obama #2012 #vote

10.30: summary:
. this is a collection of my reactions to
news about Obama, the presidential race,
or obamacare .

8.4: news.pol/purges/unemployment/
ric edelman

. the current admin is seen as
not solving employment
but the shareeholders are happy now;
so, the recovery is here .
. the shareless are still jobless?
what does that tell you about being shareless !
. also Bush-Obama bank bailouts are seen as
again profitable for taxpayers (AIG).
1962 had a reference to the New Economy:
. they're not buying this scare mongering
about the New Normal economy;
-- oh yea?  but what are they not buying?
they have said nothing to reassure us
that the unemployment will ever get better;
he did present it as if the
current administration hadn't solved it;
perhaps leading you to believe
that a new president will have better luck;
but, don't be fooled by such brown-nosing:
he had nothing substantial
to say about employment prospects
except to say that the stock holders were fine;
so, obviously they're fine exactly because,
the New Normal means gaining great wealth
by finding ways to cut human resource costs
(that would include your american job).

8.9: co.apt/pol/purges/reaganomics/
burning with curiousity
how romney creates more homeland jobs:

. the surveyed americans think that
while Obama will care about them more
Romney will do a better job with the economy?
we need to hire a romney just to find out
how the HE'll repub's will pull off support for
outsourcing jobs, taxcuts,
and creating more jobs here too;
you'll just get more jobs for slaves overseas,
more massive unemployment here,
plus you'll know it too because
they'll no longer have taxes for food stamps .

8.24: pol/purges/reaganomics/
the coming zombie.fest and what you can do about it/
whole lotta bail-out:
. Romney was just heard scolding Obama for
planning to spend each year
a $trillion more than we have!
more than we, the usa's, have? oh, gets we:
we are divided into the rich, job-owning class,
and this ever-growing mob of
those clamoring for the handout jobs
that other people have created .
. the dem's and repub's alike
all agreed that sending your job overseas
was the only way to stop this zombie fest of
people who can't control their tendency to
out-breed their own personal wealth .

8.27:  co.apt/pol/purges/
overpopulation/obama vs romney:

. neither candidate can save us from life is harsh,
but at least do the right thing,
and don't vote for a socialist?
. if we had a form of central planning
that would control population growth too,
then we could have avoided spending our $trillion profits
on goofy overpopulation and junk food;
instead we could have invested in drought prevention,
using solar to drive irrigation and desalination,
-- not depend on rain at all --
but spend less on irrigation if rain does show up .
. we could also have spent on
gated communities for everyone,
so no more being around murderous strangers
"mad" about unemployment, bullies, or who knows .
[wa, the columbine massacre
happened in a gated community!
maybe there could be safe gated communities
where only the police are armed,
but then you can carry when outside the community?]
. and with no overpopulation there's no unemployment,
and no killers trying to avoid being homeless .

9.7: news.pol/globalization/not just a purge:
. double checking Nader Kerry info,
I bumped into internationalist.org
and realized that the internationalism
is a synomnym for the worker's party (communism);
I realized for the first time that when
co.usa's are sneering about one-world gov
they could be refering to communism
and that communism is
what they don't like about neo-liberals .
. democrats are seen as capitalist water boys
because they promote globalization,
but here's how how they have the
communist's anti-war sentiments at heart:
by promoting globalization,
you get the 3rd world hook on civilization,
and by doing that you can promote democracy
and keep out the dictators who will
all have ICBM's with biochemicals soon .
. if only we could reach out to Iran?
if only the world wasn't hell-bent on
seeing Israel is right in the middle
of that hornets nest .
. they need a reservation
 surrounded by civilized democrats .
. but the point is globalization has indeed
served to diffuse most timebombs in the world .

9.4: co.apt/pol/obama/
how did he get a majority and a tea-party congress?!:
. how did our political system
elect a democratic president
and then elect a tea party congress?
. was it just to punish the bush republicans;
or, are our local-level democrat parties
infiltrated by deliberate losers?
maybe gerrymandering accounts for the diff .

9.20: co.apt/pol/obama/gold may hit $10k:
. it seems as if there wasn't much
conservative voter participation
until they saw obama did get in,
and then they got involved,
and that's how the tea party got in .
. if that's the case then maybe obama loses;
but if it's true that the lines are drawn such that,
the nation will get a socialist president,
but the counties will always pick a tea party congress,
then we could continue to have this deficit spending,
and then because of impending inflation or fears of such,
gold prices could get very high .
[ 9.24: the way we got a conflicting congress after obama
was from massively gerrymandering .
. it wasn't just fed's congress that flipped after that:
many state legislatures flipped to repub also .]

