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11.13 ... 12.31: web.health/
cancer#prostate/prevention factors:


. I was recently introduced to a fund drive
for awareness of prostate cancer .
. it wasn't clear to me how funds could cure cancer;
but the drive certainly does promote awareness;
and, awareness begets prevention ...
however, I was stumped by the question
"(what prevents prostate cancer?);
and, they weren't offering any clues,
so I directed my available resources at research .
. my first strategy for assessing prostate risk
is to look at several cultures with low risk;
the most significant result of that has been: [12.28:
# paleo is not easy:
. even if you could afford grass-fed, chances are
your fats are contaminated with xenoestrogens .]
# soy & grain not required:
. the controversial soy & grain plan
is not required for prostate care:
soy has been the apparent source of Japanese health
but has not been needed by the Inuit .
. moreover, soy confuses 2 preventive factors:
# weakly estrogenic Isoflavones,
# legume diet's hormone-balancing benefits:
the pro-biotic, soluble fiber,
and the fiber's drip-feeding of glucose & protein
all work to reduce prostate risk
(even peanuts benefit from being legumes!).
. other strategies include trying to integrate the teachings
of the Zone diet (an advanced paleo diet),
and cancer reports with battle strategies,
all of which have unique contributions to the war on cancer .

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Table of Contents
# details of the Okinawan diet
# good news about seaweed,
# beware Hijiki seaweed collects arsenic;
# the Okinawa Centenarian Study,
# usa's low-fat, high-grain, low-salt,
canola -hijacking of the Centenarian Study;

# the Okinawan sweet potato;
# not much fermented soy .
11.8 .. 11.9: web.health/okinawan diet/
seaweed vs osteoporosis and dementia
. the okinawan's low-glycemic, high-iodine diet is
known to result in a reduction in degenerative diseases;
what are the numbers?


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12.29: summary:
#OccupyWallStreet (or #ows) is usa's equivalent
of the mideast food riots .
. capitalists were just waiting for the next bubble`pop
to let a depression tell the people
that they were really replaced a decade ago,
by both automation and globalization .
. it's the economy's fault you have no job,
... and give me that me house, you bum .

10.14: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
Noam Chomsky's review:

5 August 2011 Noam Chomsky | America in Decline
. the new post-Golden Age financial institutions
were largely responsible for the 2007 crash;
Before the 2007 crash,
they had gained startling economic power,
more than tripling their share of corporate profits.
After the crash, Nobel laureate Robert Solow:
“The successes probably add little or nothing
to the efficiency of the real economy,
while the disasters transfer wealth
from taxpayers to financiers.”
Under current circumstances,
the unemployment crisis can be overcome
only by a significant government stimulus,
well beyond the recent one .
For financial institutions
the primary concern is the deficit.
Therefore, only the deficit is under discussion.

The Program on International Policy Attitudes
surveyed how the public would eliminate the deficit,
illustrating a deep divide between {1%, 99%}:
. 72% favor addressing the deficit by
taxing the very rich
-- a Washington Post-ABC News poll.
Cutting health programs is opposed by
overwhelming majorities
( 69 percent Medicaid
, 78 percent Medicare).

“The biggest difference in spending
is that the public favored deep cuts in
defense spending,
while the administration and the House
propose modest increases .
 The public also favored more spending on
job training, education and pollution control
than did either the administration or the House.”

The final “compromise”
– or, capitulation to the far right –
is opposing the public throughout,
and is almost certain to lead to slower growth
and long-term harm
to all but the rich and the corporations,
which are enjoying record profits.

. obvious "(socialist) savings plans
couldn't even be discussed:
# a small financial transactions tax;
# adopting a european health care system:
the deficit could be easily be eliminated
when per capita health care costs are halved .
The financial institutions and Big Pharma
are far too powerful for such nonsense
[ and don't forget the medical cartel,
artificially limiting the supply of doctors
to raise they bargaining power .]

. in the 1970s, the national political economy
underwent major transformations,
ending what is commonly called
“the Golden Age” of (state) capitalism.
Two major elements were
# financialization:
(the shift of investor preference from industrial production
to so-called FIRE: finance, insurance, real estate);
# the offshoring of production:
The ideological triumph of “free market doctrines”,
translated into deregulation,
allowing CEO's to be rewarded for
short-term profit .
The resulting concentration of wealth
yielded greater political power,
accelerating a vicious cycle
that has led to extraordinary wealth
for a fraction of 1% of the population,
mainly CEOs of major corporations,
hedge fund managers and the like,
while for the large majority
real incomes have virtually stagnated.
. and don't forget they have no Father in heaven
to remind them that breeders should be owners,
not slaves to fickle capitalist employers .]

In parallel, the cost of elections skyrocketed,
driving both parties even deeper into corporate pockets.
What remains of political democracy
has been undermined further
as both parties have turned to auctioning
congressional leadership positions:
legislators who contribute the most funds to the party
get the key slots in the lawmaking process.

Val Nelson:
There is just such a protest in the works,
based on the Egypt model.
It is gaining a lot of support. It's a Wall Street occupation
starting Sept. 17th: search #occupywallstreet
Matthew Levine:
. there is an occupations of Washington, D.C.
that will be starting on October 6,
the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the war in Afghanistan.
The intention is to make Freedom Plaza our Tahrir Square.
It has already gained the endorsements of a large assortment of
progressive organizations and individuals.

10.1: news.pol/pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet:
. watching the occupation’s 24/7 livestream online.
Alliance for Global Justice`
NYC General Assembly at #OccupyWallStreet

10.1: news.pol/equal free #pol'speech #GetMoneyOut:
[@] .html

10.1: fam3/pol/
political petition for equal rights to free political speech:
[!] intro to: news.pol/equal free #pol'speech #GetMoneyOut
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Get Money Out
Date: Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 8:31 AM
Subject: Thank you for signing!
To: philip torrance
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It's Time to GET MONEY OUT of politics
Bailouts. War. Unemployment. Our government is bought, and we’re angry. Now, we’re turning our anger into positive action. By signing this petition, you are joining our campaign to get money out of politics. Our politicians won’t do this. But we will. We will become an unrelenting, organized wave advocating a Constitutional amendment to get money out of politics.
As the petition grows, we can use my show on MSNBC as a platform to force this issue to the center of the 2012 elections. Join us. Sign up. Tell your friends. Facebook it. Tweet it.#GetMoneyOut.
From our Washington Insider, Jimmy Williams, here is our Constitutional Amendment:
"No person, corporation or business entity of any type, domestic or foreign, shall be allowed to contribute money, directly or indirectly, to any candidate for Federal office or to contribute money on behalf of or opposed to any type of campaign for Federal office. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, campaign contributions to candidates for Federal office shall not constitute speech of any kind as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution or any amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Congress shall set forth a federal holiday for the purposes of voting for candidates for Federal office."
Sign here:
Get Money Out of Politics ·
Created with NationBuilder, the essential toolkit
for a new generation of leaders and creators.

10.7: web: Occupy Wall Street
. initiated by Adbusters Media Foundation,
a not-for-profit, anti-consumerist, pro-environment
global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters,
and entrepreneurs who want to advance the
new social activist movement of the information age.
"(we vow to end the monied corruption of our democracy)
. their "subvertisements" are a spoof of
popular advertisements.
An environmental message that challenged the
large forestry companies
was considered 'advocacy advertising'
and was disallowed in canada .

. sentiment in the encampment generally split along two lines:
 those who want to draft focused demands about
the unequal distribution of wealth in the United States;
and those who want the protest to remain amorphous
[so that they can have different or even conflicting demands
and still share each other's collective power
in demanding some change .
# environmentalists want our growing consumer needs
-- both population size and living standards --
to occur without additional destruction and pollution .
# students want more population and subsidized education,
# communists want population reductions
and redistribution of wealth to the poor .
# liberals want less promotion of population growth
(promote birth control and abortion instead)
and distribution of wealth to the poor
despite not having solved population growth .
# tea partiers want more population and less fed .
# fascists want more population to prepare for more war
(how are we supposed to have either
without funding the fed!) .]
Participatory online discussion forums have been emerging
for citizens to submit and vote for specific agenda items.

