth,
you lose your marriage license,
and reproducing yourself becomes illegal;
if a society's marriage license has no teeth,
then that society's reaganomics is impotent
and doomed to endless tax increases
to pay for justice and prisons .

7.22: pol/purges/reaganomics/serious pop'control:
. the diff'tween reaganomics shedding weak workers,
and nazi's shedding the disabled,
is that only family-backed workers
are to be considered to be eligible breeders;
ie, real reaganomics implies serious pop'control,
whereas, nazism was serious corner-cutting .

7.25: co.apt/pol/purges/reaganomics/
taxing may feed overpopulation
but don't talk about we earned great:

. america is about work ethic or reaganomics?
usa is rich off perpetrating
the crime of century:
ripping off an entire continent at gunpoint !
why couldn't they achieve the American Dream
in europe?
it wasn't just the royalty:
it was having to share opportunities with
overpopulation and grinding poverty .
. but prolifer-hugging repub's
are not the only overpopulators:
dem's are prob'ly generating
more poverty than repub's are .

7.30: pol/purges/reaganomics/
american dream needs a diaper change:
. political radio just raised the question:
you believe gov is by the people?
. it's governed by the free parents
who say that population growth
is making more people share the same pie .
. you know what the american dream was?
finding an empty continent
so that you and your babe
could play that adam & eve story;
that situation has matured quite a bit:
it's time for you to change your diapers,
****er --[ a word that can mean
both a breeder, and one who
exploits others or passes the buck .]
well, it's not all pop'control,
there are also ways to
make more use of what we have;
like filling the deserts with ocean water,
so that rains can get over the mountains,
and green the rest of the usa .
. things have to get a lot more expensive though;
because water is still pretty cheap,
so it will have to be more expensive,
before people can be paid to fork over their land
for processing this new water .