9.29:  co.apt/pol/obama/does win on record:
. how can romney be any tougher on obama?
he already lies in our face about him:
assuming that he should have been able to
turn around an economy in 3years
that has become this way from decades of globalization:
we sent your jobs to china;
what did you want me to fix?
. if they hit records during the debate,
obama is going to chew up romney with his
flip-flopping on fundamentals like
pro-choice turned pro-lifer .
. and obamacare was designed after
romneycare in mass.state;
you can say it's just for the state level,
but are you saying I am welcome to leave the state
when I have family and own property there?
. if romney wants to win the debate
he needs to convince us that we need the fed,
and then point out that obama is a dead fed:
he will continue to get no respect from congress,
whereas romney is the same party as congress .
[. now do we really want the fed to move?
why would they hire a dem for pres,
and then turn around with Tea party for congress?
I now think the difference is in jerimandering,
so it's going to depend on
how your vote is dis/counted;
ie, we may continue to see the same divide
despite the nation really wanting the fed to live .
. but notice that much of the Tea party
really is about less taxes
and they are not hawks either, apparently
because the congress technicalities
are resulting in cuts even to military .

9.5: news.pol/obama/
fresh air's interview of an economist:
. this economist said that obama actually was
somewhat to blame for the economy's persistent severity
because they were always too conservative and not proactive
in their use of central bank power;
but he also claimed from knowing how the repub's work
that they would have been much more hands-off,
and the economy would have looked much worse
under what he assumes would have been
the repub's approach .

9.5: co.apt/pol/obama/
both parties will continue to be job killers:
. how can repub's assert with a straight face,
that obama is your jobs killer?
-- what a bunch of lemmings the repub's
must think you are!
the obvious job killer is outsourcing,
and it's not getting better with tax breaks !!
[ at least with obama's embrace of socialism
we have a bandaid for all that job loss;
and HOPEfully people massively on welfare
will get the idea that this is no time to have kids
unless you know people who can give them work;
but, uh, HOPE fed us to the holocaust ...
we need to strongly address pop'control! ]
. among the repub's that are making these
accusations against obama,
have they one shred of support from a
panel of debating economists?
the repubs are good capitalists,
and capitalism is good at
lowering the cost of consumer goods;
but, it is not here to give you a job!
if you expect gov to get you a job
then you are a communist;
and the repubs will tell communists to get out,
even as they promise us jobs
as if to pat the communists among us .
. obama's only negative impact on this economy
has been his support of this global warming fear
that is making energy more scarce, more expensive,
which then drives up the price of consumer goods .
. he also isn't doing much to curb population size,
which keeps growing, requiring more energy,
and further driving up demand for energy
-- thereby increasing the price of energy .
[ but of course, nobody will touch the pop'problem ...]
[. one problem with my certainty,
is that one unknown is the repub's influence on
short-term small biz employment growth;
still tho', in the long-term, the path is clear:
the walmart-amazon-internet-effect
will feed the china jobs,
and will grow big biz at the expense of small biz;
ie, consumers will actually vote for fewer jobs
with their wallets .
. in summary,
both parties were happy to outsource our jobs,
and both do a half-baked job at
controlling population size
so that it meets the expected job market .
. there is a conflict of interest too,
because, pop'growth means more votes for dem's,
and it means desperate, cheaper workers for repub's .
. so nobody was anxious to sound the alarm in 1990
that we were going to need far less pop'growth in 2000;
even though that should have been obvious to
any party making international trade agreements then .]

9.15: co.apt/pol/
free speech/movie"innocence of muslims:

. encouraging some 2bit anonymous to
accuse a religion's prophet of being a pedophile
is not free speech .
. it may be an act of war,
but free speech would have gotten locals together
to discuss how to confront something like
the muslim's choice of leadership;
. you shouldn't support a lone wolve's right to
molest our foreign relations .
. we have strict rules against free speech about
experiences with pedophilia, and why?
because we are talking about bloody murder !
[. and the biggest problem to me was,
he wasn't that anonymous! all he really said was:
which english-speaking non-muslim
would you like to head-smash today?
I think there's one of those at
every american embassy!! ]

8.20:  co.apt/pol/obama/sensing a loss:
. an astrologer thought things would be
very different after november;
this reminded me that after the election of
Bush the Christian,
that was when Anti-Zionist Islamics
took down the Towers and the Pentagon;
now it seems that 9-11 was a $billion plan
and that it was a long time in the making,
but what if it wasn't ?
so it seems like the astrologer thinks
the repub's are going to win,
and there is going to be a disaster in response to it;
[ and a really big disaster will do something that causes
an increase in the cost of something
by reducing the value of our cash ?
sounds like that could be cyberwar
suddenly able to print money
and that would cause inflation .
. I prefer Obama, but if Obama wins,
then congress will just be a Tea Party log jam
and more of the same [they don't get anything done]:
better to let them move us to smaller gov?
oh, but less regulation: and more cancer;
. those tea partiers are christianoids
who say your cancer was just god's will,
yea? [DISOWN] you!:
your low taxes did that!!
with no regulations on those [DISOWNING] capitalists .
but, that might have been a strawman argument:
the Tea Party mostly wants only to end welfare
(esp'ly the obamacare law)
and we could still have regs at the state level;
also, we're already soaking in cancer!
how could it get any worse ?
10.30: ... are you kidding?
it could still get a lot worse!,
and what about cross-state pollution drifting? ]