. on occupywallst.org, the admn said
There is NO official list of demands.
On October 3, Transport Workers Union bus drivers
sued the New York Police Department for ordering their buses
to drive to the Brooklyn Bridge to pick up detained protesters.
Union President John Samuelsen said,
"We're down with these protesters.
We support the notion that
rich folk are not paying their fair share.
Our bus operators are not going to be pressed into service
to arrest protesters anywhere."

A small grassroots political party suggested the protesters could
call for a 50-cent Wall Street stock-trade surcharge,
which the party's founder told United Press International
would boost the U.S. economy at least $350 billion a year.
"The Republicans say we don't want to spend more money
because it will incur more debt,"
Light Party founder Da Vid Raphael said.
"So where is the money? On Wall Street."

Noam Chomsky:
Anyone with eyes open knows that the
gangsterism of Wall Street
-- and financial institutions generally --
has caused severe damage to the people of the
United States (and the world).
And should also know that it has been doing so increasingly
for over 30 years,
as their power in the economy has radically increased,
and with it their political power.
That has set in motion a vicious cycle
that has concentrated immense wealth,
and with it political power,
in a tiny sector of the population, a 1%,
while the rest increasingly become
what is sometimes called "a precariat"
-- seeking to survive in a precarious existence.
They also carry out these ugly activities
with almost complete impunity --
not only too big to fail,
but also "too big to jail."
The courageous and honorable protests underway in Wall Street
should serve to bring this calamity to public attention,
and to lead to dedicated efforts to
overcome it, and set the society on a more healthy course.
(Jérôme E. Roos on October 1, 2011):
The country desperately needs
something like this — not just protest,
but some ideas and constructive proposals
about how to achieve a different kind of world
and, there's not a lot of time to do it,
so the fact that this is beginning to happen
has a lot of potential and significance .
. it could turn the country around,
so it's real exciting to watch .

Joe Biden:
. likened the protest to the Tea party
saying both were driven by middle-class frustration
with government bailouts of corporate America.
"I think it expresses the frustrations the American people feel,
that we had the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression,
huge collateral damage all throughout the country ...
and yet you're still seeing some of the same folks who
acted irresponsibly trying to fight efforts to
crack down on the abusive practices
that got us into this in the first place" .

Herman Cain:
. accused the movement of being "anti-capitalism"
and argued "Don't blame Wall Street, don't blame the big banks,
 if you don't have a job and you're not rich,
 blame yourself!" .
Mitt Romney:
. called the protests "dangerous" and "class warfare."
Sean Hannity:
. "All the talk the protesters were giving about
class warfare
came directly from President Obama"  .

The financial and foreclosure meltdown
is a direct result of Bill Clintons housing bill
that allowed people to
buy homes they had no business buying
and could never afford after 5-7 years ...
"(EVERYONE should have the opportunity for a home).
Did the banks take advantage of people,
well I suppose they did
and should be held accountable.
[but the real cause of the economic meltdown?]
... it is no wonder [jobs] moved out of this country
because [employment costs are] 5 times cheaper
in Mexico or China.
The banks are only doing
what the law dictated that they do .
[but the banks own the political process;
they make their own laws .
. the banks are only wild-west giddy .]

anti-banks/occupy financial districts on September 17:
-- it's about banks being antiregulation
not the bailouts they alone got --
Actions #Antibanks #Sept17 #TakeWallStreet #17Start
International Jammers!
We call on jammers across the world
to occupy financial districts on September 17:
Read the plan of action.
#USDORSF San Francisco, USA
Read the plan of action.
#UKUncut in London, England
Fb event. other fb event.

Pathetic. Trying to undermine a true
movement by the people.
#astroturfing #evil

an unofficial hub for all of the events springing up
across the country
in solidarity with Occupy Wall St.
donate here to help current occupiers
nycga facebook:
"( heavily following #occupywallstreet, #takewallstreet, #usdor, ...
Working Draft of the Principles of Solidarity:
National Lawyers Guild

occupy communicatons central:

Who are the 99%?

Who is "Occupy"?
. smart people want want Transparency. Accountability.
We want Justice! Opportunity! Education!
We want a sustainable Environment,
with clean water (not Atrazine-laced)
and clean soil, with organic seeds .
. we become enflamed when
our own Government is no longer
elected by Its People
but owned by a handful of psychopathic beings
whom, ever so cleverly hiding behind
the cloak of various Corporations,
not only evade taxes (while raising ours)
but are using our Government to
committing blatant Fraud, Theft and murderous acts,
instigating Wars (for mere profits),
committing High Treason
(Enactment of Act of 1871
and Fed Reserve Act of 1913, ...),
Loss of hard-earned Property,
Loss of Retirement Income (a lifetime of savings!!),
Loss of Quality and Way of Life,
Loss of Opportunity, etc.
All of this, while
not only remaining above the Law
but also eroding our very Constitutional Rights,
one by one, under the guise of Homeland Security!

Michael Moore's Occupy:
. it's a cleptocracy .
. the nyc police are just like us;
but the mgt is responsible for the police brutality .
. if obama was smart he would punish the clepto's .
. the economic system is not democratic;
we want a say in how this economy is run .

October 3, 2011 at 11:47 pm
In a wide-ranging interview with Keith,
filmmaker Michael Moore talks about
his participation in the Occupy Wall Street protests,
the goals of the movement and how it’s evolving.
Topics: Occupy Wall Street
Guests: Michael Moore

(Excerpt from video clip) MOORE: amplified by reiterating CROWD:
They are thieves!
They are gangsters! kleptomaniacs!
They have tried to take our democracy!
And turned into a “kleptocracy”!

It’s very bizarre to watch that  because unless you’re there
— see, they don’t allow amplification in the park.
So, they have the system, as you’ve explained on the show.
Everyone relays to everyone in the back what’s being said.
But It sounds like a cross between either
a priest saying mass – the “Dominus vobiscum.”
Or a scene from “Life of Brian” where they’re
all there — you know, Jesus was saying,
“You are all individuals!” .

It’s good to see the media has finally showed up.
All great movements start with just a few people.

. it's enough right now, just for people to say,
“I’m sick and tired. I’ve had enough.
— I’m going to participate with other people in this.”
The demands — that will come, that will evolve.
 But the people are complaining about this,
even some in the liberal press.
Remember the SUNY system?
 You could go to school for practically nothing.
You can go to UC system out in California –
[ Cornell being connected to a branch of SUNY;
That’s a land grant.]
so, that’s what we grew up with. 
These kids are being told — at 22 —
you’ve got to go out into the real world
 with a crushing debt — $40,000, ... $80,000 .

So, they believe their future has been stolen from them.
And that’s why they’re there.
And God bless them for being there.

I think it actually is where the majority of Americans are at.
Those people down there represent, really
where the majority — 72% of the country now.
All of the polls are showing,
over 70% want the rich to be taxed.
They want regulations put on Wall Street.
They want those who committed crimes on Wall Street arrested.
That’s were the majority — the mainstream of this country
is actually where people are at,
down there in lower Manhattan.

Somebody’s got to kick start this thing.
And it has been kick started here in lower Manhattan
down there in Zuccotti Park.

. there really isn’t anything driving this
other than what Wall Street has done.
along with those who are in charge of our economy .
 They’ve — they’ve wrecked so many lives.
 They — like I said, they have
overplayed their hand in such a bizarre way.
They weren’t just happy enough with
having multi-billions,
they wanted tens and hundreds of billions,
maybe even trillions, and so –
They’re kleptomaniacs is what they are.
They’re — they’re out of control.
I think it really is some kind of a sociopathic illness.

This is going to spread. I said this last week.
I said it two weeks ago when I first spoke with you.
And the mainstream media was trying to just poo-poo this.

“Oh, it’s just a few down there, don’t worry.”
Well, what happened on Saturday not just here,
but as you said in Boston and L.A. and Chicago and elsewhere,
and now Wednesday,  I just heard
is going to be National Student Walkout Day.
And these students have — I have a niece
that goes to one of the UC schools out in California.
They’re talking about raising their tuition ...
Students out there are already protesting this.

