lef.org's diet survey

10.3: co.lef.org/health/hormonics/
my diet and why

funny choice of diets to follow:
Low carb/Atkins    28.57%
Vegetarian/vegan    15.87%
I eat whatever I want    14.29%
Calorie restriction    12.7%
Low fat/Pritikin    3.17%

Other 25.%

 -- where is mediterranean?
did you mean to emphasize Other,
to make a point?
let me expound on that point !
. a pritikin diet is a special version of vegetarian diet:
the low-glycemic, low-fat version
-- in fact vegetarian is often quite glycemic
and saves the animals only to kill the human!
. the atkins is confusingly 2 diets,
# the induction part:
high-fat with less than 20g carb;
# and the maintenance phase:
. the only difference between that and Zone
is not a fat limit -- there is none for
athletes who want a high-calorie diet --
the Zone's big diff is a careful limit on protein
-- generous but quite narrow limits,
just like the carbs .
. the Zone diet also differs from atkins by
making demands on the quality of the fat:
it should be monounsaturates and not sat'fats
with only the essential amount of polyunsaturates
except for fish oils . again quality matters:
only pharmaceutically distilled fish oil .
. I do the Americium Dream Lustig Zone diet
-- hormonics for short (as in hormones in harmony)
which is like Zone (mediterranian style)
but is more about higher fiber, and
lower glycemics instead of lower carbs .
. all my protein comes from
beans pureed with LE whey protein isolate
and gelatine powder
-- no zone concerns for either
glucagon impact or carb limits .
. I get some egg yolks for brain food
and for fear that vegetarianism is unbalanced .
. I consider my diet animal friendly too
but only in the future when our
combination of hyperbreeders and capitalists
gives up on lowering farm costs .
I'm a little late for this thread,
but after it was posted,
some long-term primate studies
cast doubt on low calorie dieting
being useful for longevity,
but of course it's good for health .