pre-christmas credit card fraud:
. the theory about impending disaster,
where either money or the internet goes bad,
coincides with Anonymous' letter on Phrack
portraying hackers as liberals
and cracking secrets for political reasons .
. but what will they do in response to Obama winning?
he's liberal but he's also cracking down on
whistleblowers and wikileaks .
. however,
the november disaster warning also coincides with
a report that credit cards are changing soon:
you can bet there will be a flurry of crime
just before the change takes place;
so it's not really about the election
but about the pre-christmas shopping rush
that coincides with post-election season .
. everyone will be using simple-security cards
for the last time;
so, it's not that our money will be worth less
-- it will be worth more soon --
but we'll have to absorb the costs of
one last crime spree this christmas .

8.13: co.apt/pol/obama/
how so many taking welfare could vote against it:

. it seems apparent that the obama admin
is the defender of welfare
while the repub's seem bent on rolling it back
as part of [tax less to get more jobs] .
. I don't think there's eno' christian convictions
to really carry that teaparty sentiment;
[and surely they don't believe in reaganomics?
why wouldn't a smart capitalist just
create more jobs in china?
better keep your food stamps .]
. they could attack from another angle,
like this:
. are you going to take welfare from a
[archaic scientific term for african]
only to have it also given to the hispanics
who are deliberately trying to out-breed you
to hijack the voting process?
you got to take the poison,
if you want to get the cure:
end all welfare and we can end this invasion .

8.4:  co.apt/pol/obama/
just a message for repub's not to repeat bush:

. obama was put in by elites just to protest that
bush was being too fiscally unconservative
-- another repub turning out like nixon .
I'm talking like I'm not a dem?
well, what I would do as president
that would be far different than what dem's would do
is pay the unemployed masses to not breed,
and not make medical problems .
. you're a promiscuous who needs a HIV-AIDS help?
you need jail too;
but I wouldn't jail drugs or needles
(that might prevent a lot of AIDS
and would definitely save a lot of money).

9.23: co.apt/pol/purges/reaganomics/
your free parenting is fine (talk to useless obama):
. repubs and dem's both agreed
over the past 2 decades,
that your endlessly expanding free parenting
needs to get its jobs sent overseas .
. and now they have it set up so that obama
can sincerely complain about
all the rednecks in congress "(we tried, guys) .
. oh dear .

9.23: co.pol/pro-choice/Our Message to the Incoming Congress:
Decisions about women's reproductive health are personal.
As you prepare to take office in 2013, my decisions about
birth control, pregnancy and reproductive health services
are not up for grabs.

this is the age of tea party vs the dem's?
it would seem that congress
is no longer the greatest threat to pro-choice;
in fact the entire reason pro-life invented tea party
was to conquer & divide federal pro-choice policy .

8.3: pol/healthcare/religious issues
may include gay partner coverage:

. subsidized preventive healthcare
-- including abortion and contraception --
has turned healthcare into a religious issue;
another way healthcare can step on religion
is by requiring universal insurance payment
that includes state-funded subsidies
when a payer becomes unemployed .
. without this sort of healthcare system
the employer pays for the insurance of
both the employee and their spouse;
but "(spouse) often doesn't apply to same-sex couples .
. under obamacare's state-paid subsidies,
these same-sex partnerships
are often leaving the partner unemployed,
who then gets covered by the subsidy,
and basically makes the religious taxpayer
fund insurance for an unholy relationship
-- for one who can't find a job because of
being unwilling to move away from the partner .

. this employer-provided insurance
is the primary reason
for gays to demand marriage rights
because that is the most expensive loss
compared to other forms of discrimination
(eg, hosp'visiting and inheritance rights ).

. is it currently possible that
those who are seeking welfare
can demand that their employment search
be restricted to their current location?

. it seems that what the christians should want
instead of obamacare,
is just a law against hospitals being underhanded:
setting rates paid by insure co's in a way that
folds in the cost of the state-required charity care;
ie, if the state requires it,
the state should pay for it,
to save insurance buyers from
getting gouged with charity costs .
[10.30: clarity:
. the state should only require and pay for
things that are not religiously offensive .
. but as for gay marriage,
the anti-discrimination laws should be
restructured such that
there can be no marriage-related law;
rather, there can only be
law about dependents
which can include either one wife,
or one domestic worker,
and any number of children or adoptees .
. being a same-sex domestic worker
is not an admission of sodomy,
and should not be deemed offensive to religions .
. religions should consider the working woman:
what if her entire reason for working
is to become independent from men,
not because she wants sex with women,
but because she does not want sex with men .
. if she's an honest full-time worker,
she too deserves a domestic worker:
someone who has the dinner ready,
and handles the low-skill chores .
. this designated domestic worker
can also be a relative;
because it's not about sex .]