But this is going to dovetail with so many things
 — people who have lost their homes,
 the 50 million who don’t have health insurance.
 But all of the different — the disparate groups of people
who have been affected by the greed on Wall Street,
they have had it.
 The people want a perp walk.
They want to see people led away in handcuffs
with a coat over the head.
-- because that’s going to be some form of justice.

But, it’s not just about getting a bill passed in Congress now.
It’s not just about arresting one banker
or the head of Goldman Sachs having to testify again.
This is something much larger.

We oppose the way our economy is structured.
 The economic system, itself — at its core — is unfair.
It’s not just and it’s not democratic.
And we live in a democracy
and we have to have full democracy now.
Not just voting for politicians.
“Oh, yeah, I live in a democracy because I get to vote.”
I, you, everybody else here,
wants a say in how this economy is run.
 We are affected by it in our daily lives
 and people are not going to tolerate this any more.

. they are concerned about the short-term goals
 — tax the rich, jail the bankers,
a moratorium on foreclosures
 so no one’s thrown out of their home,
 re-introducing a real health care bill that covers everyone,
truly covers everyone.
These are — these are what should be the short-term goals.

But the larger, long-term goal is these people,
especially the young people,
do not want to live in a society where
 the upper one percent owns everything
 — including our political system —
and the other 99 percent are supposed to scramble for the crumbs.

They reject that system outright,
and, what’s going to come out of this is that
 not that a new political party is going to form,
but a movement that says,
“ We are the 99%:
We are part of — not just this country,
but the greater world that’s being affected by this.
We are the 99%,
the 1% in a democracy do not call the shots.”

I think the 99 percent [should call the shots].
And that’s where this is hopefully going to head.

John Samuelsen discusses how Occupy Wall Street
provided ‘a spark’ for organized labor
president of TWU Local 100,
which represents NYC transit employees,
discuss why transit workers should not have been made to
carry arrested Occupy Wall Street protesters on their buses,
and why the movement has provided “a spark” to organized labor.

September 22, 2011 Michael Moore
calls for support of Occupy Wall Street protest,
decries execution of Troy Davis

. the Republican's wrote Fed chair Ben Bernanke:
"( If you intervene in the economy,
if you try another stimulus, we'll get you.
where do the Republicans stand
on the economy and jobs creation .... ?

President Obama has finally come out swinging.
after not trying to score any real touchdowns
for the first three-quarters of the game  .
. we saw what he said last week
where he wasn't going to take any guff about taxing the rich.
The rich are going to get taxed, and that's it.
Two weeks -- three weeks ago,
his Justice Department decided to try to
stop the merger between AT&T and T-Mobile.
When was the last time you saw the Justice Department
try to stop a corporate merger?
He was going to go after 17 banks and their mortgage fraud.
. the people who are going to vote for him
need to see more of that .

. either he thought he was the referee
or he was the new kid in town
and wanted everybody to like him,
or maybe he was just trying to be a good Christian
and holding out the olive branch.
But after they whacked it out of his hands,
like, 30 times or 40 times, ...
Now we are seeing him stand up to the bully.
. all they've done for the first three years of his term
 -- is to block everything he has tried to do,
even when he writes or proposes bills that have
their language in the bill.
They just decided -- well, they've admitted the first night
 -- the night of his inauguration -- they all went out to dinner
and they just said 'You know,
we're going to pretend he doesn't exist.
And we're just are not going to do anything for four years,
we'll wait him out and we'll get rid of him.
I hope they have a huge surprise coming here
in the next year or so.

. the current, the modern-day Republican
 are people who -- when asked: 'Do you believe in science?' --
only one of the nine raised his hand.
I was worried the next question was going to be,
'Do you believe in math? Anybody here for mathematics?'
And the Republicans are like -- 'Maybe?'
No, these are -- these are people that just, you know,
they believe Adam and Eve rode on dinosaurs 6,000 years ago.
How do have a logical conversation about that?

(Excerpt from video clip) MAN:
We aren't going to put up with corporate corruption anymore.
We aren't going to put up with corporate money in our politics,
corporate money around the world controlling everything,
controlling all of our natural resources, controlling all of our lives.

(Excerpt from video clip) MAN #6:
These people are out here talking about things that affect everybody
 -- problems with the banking system, problems with politics,
 my 401(k) plan, your 401(k) plan --
the problems with how it all works.

billionaire Mayor Bloomberg:
There's a reason why corporate America
 -- and I think you've pointed this out before --
they're holding $2 trillion of cash in their bank accounts.
They've never done this before, never held onto that much.
They've taken -- they've taken that money out of circulation,
and they're waiting.
They know the other shoe's going to drop,
and as mayor Bloomberg said last week
 -- he said there's going to be riots in the street.
 If we don't provide jobs right away,
there are going to be riots.

I think there needs to be a many-pronged approach.
Civil disobedience on Wall Street is one approach.
People doing things locally their communities is another approach.
People who are being foreclosed upon need to know
that they can't find the original mortgage
-- the bank can't find it, I can tell you that right now
because they split it up and they bundled it
and put it into derivatives
and nobody really owns your mortgage
-- so you should never leave your house.
You should resist this as long as you
non-violently can.
. here's the thing: there is so much rebellion
that is percolating just under the surface, right now .
. [at some unpredictable point,]
there's going to be a couple of holes in that surface,
[and pent-up emotions are going to]
come up like a geyser.
-- a massive public reaction against
what's been done to their middle class life.
The working poor of this country
have suffered long enough,
and they're not going to take it.
Mayor Bloomberg knows that.
Warren Buffett knows that.
And, so they can keep talking about this all they want,
but if there isn't serious action right away
-- what you see on Wall Street, that'll be known as --
'That's where it began.'
You know, I went down there when I made my last movie.
It was just me with some police crime tape,
and I wrapped it around the stock exchange as my form of protest.
And I was very nervous doing that because I saw the cops coming;
I said "Sir, I'm just really just making a movie,
just a little comedy."
And he said to me, "That's okay, Mike.
These guys in here, they've lost so much money
out of our police pension fund
as a result of what they've done.
You just take all the time you want."
Wow, the police are on our side.
. that is an amusing double-take:
it also says, not only does wallstreet pay our salaries,
but they also build the margins on our pension . vip .]

10.11: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
rush's adbusters are anti-semitic:
. Rush Limbaugh informed us that the adbusters mag,
-- the provokers of #occupywallstreet --
had an article with the headline
"(why can't they admit they're jewish),
that was "(outing) a bunch of the 1% (bankers, investors) .
. rush reminded us that such anti-semitism
has a long tradition:
the term "(banker) has long been a code word
for jews who they suspected of
conspiring to monopolize essential services .
. I wondered who rush's base was;
suppose they are anti-semitic christians
who are thinking that rush is an anti-semite too,
and that his "(anti-semite warning) is just code for
"(you know the liberals and their civil rights
are putting a damper on our anti-semitism right now.)
. most likely, rush is primarily a conservative, ie,
"( we work out the overpopulation problem
by insisting people care for their own;
and, the main threat on the ground is
liberal's pushing for wealth distribution );
-- in this cause,
the wealthy have a common enemy,
whether they be christians and jews .

10.11: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/NY's Declaration:
NationofChange info@nationofchange.org
date    Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 5:49 AM
subject    Declaration of the Occupation of New York City
What follows is the first official, collective
statement of the protesters in Zuccotti Park:
As we gather together in solidarity
to express a feeling of mass injustice,
we must not lose sight of what brought us together.
We write so that all people who feel wronged
by the corporate forces of the world
can know that we are your allies.

As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality:
that the future of the human race
requires the cooperation of its members;
that our system must protect our rights,
and upon corruption of that system,
it is up to the individuals to protect their own rights,
and those of their neighbors;
that a democratic government derives its just power
from the people,
but corporations do not seek consent
to extract wealth from the people and the Earth;
and that no true democracy is attainable
when the process is determined by economic power.

We come to you at a time when corporations,
which place profit over people, self-interest over justice,
and oppression over equality,
run our governments.
We have peaceably assembled here, as is our right,
to let these facts be known.

They have taken our houses through an
illegal foreclosure process,
despite not having the original mortgage.
They have taken bailouts from taxpayers with impunity,
and continue to give Executives exorbitant bonuses.

