we all have to do our part #overpopulation

7.9: pol/purges/overpopulation/
we all have to do our part:

. leslie marshal is saying (via radio)
taxes on the rich are too low
we all have to do our part, (more)
my response:
. why not limit reproduction to match market signals?
she thinks family values means
communizing education?
what about taxing people who breed responsibly
to pay for the education of big-family religious invaders?
. when you communize childcare,
you subsidize sexual activity and racist ambitions .
why am I being taxed to subsidize reproduction
when it inevitably makes it harder for me to
get a job to pay those taxes?
. why encourage breeding when we are
squeezing us about global warming?

7.10: [her next post was related:]
Today President Obama called for a
one-year extension of the Bush-era tax cuts
for people making less than $250,000,
“By calling for an extension for just a year,
Mr. Obama hopes to make Republicans look
obstructionist and unreasonable...
he also hopes to deepen the contrast
with his challenger, Mitt Romney."
Do you think the Bush-era tax cuts
should end for those making above $250,000 per year?
Mark Barnard:
Will someone please define "fair share".
my response:
. one's fair share should include
not only being generous with taxes
but also being modest in our demands .
. as a nation we keep expecting our gov't
to expand our economy to fit our
increasing population growth .
. we are doing this even as full automation
is just around the corner .
. when the gov't ok'd off-shoring our jobs
wasn't this a signal to let the rich breed?
we don't have to agree with this,
but we did let it[outsourcing] happen ...
in any case,
when we say gov't should pay for
child care (ie, education)
we encourage population growth,
so we need to balance this with
incentives to right-size our population .
. how about paying people not to breed,
and if a person has more than one,
then we revoke their soft drug license;
and, if they have 2 kids in poverty,
then they are jailed for child abuse ?
. how about a Cap&Trade system
where the rich can buy your childbearing rights
so the poor can have more money
while the rich can have more kids ?