. now to protect the tax payers:
that sort of 3rd party payer system
-- where the state pays the doctors,
and the patient never sees the bill --
is the main reason for doctors doing
a lot of unnecessary testing and prescribing;
so to deal with that money-burning pit,
we need to pay the unemployed a min wage
just so that they too have something to lose
as they pay a percentage of what the doctor orders .
. with everybody paying a percentage
and checking their bill,
doctors will no longer be able to
use 3rd-party billing to
fool both patient and payer,
or to skirt the free market system .

9.24: co.fb/pol/gay rights/marriage:
    Why "religious freedom" arguments about gay marriage fail
    DL church leader supports letting gay people marry

. the gay marriage issue demands the assistance of law
because the whole point of it is to stop discrimination
by employees and hospitals, etc .
. the bible-based complaints are absurd because
the main point of biblical retraints on homosexuality
were to control promiscuity's diseases .
. society should be demanding gay marriage
or some other way of reducing promiscuity .

8.7: co.apt/pol/healthcare/
a shortage of the american way:
. the doctor shortage is due to a shortage of residencies,
not a shortage of schools .
. the residencies are assumed to be blocked by
congress putting a cap on
how much of medicaid money can be used for such .
. doctors have impenetrable unions;
because they can't be automated yet
-- and they can't be outsourced -- yet:
too much "(don't [MESS] with quality).
. they get paid dresage salaries -- so much
they can afford dancing horses;
and doctors quickly put you into bankruptsy .
. that's the american way;
that's what we fought for, phil .

8.18: news.pol/healthcare/
obamacare seen by doctordavidjernigan:
. doctors charge high to offset insurance stinginess .
Although it is this author’s belief that
the insurance and pharmaceutical drug cartels
are the biggest offenders
for not only the high cost of health care,
but also are to blame for causing
a wasteland of creative thought in medicine.
The terms, “usual and customary”
have eliminated creative thought
and replaced it with “cookbook doctoring.”
The rapid labeling of a patient’s disease simply tells the doctor
what tests, drugs, and treatments insurance will pay best for,
regardless of the fact that the entire process
is based upon masking the symptoms.
No creative thought is applied to the case.
The doctor just runs the recipe again and again,
for patient after patient,
without hope of actually identifying the actual cause
and without hope of really restoring true health,
while they pursue the suppression of the symptoms.
With this form of medicine
the best that can be hoped for is a temporary remission,
since the cause of the illness continues to grow
underneath the drug-induced illusion of health.
The truly scary thing about Obama Care
is that medicine will be homogenized
into a truly one size fits all system
where illusionary medicines will be the only "health" care.
“If people let the government
decide what foods they eat
and what medicines they take,
their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state
as are the souls who live under tyranny.”
~ Thomas Jefferson
the FDA is a big player in the scheme of
mandating and facilitating
an environment in health care that fits the
insurance and pharmaceutical model of medicine.
A fourth player that can be mentioned now
are the Boards of Healing Arts in each state
that are also now systematically moving to
homogenize the way health care is performed by doctors
and in doing so they impair creative thinking
and the advancement of new techniques
that while unorthodox
often are more effective
than older treatment methods.
A doctor's unorthodox treatment techniques
should be measured by their results
instead of by the fact that it is not conventional.
8.18: pol/healthcare/
unconventionals not served by obamacare:
. I heard mercola's complaint
that obamacare won't pay for unconventionals;
and, I wondered:
why don't you charge reasonable rates
and have patients pay out of pocket?

. my only place to get advice right now
is online from what I can dig up free
but I would rather pay $25 for advice
if a personal problem was a mystery;
and, I buy many supps as preventives
(I bought some supps from mercola too
-- his free advice with ads paid off).
. one service I would like to pay for
from an unconventional doctor,
is monitoring my liver and blood
while I get scripts for enhancements
like using senility drugs
that could give me a mental edge .
. with today's oh-so highly qualified doctor's
their problem is that
the skill level differences are far too great;
doctors are expecting to get $50 per hr,
from people who take home $50 per day .
. also the most valuable service
that an alt'doctor could provide
is probably the one least likely to be accepted:
give us that atkins lecture about
no insulinemic sugars or refined carbs!
-- and add the warning about too much fructose too .
. obamacare was supposed to give doctors a flat salary
along with a bonus for getting better outcomes,
but doctors knew that could never work
because most of doctor-visiting america
are getting seen exactly because
they won't take such advice
so then doctors know they'd never get a bonus
just because they were treating proud americans .

8.7: pol/healthcare/
doctors made scarce by the drugwar:

. the reason our primary care doctors are scarce
is that we make them the gatekeeper of all drugs;
that's the guy that's constantly harassed and conned
by both sides of the drug war .
what do you do with a job like that?
make it scarce .