They have perpetuated inequality and
discrimination in the workplace
based on age, the color of one's skin, sex,
gender identity and sexual orientation.

They have poisoned the food supply through negligence,
and undermined the farming system through monopolization.
They have profited off of the torture, confinement,
and cruel treatment of countless animals,
and actively hide these practices.

They have continuously sought to strip employees
of the right to negotiate for better pay
and safer working conditions.
They have held students hostage with
tens of thousands of dollars of debt on education,
which is itself a human right.
They have consistently outsourced labor
and used that outsourcing as leverage
to cut workers’ healthcare and pay.

They have influenced the courts to achieve
the same rights as people,
with none of the culpability or responsibility.
They have spent millions of dollars on
legal teams that look for ways to
get them out of contracts in regards to health insurance.

They have sold our privacy as a commodity.
They have used the military and police force
to prevent freedom of the press.
They have deliberately declined to recall faulty products
endangering lives in pursuit of profit.
They determine economic policy, despite the
catastrophic failures their policies have produced
and continue to produce.

They have donated large sums of money to politicians,
who are responsible for regulating them.

They continue to block alternate forms of energy
to keep us dependent on oil.
They continue to block generic forms of medicine
that could save people’s lives
or provide relief in order to protect investments
that have already turned a substantial profit.

They have purposely covered up oil spills, accidents,
faulty bookkeeping, and inactive ingredients
in pursuit of profit.
They purposefully keep people misinformed and fearful
through their control of the media.

They have accepted private contracts to
murder prisoners even when presented with
serious doubts about their guilt.

They have perpetuated colonialism at home and abroad.
They have participated in the torture and murder of
innocent civilians overseas.
They continue to create weapons of mass destruction
in order to receive government [c]ontracts.*

To the people of the world,
We, the New York City General Assembly
occupying Wall Street in Liberty Square,
urge you to assert your power.
Exercise your right to peaceably assemble;
occupy public space;
create a process to address the problems we face,
and generate solutions accessible to everyone.
To all communities that take action
and form groups in the spirit of direct democracy,
we offer support, documentation,
and all of the resources at our disposal.
Join us and make your voices heard!
NationofChange has been an unfiltered media resource
for the Occupy Wall Street movement
even while the mainstream media has
ignored, censored, and undermined
the progress of the people.

Rather than delivering consumers to advertisers
NationofChange works tirelessly to
deliver people to one another.
Make a secure, tax-deductible donation to NationofChange today,
and help sustain this vital service to the community.
Please click the button below
to make a secure tax-deductible donation
or call in your donation at 1-800-803-6045.
6319 Dante Ln NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114
Thank you for all that you do.
Respectfully Yours,
Rebecca Buell, Executive Director,
Donna Luca, Board President, and the NationofChange Team

10.13: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
Re­bel­lions don’t have de­mands:
Let’s get some­thing straight:
this move­ment has is­sued no de­mands.
It is not a protest. It’s an oc­cu­pa­tion.
Re­bel­lions don’t have de­mands.
As we wrote in the ed­i­to­r­ial that ap­peared in the
sec­ond edi­tion of The Oc­cu­pied Wall Street Journal on Sat­ur­day:
“We are speak­ing to each other, and lis­ten­ing.
This oc­cu­pa­tion is first about par­tic­i­pa­tion.”

That said, take a look at the largest sup­port base
that has thrown its mus­cle be­hind Oc­cupy Wall Street
dur­ing the past week—or­ga­nized labor—and
the di­rec­tion of this move­ment be­comes
some­what clearer.
Amer­ica’s unions have been so side­lined
and mis­man­aged in re­cent years
that Tea Partiers last win­ter
thought they could run them off the cliff al­to­gether.
The work­ers’ re­volt in Wis­con­sin showed
that wasn’t about to hap­pen
—and what we’re see­ing now in Man­hat­tan
is fur­ther proof that labor is re­tool­ing,
its am­bi­tions sharp­ened and em­bold­ened
by the par­tic­i­pa­tory as­sem­bly in Lib­erty Park.

What we saw last Wednesday, Oct. 5,
when 30,000 people filled Foley Square
before marching en masse to Liberty Square,
was the unions’ first visible show
of solidarity with the occupation,
and it counted.
Alongside thousands of students (with many teachers)
who engaged in a citywide walkout that afternoon,
their voices added power to the call
resonating across the nation:
that big finance and big politics
need to gear up for a big change.
Cementing that support,
two days later AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka
visited Liberty Square where he stated his support
and his union federation’s unanimous decision
to back Occupy Wall Street.
Feeling betrayed by free trade agreements
that hobbled domestic manufacturing (under Clinton)
and a false promise to allow workers to
unionize via “card check” (under Obama),
organized labor has been on the ropes;
the assault on pensions and collective bargaining
diminished it further.
What Trumka’s endorsement of the occupation means
is that unions, with millions of members
and a formidable political apparatus,
now have the green light to make noise.
The responsibility is on their shoulders
along with ours to grow this movement nationally.

As we wrote in the latest OWS Journal:
“ The exhausted political machines and their PR slicks
are already seeking leaders to elevate,
messages to claim, talking points to move on.
They, more than anyone,
will attempt to seize and shape this moment.
But how can they run out in front of something
that is in front of them?
They cannot.
For Wall Street and Washington,
the demand is not on them to give us
something that isn’t theirs to give.
It’s ours. It’s on us.
We aren’t going anywhere. We just got here.

The occupation, which has now spread to
more than 100 cities across America,
grew from the desire to reshape
a criminal and bankrupt financial-political landscape
that favors the 1% over the 99%.

Said Di Salvo:
“ We’re not going to settle for one reform demand
that can be conceded and then lets us shut down the movement
—no one demand could meet the goals that
have been set by this group for readjusting
the balance of power in this country.
The other place we’re not going is
electoral politics,
weighed down into waiting for the next election
when everything will be okay.
We’re going to keep engaging in direct action,
the marching, the occupation.

Saturday, Oct. 15: a global day of revolution.
. new encampments and occupations
will spring up across the nation,
and across the world.

Yep, just a bunch of overeducated, disloyal firebrands
without a single cohesive policy proposal or plan
for a better system of government,
still after several weeks.
Who do they think they are, founding fathers?
Why, it only took THEM ... eleven years
between the Declaration of Independence
(which suggested no form of government)
to the Constitution.
Read the declarations of OWS
and the founding fathers to see how similar they are.

commentor#possible reply to RAW:
. who we're really fighting:
Not the well-to-do or the wealthy,
but the Global Elite.
The Occupy Protestors Should all see this video.
[!] (this vid was mentioned again 10.24
and is reviewed there)

10.31: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
how british are you feeling today?:

Will Murray October 15, 2011 5:50pm:
"this move­ment has is­sued no de­mands.
It is not a protest. It’s an oc­cu­pa­tion.
Re­bel­lions don’t have de­mands."
and this is why this "movement" is currently going nowhere fast.
News flash:
The American Revolution had specific demands...
one of them was that they wanted the British to leave
so that the colonies could rule themselves.
. this gave me the idea that
during the revolution,
many americans were like the canadians:
they still wanted to be with the brits .
. imagine that's the way it is now:
I vaguely recall how things really got cooking
when the stock exchanges of
London and NY got together;
globalization has, at its heart, getting back to
elite-run empires like the brits once had,
and getting away from
socialists, union thugs, mafias,
and religious poverty pro-liferation .

10.12: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
neil boortz's Occupy Violence:

neil boortz:
. first, michael moore on the matter of violence,
said "(not yet) -- yet;
but here's the occupiers in LA,
getting a plea from a labor activist from India
-- a plea to use violence --
to force the rich to pay their taxes,
-- violence is the only way because
it worked for the French revolution,
whereas in India, the ghandi peace was a joke,
with the rich using his very name
to enforce maximum poverty on 600 million people !
boortz: "(yea, [here's proof they're in max'poverty:]
that's one of the fastest-growing economies
in the world!)
. yea! nowhere to go but straight up!
. what are you going to think
the next time you hear "(fast-growing economy)?!