8.17: co.apt/pol/healthcare/
euthanasia for medical basketcases:

. euthansia conjurs up nazis,
and forced death-marches;
but in our pets, it's mercy -- the great healer,
[something about a soul
incites fear of possessions?]
. we could take the money we saved
and offer it to a patient's family
then it goes to mainstreet;
whereas if we bought $millions in medical services
what that paid for was the doctor's
extravagance spending (luxury boat, etc),
-- not to mention the evil finance sector:
doctors say half their pay goes to insurance
because their job expectations are way too high,
and juries are way too generous .
. insurance co's are just more luxury payouts .

8.23: news.pol/obama/
obamacare not sitting well with small business:

. a pro-life business owner nevertheless voted for clinton
but being an owner of a near-50-employee biz,
she is not excited about continuing obamacare .
. she backed up her prolifer stance by asserting that
Christians are obliged to outbreed the Anti-christ
as if abortion is a liberal conspiracy to replace the white race?
... [ah, hyperbreeding would be very good for her biz;
exactly because it's bad for worker's compensations .]

9.23: co.apt/pol/healthcare/
less fed for accountability

. we need a gated community
to separate our tax needs:
the ultra conservative are prolifers
and the ultra liberal are pro-promiscuous sickies,
both looking at medical can cure all for a price
and so their medical cost-increases will be endless .
. you think I'm throwing granny over a cliff?
I'm joining a community where we all agree
that when our sugary diet turns our head to alz
it's time to walk over that cliff
and not go through the hell of
being in a supervised environment
where your rotting head wants to go naked
and then the orderlies put you in a no-strip suit .

9.24: pol/healthcare/
federal reduced for personal accountability:
. we should confine fed tax and control
to those things that apply to us all,
not lifestyle choices of pro-lifers, hyper-breeders,
and promiscuous or slob-diet sickies .

9.25: co.apt/pol/healthcare/
what an amer'dream -- wake up!:
. did we read our bible [all the way through]?
I see they got to that part about
no sorcery(magic plants)
because they have their vicious drug war;
but did they get to that part about
building an ark?
-- they've been crying for decades now
about earthquakes, tornadoes, and fires .
. again today fires:
they just said the cause is under investigation;
so, that means it was not arson;
instead, it might have been natural lightening,
yet they continue to live in forest litter .
[ I think the problem with the fires is that
forest fires used to be easy to control,
but now things are getting dryier and surprising us;
but there's still no excuse for
building above-ground in tornado alley!
people are just full of nuts, guts, and no but's .]

8.26: co.apt/pol/obama/
romney's dad a polygamist mexican rumor:

. romney's dad is a polygamist mexican ?
. is this true? rumor has it that
romney has dual citizenship because his dad
is a white mexican national because
his clan moved to mexico in order to
escape usa's discrimination against polygamy .
. now, polygamy is not slavery in my book,
but try telling that to christianoids;
so, if his very dad was a polygamist,
that must leave a bad taste in a lot of mouths . 

8.19: co.g'+#Lydia Pintscher/pol/openware/
voting machines are a great reason:
Lydia Pintscher Aug 12, 2012 +Marcus Hanwell

I just need a few quick to explain and grasp cases
for a talk on getting involved in free software
a good reason why our whole country should
get involved in free-sourced software
or at least open-sourced:
close-sourced voting machines
are just a crime waiting to happen .
. ironic how a nice, capitalist idea like
privatizing the production of voting machines
could bring us so much closer to
communist-class corruption .
8.28: co.apt/pol/dead presidents:
. phil for president? how is that a good job
in which to create change?
we have a good president in Obama
who can only sit there and be quiet
when the nation is ripped in half on critical issues .
. try making some real noise
like the unconventional Ron Paul does,
and you find your party ignores you
despite your popularity .
. ron paul has a great idea about
usa not affording the bill
for being the world's police,
but I wrote on fb
that before ron paul could be right on that
Israel needs a reservation with us
to replace the military aid they are getting now .

8.6: co.fb#Russian Jews/
pol/purges/war/syria ignored by obama:
2 hours ago
The 1994 Rwandan genocide of Tutsis by Hutus
happened at a rate even quicker than the
liquidation of Jews at the hands of the Germans.
The best estimate is that 800,000 were killed in a hundred...
Russian Jews ‎..Yankle..
Obama is doing the same thing right now
in avoiding the mass murder in Syria.
. the americans love to help a democratic revolution
(eg, Obama was helping Libya despite deficits)
but they would have to override russia this time
-- that's another vietnam or korea!

8.29: co.apt/obama/stand your ground:
. some are saying that what cause them to
defend the stand-your-ground shooter
was the way Obama publicly reacted to it ?
I thought his reaction was simply obligatory:
"( you're an african-american president;
  what do you think of another instance of
  hiafric lives are assumed to be
  expendable like stray dogs?!
) . worse than "(standing) "(his ground)
on a public street,
he just assumed that a hiafric didn't belong
in his gated florida neighborhood!
 . I think this is another example of
why we need the reservation system;
I'm not talking about reenacting ghettos;
I'm talking about your own space
with its own money tree
including farmland, and irrigation water
-- and that's just a start .
. if a reservation will keep its population right-sized
we will be there to cover disasters;
and other than that,
let reaganomics do its magic .

9.13: co.apt/pol/voter id:
. USA is acting so stupid about this voter id;
if they don't have valid id,
how do you know they are citizens?
why do you let them just hang around ?! .

9.27:  pol/obama/german and greek elites conspired:
. the view of the economy on greece's street
was that elites should share more with labor .
. labor came from the communist angle
claiming that labor should live as well as elites
and they were taxing the elites
rather than staying within capitalism .
. the elites, in turn,
would mostly refuse to pay this tax bill;
so to avoid the direct confrontations,
being unable to print the federal currency
the elite had their leadership cook the books
in order to make it look as if
greece was able to collect taxes
when in fact the failure to collect
was their only reason for needing loans .
. once they got the loans from the fed,
labor would eat through it as usual,
but now labor would find out that
they had an argument with the federation
not just the family .
. there was some overwhelming force now,
so, the elite would have to pay some tax,
but then again, the taxing was easy now;
because, labor was on a cold, hard diet .
. people were wondering how germans could
give loans without looking at the cooking,
but the international elite conspiracy theory
does explain things well .
. german elites wanted to help greek elites
because german elites were very sympathetic
with what a blood-sucking commy mob
the greek elites had to tolerate .
. this hate for communists is how Hitler was
bank-rolled into power by the german elite;
and, when labor disputes persisted among brown shirts
Hitler stung them with the night of long knives .
. I wonder if greek communists ever got the names
of who exactly did their book-cooking
for getting those labor-choking loans?
. usa appears to be in the same situation,
with Obama leading the labor,
and the Tea Party leading the elites .
. in fact, both the repub's and the dem's
did agree globalization is capitalism;
and Obama's job is to apply bandaids,
while the Tea Party's job is to remind labor:
you're wrapped in the Red Cross flag now,
so don't forget to stay humble
and let the elites do the breeding .
. yea, dream on .
. Tea Party's roots are the religious nuts
who couldn't care less whether usa
turns into a 3rd world or not .
. poverty makes you humble;
and, humility makes you the Lord's .

10.1: co.fb/pol/obama/pray for the debate:
Tomorrow night, President Obama will
meet Mitt Romney on stage
for their first debate.
... The first Presidential debate is always
one of the most important moments of the campaign. ...

. romney answers every question with
his own talking points just like reagan;
. obama should talk about how we can
use welfare payments to incentivize
population reductions,
and stop the taxes going into
prisons and child adoptions .
. Obama will have Tea party cooperation in congress,
because depopulation = low taxes
and low unemployment .

10.2: co.apt/pol/obama/
fort hood shooting looks like workplace violence:
(. a radio mouthpiece for the conservatives
 and somebody who sounds like ex vp cheney
 is saying obama wants to bring this country down,
 and then adding:
 . yes, well, he did say the fort-hood shooting
  looks like workplace violence,
  implying that it wasn't about terrorism .
--. he had a cannon with a bead on it
for quick aiming;
how many more americans could he have terrorized
if he had started firing off base?
why didn't he go into a theatre if he is a terrorist?
. they said it must be terror because
he shot the soldiers who shoot muslims,
but he had another reason to hate these soldiers:
he was one authority that every soldier hates:
he was the psychiatrist
who could give them a psycho discharge .

10.2: news.pol/obama/romney is just kidding:
. romney's not even trying to be elected!
. he's like a parody of himself
trying to be the opposite of obama:
his de-regulation mania is absurd:
Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act,
Romney says the CARD act,

"produced federal restrictions on credit card companies
that have already led to higher interest rates,
higher annual fees, and lower credit limits,
especially for middle-class borrowers."
--. why would anyone not want to
level the playing field?
the card companies don't want to be sharks!
if we set the rules everyone will follow,
they are fine making customers of normal card users:
the one's who don't carry a balance:
they pay on time and they are charged nothing!
credit cards have no annual fees either
unless you get a deluxe card with extra services .
. and this:

"I'd like to repeal Dodd-Frank,
The extent of regulation in the banking industry

has become extraordinarily burdensome
following Dodd-Frank."
. this is the anti-housing bubble law,
our economy could have been saved from the toilet
had this law already been in place .
. maybe he's not being absurd;
because, if people want smaller gov't,
they will want to hear "(less regulation!)
-- the only tax-free law is a natural law!
. stop paying for laws and stop paying for
people that mess their own lives up .
[10.31: ahem!
. what do you think he'll do about the drug war?
all the money you spend on prisons
could be spent on gated communities .]