. boortz also used some sort of brain washing tech,
where he plays an audio that clearly shows
the people around the violence instigator
were not too impressed with his speech;
and then -- for those not paying attention? --
is "(reminiscing) a complete fabrication:
something about, those around the instigator
were somehow giving him approval .
. in fact, they sounded condescending,
with a mocking impotent approval,
being careful not to directly confront a nut .
. Boortz again attached this Occupy movement to obama,
and also attached the violence to him
quoting obama as saying in his youth
that the time for violence is now
-- or something similar --
and then said "( you people
better get your act together
because if you vote for Obama again
you'll will need to find
some place else to live!).
. he has grossly mischaracterized
the Occupiers as a group,
and should be sued for character assassination .
. I do agree with him, however,
that the rich are being mischaracterized too:
how can they be expected to distribute wealth
when we are not will to negotiate pop'control?
. they should be taxed to enforce
planned growth:
smart cities need both strong zoning rules
and strong population growth limits .
. they should pay for job losses either by
providing jobs and training,
or paying for the welfare of displaced employees
and their current children at time of discharge .

. Boortz also said some defecated on the flag,
as well as on a police vehicle,
and could be seen passing around condoms
and "(having their fun under the blankets)
-- as if this represented immorality,
and these people aren't to be taken seriously
because they are not like us .
. visible use of condoms is a legitimate act of protest
against a society that is overpopulating .
. as for public defecation,
how much defecation was going on?
. some of our own military have attacked the military,
would you say these murderers were
representative of the military they were with ?
. if you were attending the rally,
would you act as police for a protest like that?
. I wouldn't leave or speak up until there was
a pervasive pattern of sewage abuse in the area .

10.12: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
99 Percent Movement:

99 Percent Movement victim of faked news:
Paul Singer, a Republican activist and hedge fund manager .
. worth over $900 million,
he has emerged as one of the most important
power brokers within the GOP.
Now, it appears that the reporters financed by Singer
are at the forefront of efforts to
tarnish the reputation of demonstrators
for the 99 Percent Movement .
Singer is manager of a $17 billion hedge fund,
a collections agency for Third World defaults,
speculating in the oil markets;
and, he once purchased
 near-bankrupt asbestos companies
just before his allies in Congress
changed an asbestos-liability law
to make his investment incredibly profitable
(at the expense, critics allege, of sickened workers).

10.23: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet
/Yahoo spam filter causes Media Blackout:
. there have been accusations of outright censorship.
Yahoo has admitted to non-intentional blocking of
emails with links to occupywallst.org,
blaming their spam filter.
(This excuse is not widely believed, but plausible
—I’ve seen the site trigger non-Yahoo spam filters as well.)
Twitter has similarly blocked #occupywallstreet
from being listed as a trending topic.
(This may be because it keeps being throttled by Anonymous bots
—or, more conspiratorially,
because a considerable stake in the company
is owned by JPMorgan Chase,
which also just donated $4.5 million to the NYPD.)
. twitter's trending list
doesn't include #occupywallstreet!
. one good reason for that now, if not then,[2 oct]
was that the #occupywallstreet tags
are pretty lean at twitter ...
however, if you include #ows,
it's pretty thick activity .

10.23: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/ministryoftruth:
Want to see the piece that Fox News never aired with Jesse?
jesse's blog about front-lines #OccupyWallStreet:
. one at fox news really is fair & balanced:
It's Not What They're for, But What They're Against .

learning from each other:

10.12: (worrying about #ows pain being for nothing):
. you can 9/11 or you can mace yourself,
it doesn't matter what you do ...
then again the eco-terrorists
were persistently not just violent
but costing the BigMoney Big Money;
and that's what they do hear .
. so elites gave the mob an EPA,
but then they took their eco-spoiling jobs to
someplace that was eco-carefree .
. that's something the average citizen
might want to think about;
because if it did work for eco-terrorists,
it might be in the playbook again .
. where are the targets?

10.23: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/

SlowFoodUSA@twitter 21 Oct:
#SlowFoodEDU Email Submission
Q: What can the food movt learn from #occupywallstreet?
. I think both #ows and #slowfood could learn from the elites:
stop breeding long eno' to save some capital;
then make a healthy product that is
ultra convenient, satisfying, and energizing .

1023: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
writers and librarians:

October 19, Why I Signed the Occupy Writers Petition
we .. support Occupy Wall Street
and the Occupy Movement around the world
OEDB.org Online, and everywhere
Higher ed resources for the 21st century student,
plus book reviews and librarian love.
OEDB_org 19 Oct
Update: The makeshift #library at #OccupyWallstreet
now has a website with articles and pictures: bit.ly/q1apmS

10.23: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
Contract for the American Dream:

Middle Class Fights Plutonomy to Save the Dream
. 2 October 2011 there’s a movement building
of citizens challenging the gridlocked debate in Washington.
“Thousands rally to defend worker rights in Wisconsin,
then nearly a million force a referendum in Ohio
to repeal a similar assault.
Tens of thousands fill congressional town meetings
to demand Jobs, not Cuts in August.
Over 100,000 join in vetting provisions for
a Contract for the American Dream.
Nonviolent protestors occupy Wall Street,
and stay restrained despite police provocation,
and now demonstrations are spreading to financial districts
in cities across the country.
. the American dream is endangered
by a plutonomy – where only the rich count.
. national day of action on November 17:
demand Jobs, not Cuts,
We’ll plan ways to build on
Occupy Wall Street’s demands
that Wall Street pay us back.
We’ll look to run American Dream candidates
in races across the country,
and to challenge legislators in both parties
that vote for their contributors
and not their constituents.
# 99% seemed more inclusive than Amer'dream .
# Or words from the Pledge of Allegiance
such us "One Nation Indivisible" .

10.23: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
Enronization of our politics:
27 September 2011,  a decade ago,
the unregulated energy hucksters
behind the infamous Enron scandals
created an array of dummy financial funds
to evade public scrutiny and perpetrate fraud.
Enron-style accounting lives on
in corporate America today.
Corporate hucksters, intent on political profiteering,
are setting up dummy funds
with such star-spangled names as
Make Us Great Again
and Restore Our Future.
These are Super PACs, created to amass $millions
in unrestricted corporate cash
to back the candidacies of
particular presidential wannabes.
These groups can raise and spend
unlimited amounts of money
— something the candidates themselves
are barred from doing.
As of August, more than 80 %
of Super PACs backing Republican candidates
had come from only 35 people
writing six- and seven-figure checks.
Technically, these dummy groups must not
coordinate their actions with the candidates they back,
but this “ban” is a fraud.
For example, Rick Perry’s Make Us Great Again PAC
is headed by a corporate lobbyist who had been
Perry’s chief of staff
and is now both a major fundraiser
and political advisor for Perry.
Hello — the front group, the lobbyist, the fundraiser,
and the advisor don’t have to “coordinate”
— they’re all the same person!
What these Super PACs represent is
the Enronization of our politics
— a legalized corruption that’s
tantamount to a corporate takeover.

10.23: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
no comparison to TeaParty protestors:
Republicans Condemn #OWS "(Mobs):
8 October 2011:
. the No. 2 Republican in the House
is attacking the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement
for pitting ‘Americans against Americans.’
Tea Party favorite Herman Cain
is attacking #ows as ‘Un-American.’
Rush Limbaugh sees them as ‘parasites.’”

Diane Ribbentrop October 08, 2011 11:56:
MOB ? Parasite ? NO
peaceful folks who want accountability
from crooks & banksters .
That comment is so typical for you GOP Baggers
Cantor You are a disgrace to our country and I hope you
19:17: me:
Rush's context when he called them parasites
was hearing some were protesting that
the fed's were not being socialistic enough
with the school financing assistance .
. what is actually the parasite here
is our collective agreement to support free parenting
but then expecting kids to fend for themselves
when everything is already owned .
. nothing is left for our pilgrims
but crime and schemes .

. here's some more of that:
8 October 2011 Unions Stand with ‘Occupy’ Protesters:
Stephon Johnson, News Report:
“They filled up Foley Square in Lower Manhattan
and the sidewalks along Centre, Lafayette and Worth streets.
They were a mix of union members, students, ...
They called themselves the 99 percent
“‘We’re the ones who need the bailout,’
said [1199 SEIU President] GeorgeGresham.
‘We need bailouts in health care.
We need bailouts in education.’

10.24: pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
smaller fed means less liberal propaganda:
. I had theorized that the repub's
were so sick of morality debates splitting the feds in half,
that they wanted to starve the fed,
but what the conservatives meant to target
was the defunding of colleges
for the same reason they defunded npr;
because it is just an organ of liberal propaganda
instead of fair&balanced defense of
conservative (empire-building) values .
. notice they don't like unions
(for being even more socialist than liberals)
but they still embrace the Amer'Medical Assoc's
costly quality assurance mandate
that ensures a perpetual shortage of doctors
to bump up the demand and therefore the price .
. we should have the fed's be funding
all the medical colleges
in order to save doctors the excuse
that their schooling bills are too high,
so they can work for a normal wage .
. moreover,
they still have a huge "(quality) problem
as doctor error is the leading cause of
preventable death .
. if they want to control that,
they should stop playing the quiet god
and work in pairs for half price;
there should also be a defender-prosecuter pairing
like our legal system does with lawyers,
because the doctors work for state interests not yours,
they have pro-lifers and drug-war-czars
breathing down their neck .
. their "(first do no harm) mantra
has turned into "(have no common sense) .
. your medical defense team's only job
is to critique your practicing doctor
the way Dr.Breggin has attacked other psychiatrists:
explaining all the conventional myths
that doctors are under oath to follow
to keep their state license;
eg, reminding you that high cholesterol
is really a time for BHRT
or some coaching by a dietician,
but there's no money in that .
. or no will . people are doctors too !

10.24: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
rage against globalized collectivism:
13 October 2011 Washington, DC Occupiers
to disrupt the hearing before House Armed Services Committee
. October2011.org Movement
Calls for End to War Quagmires
and Bringing War Dollars Home .
Kevin Zeese, News Report: The Occupy Movement in Washington,
DC today will disrupt a hearing
reviewing ten years of war
and looking toward future military conflicts.
Members of the October2011.org Movement
called for an end to failed war quagmires
and for troops and dollars to immediately come home.
The hearing begins at 10:00 AM in the
Rayburn House Office Building in room 2118.

Lawrence Neal October 13, 2011 9:34am
Know who the real enemy is: [see vid:]
Griffin's The Collectivist Conspiracy
In this exclusive 80 minute video interview,
conspiracy author has revealed a banking elite
obsessed with enforcing a world government
under a collectivist model
that will crush individualism
and eventually institute martial law
as a response to the inevitable backlash .
Collectivism is the opposite of individualism
and believes that the interests of the individual
must be sacrificed for the greater good of the greater number,
uniting the doctrines of communism and fascism,
and calling the John Birch Society racist extremism .

Both the Repub' and Dem' parties are
committed to advancing collectivism
and this is why the same policies are followed
no matter who is voted in to the White House:
both agreen on US foreign policy,
endless wars in the Middle East,
and an unregulated banking system .

Carroll Quigley, Georgetown University Professor
and mentor to former president Bill Clinton,
explained in
# Tragedy and Hope,
# The Anglo-American Establishment;
how the elite maintained a silent dictatorship
owning every political party
in order to give the illusion of political freedom;
if the left-right hoax can't steer destiny,
newcomers like the Tea Party are hijacked
by one party or the other .
@Lawrence Neal's
the real enemy is the Collectivist Conspiracy
(see G. Edward Griffin)

. the new reality is pervasive welfare
because automation can eventually do all jobs;
but, society can't hope to afford welfare
unless the population problem doesn't grow
with every application of welfare .

. one collectivist action I do endorse
is coordinating the number of people
to match the decreasing number of jobs .
. humane population control starts with
paying people to cooperate with
the parenting limits placed upon them
(number of children selected by
democracy, meritocracy, wealth, lottery, or mixtures).

. the driving force behind all evil
(wars, dictatorships, banking conspiracies)
is that people -- even in this high tech age --
are breeding poverty instead of wealth:
we continue to invest only in
having more children
instead of capitalist investments .

. do the thought experiment:
how do politicians and bankers
have control over us?
because we're not rich!
. who is it that gets kicked in the teeth
for crying about the rising cost of bread?
loving parents doing what they do best:
expecting the rich to find jobs
for whatever "(god's calling) throws at us .

. I'm not saying we should blame our parents;
but, until society decides to
regulate parenting
just like any other destructive addiction;
and, obey the law of supply and demand
(to increase a product's value
you need to make the product scarce);
until then, we will continue on this cycle of
greed, poverty, and war .

. god's advice to be fruitful&multiply
was valid only within an era in which
a nation's military power was measured by
its number of young, healthy, dedicated people;
now we're at a point where our numbers are
actually a measure of our poverty;
they are cutting into our defence spending .
. they are cutting into robotics research;
and, that's a mistake .
. when the Chinese have mastered solar energy,
they will have the energy that millions of robots need,
and we may be reminded at that time,
that violence is caused by power differentials,
by not being technologically or militarily equal .

10.24: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
a report card idea:

10.26: todo.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
response to violent revolution:
. when the irate forum members talk about violent revolution,
remind them of the irony:
. imagine the real problem is overpopulation;
but if the only way to change is violence
-- and unknown degrees of depopulation --
then there really is no overpopulation problem .

compared to civil rights movement:
104.1 truth FM:
. the caller said #OccupyWallStreet was like
the civil right's march to selma
because, in that time, like now,
there was an unresponsive constitutional republic
and the only way to affect change
was to make a mess the courts would notice .
. the conservative host, who is also hiafric,
then asked what problems #OWS protestors are having
that is not being addressed by the legislative branch?
-- the civil rights movement had, well,
a lack of civil rights!
. and the host then used various sarcastic examples
like "(their cereal was too soggy?)
reminding you what other radio conservatives said:
they are basically capitalism's losers:
expecting a free lunch
when their parents can't afford college .
. I remembered the #ows as being
not happy with a corporate control structure
that has such obviously expendible employees:
leaving them abruptly with no job,
and then no house,
compounded by local businesses having
very harsh banking terms that discourage hiring .

. what's the real problem here
that conservatives don't like to talk about?
. their core base are religious pro-liferators
whose overpopulation makes a huge mess
that can only be controlled by
holding families responsible for their debts
(minimizing welfare programs) .

. I think the first thing schools should teach
is why you want to learn and prepare .
. the main reason for prep'ing is that
due to an amazing blindness to overpopulation
and our lack of control of local business,
the competition and scarcity
is only going to get worse,
at least until you have a war,
or migrate to a place where you have a
competitive advantage .
. the oceans look promising;
I understand those are getting larger .

10.26: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
Stop the Machine! Create a New World!
A Call to Action - Oct. 6, 2011 and onward
October 2011 is the 10th anniversary of the
invasion of Afghanistan
and the beginning of the 2012 federal austerity budget.
It is time to light the spark
that sets off a true democratic, nonviolent transition
to a world in which people are freed to create
just and sustainable solutions.
. a clarion call for all who are deeply concerned with
injustice, militarism and environmental destruction
to join in ending concentrated corporate power
and taking direct control of a real participatory democracy.
We will encourage a culture of resistance
—using music, art, theater and direct nonviolent action—
to take control of our country and our lives.
It is about courageously resisting
and stopping the corporate state from
destroying not only our inherent rights and freedoms,
but also our children’s chance to
live, breathe clean air, drink pure water,
grow edible natural food and live in peace.
As Mother Jones said,
"Someday the workers will take possession of your city hall,
and when we do, no child will be sacrificed
on the altar of profit!"
"I pledge that if any U.S. troops, contractors, or mercenaries
remain in Afghanistan on Thursday, October 6, 2011,
as that occupation goes into its 11th year,
I will commit to being in Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C.,
with others on that day or the days immediately following,
for as long as I can, with the intention of
making it our Tahrir Square, Cairo, our Madison, Wisconsin,
where we will NONVIOLENTLY resist the corporate machine
by occupying Freedom Plaza to demand that America's resources be
invested in human needs and environmental protection
instead of war and exploitation.
We can do this together. We will be the beginning."
17 October 2011
. after the dedication of Washington's King memorial,
Dr. Cornel West joined a
"Stop the Machine! Create a New World!" protest march.
On the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, with fellow activists,
he called out the high court for
making decisions that allow corporations
to dominate the economic life
and the politics of the nation.
"We want to bear witness today
that we know the relation between corporate greed
and what goes on too often in the Supreme Court decisions;
We want to send a lesson to ourselves,
to our loved ones, our families, our communities,
our nation and the world,
that out of deep love for working and poor people
that we are willing to put whatever it takes (on the line)
—even if we get arrested today—
and say we will not allow this day of
Martin Luther King Jr's memorial
to go by without somebody going to jail.
Because Martin King would be here right with us,
willing to throw down out of deep love."