10.3: co.apt/pol/obama/the debate in a nutshell:
(...) . that conclusion didn't follow
from the facts you presented,
so what makes you think obama is doing his best?
. the obama debate in a nutshell is this:
we'll keep hearing on the news [@] marketplace.org
that they found business profits are very high
and when asked for the reason
why they don't spend the profits
to expand the operations and create jobs,
it's because they are waiting for a sure market .
. you know this is a flat-out lie because,
they just got through sending our jobs overseas,
so they could make a lot more money,
and they used the housing bubble's banking crisis
as an excuse to finish off that job of
dumping our jobs,
so now they have the money they wanted
and who really expects them now to
use that money to expand operations
in ways that give us jobs?
. this is not going to happen,
not for Tea party tax breaks,
and not for obama incentives .
[. the problem is our
making our employers pay for
these very spendy social safety nets:
health care and social security
without also protecting our businesses
from overseas competition .
. if you want rich middle-class jobs
you have to outlaw trading with
those countries that won't support
an equally rich middle-class lifestyle .
. if you insist on free trade,
how about helping us live more cheaply?
we drive up the cost of living artificially high
by such laws as discouraging cheaper ways;
eg, there is no car camping allowed,
and high-on-drugs euthansia is a double sin!
. most of all,
they will pay heavily for prisons,
but they won't pay for population reduction;
eg, let's hand out a free car-camping salary
in exchange for a zero-child policy
-- at least to women ! ]

10.4: co.apt/pol/obama/
debate/silent on solyndra:

. being silent on solyndra
was a mistake from all I'd seen;
there was much said about it being
blatant gross cronyism
but the big picture is that the failed investments
were part of a bigger investment portfolio
that did have have many more successes .
. this is what happens when you invest!
capitalists are gamblers,
and they lose some bets;
in this case we didn't know that china would be
dumping cheap solar on the market
that would make our investment obsolete .
[. he (or nearby) also said
that there were no successes at all;
I would have liked to hear the fact check on this,
and then the explanation .

10.4: pol/obama/debate/no leadership:
. one way that he was forced to be silent
was that a common explanation was division:
there is no leadership because there is no agreement;
but the empire builders or do-gooders
keep wanting to push big gov,
when there is enough opposition to it
that there has been some real damage to the agenda .
. what does it mean to elect Romney?
it means the leadership is real because
his slashing matches that of the congress .
. but that leads to another clear fact*
which Romney was silent on:
the middle class did better under the obama plan
just as it did under clinton plan
-- and if you would talk to your congress
for some cooperation with that plan
you would have a healthier middle class .
. unfortunately that depends on rolling back
much of the outsourcing incentivization
and I'm not sure it will even work;
because, we are then confronted with
an emerging tsunami of automation .
. if you don't believe in massive welfare,
you do believe in massive imprisonment;
because we are getting to the
Tea Party -fueled zombie apocalypse .
*: [10.31:
. the Romney-Reagan plan is to
beat down poverty breeding
by simply paying for nothing but prisons;
but they are sadly mistaken:
they will simply pay for more prisons .
. they are correct however,
in that the Obama-Clinton plan
cannot work as population increases
-- and, of course, it is!
because some religious groups
are deliberately ignoring the dem's
only plan for pop'control:
they will have no part of family planning .]

10.4: co.apt/pol/obama/
debate/the king with no clothes:

. more ranting about people assuming
romney won that debate,
what about silence on
Clinton was a better economy than Bush?
if he won, it was because there was no debate:
you are a bunch of Tea Partiers,
and you are not going to implement
the Obama plan .
. Romney is not worried about jobs,
be an american! help yourself .
[. reminds me of "(whites on indians):
need help with european overcrowding?
help yourself! ...]

the king with no clothes/selective memory:
(. obama was forgetting what he was saying
-- you forgot being horrified by that;
and: he was pooped after celebrating, he said .
) . perhaps he was saying this:
. obama got through 4 years with his marriage
in good health, unlike clinton,
and he's a guy married to a girl,
unlike the queers he's had to backtrack for recently .
. if you thought you were good christian
how does it feel to have to
backtrack on that queer marriage issue?
-- like taking a bullet for your party!

10.4: co.apt/pol/obama/
why I was funding and stopped:

. I'm finding it easy to defend obama,
but I won't spend on obama reelection;
because, I can be overruled by electoral college,
and the pres' is no dictator, has no power .
. the only reason I sunk $200 into obamacare
was that I thought I was fighting
hidden dark forces in washington [lobbyists]
but it turns out half the nation was outraged by it!
(not doing that again, not without a dictator).