11.3: co.apt/pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet:
. notice the #ows protestors are just the
lower wage unions
(not the doctor or lawyer unions);

but mostly, they are a result of the strange situation
where poverty-hugging christians
are making a new generation of
poverty-protesting non-christians
-- in contrast to christian kids
who would know there will be poor always
simply because good christian life generates poverty !
. today's youth are reacting to their station
by pointing at the sky-high income disparity;
but, today's poverty is no worse than usual;
the rich aren't taking anything from the labor class .
[. there was a time when capitalists did cheat emplyees:
they needed a lot of labor,
and couldn't have become rich without cheating;
whereas, most of today's wealth is from automation .

. you might say they are still cheating employees
when they take their manufacturing overseas
to places desperate eno' to accept lower wages;
but one of the reasons those laborers need less compensation
is because they don't have the
obscenely wasteful usa habit of expecting a lifestyle
where everone has their own pad -- not to mention a car .
. most economical overseas laborers not only
share rent with many relatives,
they also save on taxes by doing their own elder care .
. usa may have a higher percentage of aloof personalities
due to those types being most willing to immigrate .
. nevertheless, cheating is still substantial,
just not obvious or pervasive:
. much of the overseas labor market efficiency
is due to having less regulations than usa
for ensuring product quality, occupational safety,
and protection of the environment .]

11.3: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
job loss is due to communist IP piracy:

Robert Bryant, U.S. national counterintelligence, reports:
. a new report to Congress by the Office of the
National Counterintelligence Executive
titled "Foreign Spies Stealing
U.S. Economic Secrets in Cyberspace."
The report names China as the world's
leading source of economic espionage,
followed by Russia,
both eroding the U.S. global economic advantage in
pharmaceuticals, aeronautics and
 advanced manufacturing techniques
which has long been based on technological innovation.

from the officials heard on report if not the report authors:
. they need Western technology,
because they don't have the same
tradition of innovation that the U.S. has.
They can demand that
foreign companies that want to do business in China
must first share their technology
— or, the Chinese can simply steal it,
largely through cyber means.

Joel Brenner, Bryant's predecessor as counterintelligence exec,
author of America the Vulnerable:
U.S. technology is what
drives the American economy.
"When we lose that technology,
the ultimate result is that
somebody in a foreign country
is opening a factory and hiring workers,
and somebody in the United States
is closing a factory
or laying off or not hiring workers.
. this is not just a problem for
business owners, and the
military - State Department .
"( it's a problem for the country.
We are being slowly hollowed out. )

. the journalist also asks "(a senior intelligence official)
"(why single out china and russia now?)
and the reply did not, in fact,
apply to why now;
so, I thought this had to do with the
99% movement
(who are barking at elites about
lost jobs and college help).
. the elite-funded fed's
are ironically trying to blame
a natural outcome of reaganomics
on the communists who are
trying to cheat such:
"( globalizing capitalists might give us
more jobs if only foreigners weren't
pirating our patents )
. do they think we're all smoking dope?
(what did that guy say? anyway,
I heard some ominous buzz words!) ]

. the cost of U.S. research and development secrets theft
has gotten so great — more than anyone knows.
All we know is the losses are extremely significant,
and they're extremely harmful to our national well-being .
. how can intellectual property loss
possibly cost so much?
I kept thinking patents are either
sink or swim in a lottery jack pot,
but now it occurs to me
that if you are really dilligent about globalization,
it's not easy to keep pirated exports
out of your own country .
-- oh, no!
what if even the elitists were swept away
by the globalization that should have only given them
more control over labor and environmentalists !? ]
. they said russia and china are hollowing out america
by stealing tech and selling products?
I can't believe they are trying to
spin this unemployment problem onto pirates!
their own story makes them look like
such obvious mind controls
they must be trying to insult the #ows protestors:
how can stolen tech cause the nation to lose jobs
when even if it's not stolen by chinese elite,
chinese labor still gets all the jobs anyway?
so obvious! am I missing something?
... consider the source:
liberal npr could have misquoted them ...

. I don't think they misquoted this part:
. national security is at stake here,
because our global political influence
depends upon our economic superiority
which depends upon technological advantage .
. I had to bitterly laugh at that assertion:
with what we have done with our
political influence,
they can hardly be worried about security .
. they have arrogantly attacked
3/4 of the world:
the communists, muslims, and drug users .

. I keep being reminded of this 60's Star Trek show
where they have a world that handles its overpopulation by
agreeing to just euthanize random people on both sides
according to some game score
in order to avoid war's destruction
while still enjoying the prosperity of full employment .
. who would live in that kind of world?, I thought;
I was only 10 years old at the time .
. that same year, at church,
some adult opened my toilet stall door
and I thought he wanted to go badly,
so I hurried up with dressing,
but he said, no, no, stay as you are
(stand undressed for a moment) .
. he sounded like a doctor to me;
I had no idea that guy wasn't too healthy .

. one thing is for sure,
piracy will cost the elites some economic security;
but it might also be very good for the consumer .
. can you imagine a computer
that is actually built to resist hackers
instead of minimizing tool change by the software industry?
. there's an irony about this industry's arrogance too;
because, hackers are blamed for much of the piracy .

. if usa elites feel cheated and insecure
they should come together with the whole world
to form a One World R&D program --  just like
they could have done to avoid the communist "(threat)
by offering to share world policing,
and thereby not appearing to be a threat to communists ... [11.29:
oh, and, giving them half of korea
was like them offering us half of cuba .]

11.13: shared world policing idea needs fleshing out:
. the reason for usa's war against communists
was not fear of being communized from the outside;
it was anger by the religious majority at having their kind
brutally dog-housed under stalin's communism;
and, fear of usa's own labor class
getting any socialist or communist ideas .

. they have a losing game because
the secret weapon of china is
having found a way to tame overpopulation;
whereas the usa elites
have a religious tiger by the tail:
within a century, their perfect suburban dream
will turn into mexico slum sprawl .

11.3: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
biblical David's enemies to be foot stools:
michael savage radio caller story:hi
. the bible has a place
where the prophet is reminded
enemies are your foot stools;
they are the way god gets you to
step up to a higher place .
(to evolve(technology)).
. an example is the story of David:
right after he won admiration for
killing the enemy's giant,
his leadership (Saul) attacks David with the house army .
that reminded me of usa's current politics:
. imagine David symbolizes wallstreet killing the
giant of manufacturing: human labor,
by working smarter not harder .
. the current leadership is the hyperbreeding middleclass,
and they are chasing wallstreet now;
but like David, the elites are the path to wealth,
security, and our destination of perfected evolution .

11.13: web: psalms 110:1:
A psalm of David. The LORD said to my Lord,
"Sit in the place of honor at my right hand
until I humble your enemies,
making them a footstool under your feet.

11.13: pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
communist trade deficit:
. obama recently told china we are getting impatient
with this one-sided trade that is coming from
the way they are devaluating their currency .
. as if we were doing china a favor
by letting them do our light work,
sending them our factories ?
the elites no doubt lobbied hard for the privilege
to flush their space capsule free of the aliens:
the trade unions, environmentalists, and the bureaucrats
with their min'wage laws, and occupation safety regs
--- how can we grow the economy
if we can't compete on the global market?!