10.5: news.pol/obama/
debate/scientificamerican.com hosts Science Debate:
Obama and Romney Tackle 14 Top Science Questions

Center for Science and Democracy
Union of Concerned Scientists
-- the leading science-based nonprofit
working for a healthy environment and a safer world.
.  first presidential debate is over,
and barely a word was said about science.
So how would the candidates use science
to inform the decisions they make?
This summer, the Union of Concerned Scientists
teamed up with Science Debate
and many other scientific organizations
—including the National Academies of Science,
the American Association for the Advancement of Science,
and the American Physical Society—
to come up with fourteen science policy questions
for the presidential candidates.
Read the answers that President Obama
and Governor Romney provided.
10.12: news.pol/obama/
michael medved's obama caused more deficit than bush?:

. michael medved's obama
caused more deficit than Bush?
I believe Bush's [reaganomic] bankers
caused the depression
that has reduced obama's revenue .

10.13: pol/obama/deficit is fed buying unsellable houses:

 . the obama deficit is huge from that QE
(quantitative easing)
where the fed bank bought a lot of stagnant home notes;
they essentially bought their own land back .
. in the big picture this is a natural consequence of
the globalized trade that both parties promoted .
... they could give the houses to HUD ?
they could easily get their money back with good interest
but not in obama's time .
. when we make up our mind that there are
so few jobs that we need to consider para-capitalist ideas
and if we would invest in solar to pay for irrigation
we could be fantastically wealthy,
and easily support all the bodies to fill those houses .
. but we need a new model for keeping people busy
and out of trouble, and out of beds they can't afford:
the economy can't grow responsibly,
therefore, you cannot responsibly keep growing for it .

10.17: pol/obama/the obama that Putin knows:

. notice Putin is friendly with churchin' Bush,
and with the current russian churches,
not so with secular-leaning Obama;
even Stalin was churchy
when he need to stir mob violence
in order to unleash it on
external enemies like the nazi's .
. but Putin may see democrats in particular
as a hazard,
not because of the core democratic values,
but because of the capitalist democratic idea
of cultural tolerance, [thinking of syria?]
whereas Putin needs to fight the land theft
perpetrated by islamic separatists .
21: clarification:
. Putin does need the church
to win support for suppressing the muslims
in order to retain control of Chechnya;
but it seems to me now that
Putin wasn't trying to build ties to Bush's usa;
rather, it was after 9/11,
and Putin was assuring the world,
our history has you expecting that
russia laughs when usa falls,
lets show the world it's not like that .
. but if he got closer to Obama
he's saying to the world:
"( I'm not just sympathizing with usa's losses;
I'm looking at meeting usa half way ):

Obama is seen as more socialistic,
and Putin is hoped to be more democratic;
for instance, in the case of Chechnya,
they might be appeased by more local control,
and the feeling that national elections
were not simply the shams they have been .
. I think the communist party's view is,

you can't fight "evil" capitalism
without also fighting democracy's mob rule:
wouldn't the people vote to go back to
not only their cavalier overbreeding
but also the capitalism that is adding
insult to injury ?
. the mob wishes a big lottery:
USA is a mad house of homelessness;
that's on top of the same number of prisons
that russia has -- certainly this is damning report
against the democracy
that Obama would lead Russia closer to .
. his latest hypocrisy is seen in Syria:
should we give our country over to
those catastrophy-tempting protestors
just because they were irresponsible eno'
to breed themselves into such poverty
that now they have numbers to ask for more .
. raising your little armies won't work anymore,
not with mob riots,
and not with peaceful protests:
in the age of massive military power,
we don't try to win elections by
outbreeding the joneses!
. I'm surprised any communist leader
bothered to talk to a USA leader .
. I see, now,
new meaning to Obama's words:
. when the russian leader (Med')
was in his last year,
Obama said to him to tell the next leader (Putin)
this will be obama's last term,
and we will have more freedom to negotiate
because then Obama can say what he really feels
without worrying about getting re-elected .
. I think he was just kidding Med',
who was in his last term,
and could say what he wanted,
but do you know what he decided to say?

"( I'm sorry obama,
I would love to chat with you,
but I really can't;
because, it's my last year,
(I mean haha,
I can do what I want, and guess what,
I'd like to politely tell USA to kiss off ))
. you might say obama was gently
confronting him, saying in effect,
"( when it's our last term,
we usually say what we want:
we don't just say it's already not my place
to represent my country anymore .
. it's your country right now, Med',
so why tell me to wait for Putin? ).

10.20: co.apt/pol/obama/sensible welfare policy:
. [One] is chiding obama for being
the welfare dealer?
. counter that with a reminder that
while capitalism is good,
the capitalists should be
compensating the labor class for lost jobs
with welfare limited to that generation .
. generally, the capitalists could be
smarter along with more merciful by
doing welfare a lot cheaper
by offering it as a pass to enter a commune
rather than a check to pay for separate apartments .
. they could also find that
americans will indeed do immigrant jobs,
if they are part of a workfare program,
and if they compensate for problems like
the obese guy who is used to an office chair,
and is not sure how to climb apple trees, etc .
. need more water & urination breaks too .
. take it easy, but keep it steady .