. obama is going with the dem's dream:
we expect open trade will help everyone .
. I was reminded that china only recently surpassed us
as the leading manufacturer
... but do we now manufacture something besides
overpriced houses, trade-protected cars, and
sin products (alcohol, tobacco, and military gear) ?

an aside about what overpriced means:
. if we could mass produce modular house parts,
this would step on house construction trade unions;
but most of the price of real estate comes from
how much money the upperclass is willing to pay
when they have so much extra cash .
-- so this one area is an example of the poor losing
just because their wages don't go up as fast as the elite wealth .
(some right-wing radio ranters had been asserting
that endless elite wealth doesn't detract from your wealth,
in fact just the opposite,
if we give the poor pro-lifer a handout
then the price of food and clothing goes up .
-- but that cost is a small fraction of
rent these day .
then again, who makes the zoning laws
and is taxing the properties ? local gov's not elites .
they could easily keep pumping out cheap shelters
that only the poor would want to buy .
. they could cost under $10k for a 30year use; [12.29:
but, why would they want to do that?!
it would only increase the number of poor in their area,
and put a strain on their tax-funded social services .]

. it was mentioned that the chinese were
not just manufaturing for our elites, but for themselves also;
and cutting our elites out of global markets
-- that would affect elite profits
and dramatically lower taxes for our military
(worrisome if you've been
the biggest bully for the past 50years ...)
. as it pertains to the 99% movement,
cutting the elite 1% out of global markets
will starve us of taxes needed for welfare and college grants
(to the extent such "(socialism) is allowed).
. there is a paradox:
if you take your factory to where the cost of living is
cheaper because the weather is warm,
then you also deal with a jungle scene that can't be governed
and so what you're really benefiting from is not warm weather
but the desperation of the lawless and overpopulated .

. a basic problem with capitalism is that when
intellectual property is private
then the owners can pull the factories,
and we can't replace them because either
we don't know how or we're infringing on patents .
. conversely, capitalism can help your nation
by inducing a brain-drain on the rest of the planet !
. you have 2 choices:
politely remind the masses that it takes
money trees to make money,
and it takes money to feed babies;
or, you could look at relocalization .

paradox of relocalization:hi
. most of the cost comes from local gov's
trying to increase their standard of living
to maintain their tax base; [12.29:
ie, encourage the poor to emigrate your city,
because they will use more taxes than they pay .]
. so when those libertarians tell you that
feds need to get out of the way,
look what happens next:
. the logical thing to do is start making essentials yourself,
but anyone who makes anything
also has to make enough to buy an inflated house
or pay an inflated rent,
-- the fed wanted us to be protected from
old age, health conditions, occupational hazards,
and environmental pollutants,
so we might save there,
but that rent you pay could have paid for 10 farmers elsewhere,
it would be cheaper for the state to just give you food stamps
and let you camp out with family and friends .

11.13: news.pol/purges/#OccupyWallStreet/
job loss is due to communist IP piracy:
shared world policing idea needs fleshing out:
. see if shared IP could also work that way .
web: comments:
byung lee (kidbill) wrote:
What? We are not number one anymore
 even in that [piracy] field?
Alex Miller (Occipital) wrote:
This is a bunch of isolationist, corporatist garbage.
Innovation should be shared and free.
Perhaps if America would extend diplomacy
and cooperate with China and Russia
 in fields of technology to a greater degree
everyone could benefit when they also shared their innovation.
. that's the same thing I said; only, when he said it,
I started getting worried about
our loss of economy resulting in a loss of military,
and wondering what that really meant .

(I think the anx was really coming from
 his next paragraph: )
Alex Miller (Occipital) wrote:
... but I cannot and do not support
the hacking into US or German classified military files
regardless of who the offender happened to be ..
what happens after 50 years of being on top,
if you were really seen as acting like nazi's ?

. there is a lot more cracking on the chinese, I notice,
not just about the chinese taking advantage of
our elites selling our jobs away,
but also calling the chinese spies
(concerned about such security matters
as the intellectual property of elites ?)
[12.29: yes: their money is our security .]
. one recent book claimed that all chinese were very loyal
and that they are all spies for their country;
that they each know very little,
but when they all report everything,
then their CIA is putting the little pieces together ...

. there is a tension in many interesting dimensions:
repub's and dem's, elite and 99%,
one-world gov or globalists vs states rights or
relocalizers who demand market protections .
. I was surprised a few years back to realize
that what many dem' fed's have been doing
was to continue inviting immigrants here
at the rate of a million per year .

. dem's are part of the one-world movement:
globalization isn't just to make money for elites,
it's a secular version of christianity in action:
the calling is to get a foot into these aweful places
and civilize them with gifts:
get them dependent on tech, gov, and
making eno' money to support their own police .
. the shattering of the Native American dream
was a tragic way to become immensely wealthy;
the least we can do is use that power for good .

. the conservatives on the other hand,
may have just been globalizing for the money,
to power their military,
which would then conserve their culture
against communists, muslims, and any
over-population idleness in need of a good war .

. pointing at the chinese now
may be a way to appear sympathetic with
those who resent having their jobs taken away
-- not only automation but also globalization,
which has meant being exposed to a global overpopulation
that has instantly turned our job market
into the ones like at india or mexico .

. perhaps this anti-chinese ammo
has always been laying around
but only political correctness
prevented it from being used before;
now that the 99% movement is buzzing,
it seems safer -- even patriotic --
to point out to us,
some of the villians who symbolize globalization
but without actually getting into the nitty gritty details
of what it would actually take
to make the system finally fair:

. if reaganomics is so great,
why don't they apply it to Flintstone's main product:
making more replicas of himself .
. does something like a min'wage law
cause less pop'growth? not a chance!
it makes more unemployment,
more homelessness -- the worst of all worlds:
more overpopulation but with fig-leafing laws
(disallowing car camping, tent cities, panhandling)
so there's more hope
that it won't actually happen to you .

11.19: web.pol/purges/#ows/
the 11.19 twitter and youtube frenzy:
Hey bankers, let's buy congress again 2
save it from #ows RT @SacredEarth:
Wall Street Plan? Read! #OWS
bit.ly/vcyQ1W (pdf)
[!] summary of pdf:
. open letter to wallstreet bankers points out that
they are under so much heat from both ows and tea party
that both dem and repub parties might try to make a game of
who can bash wallstreet the most .

11.22: co.apt/pol/purges/#ows/
compared to tea party:
. my high-tea head is very talkative,
and commenting on the diff's between
the 99% and tea party:
where they intersect is howling at bank bailouts
but for different reasons:
. the tea party knows that helping banks had in turn
helped union worker jobs,
which helped the dem's put pro-choice obama in office;
the 99% may have thought that was ok,
but a lot of students who can no longer afford tuition
wanted to know, where's a bail out for students ?!
. their serious gripe was that
business is seen as so important
but it was business banks being unregulated
that crashed the housing market
that every state gov was strangely invested in,
strangely, I say, because
they were getting wildly high returns
which should have been telling them
something about how risky the loans were,
yet people thought another banking collapse
was about as likely as another civil war
-- just unthinkable .
. anyway, it was those state gov's
that had paid student subsidies,
and now that has to end
because those ostriches are in debt .

11.23: news.pol/purges/#ows/
weather underground (movement for a democratic society):
. knst's Garret Lewis page has pol'news;
eg, here is from a source tagging itself as
tea party tv:
. the weather underground (movement for a democratic society)
is backing the #ows movement .
. their job is awakening the sleeping giant (the 99%).
. about redistributing wealth,
what about the constitution would you like to change?
extending democracy into the economic sphere,
so people have some control over the value they create .
me@youtube(reaction: classic):
. awaken sleeping giant to labour rights;
you call that an awakening?
that may have been awake 100 years ago
when capitalists were using people for labour
but not letting them have equal access to profits;
the new problem is being declined a job .
. the way our system expects us to care
is use family and friends for unemployment insurance,
and leave the breeding to highly employed families;
but the giant is still sleeping on that one;
we are still trying to out-breed the next religious nut .

... and let the Fruitful$$$ do the Multiplying
but the giant is still sleeping on that one .
-- we are still trying to
out-breed the next religious nut tree
or still figuring out how to control birth
without causing cancer (breast, prostate, ...)
and without inconveniencing or embarrassing ourselves .

11.25: pol/purges/#ows/
jon justice is a zombie:
. the jon justice show is often being asked to kill itself
by attracting a certain personality type
and then attacking essential features of that type .
. it has this surly style that attracts certain sports fans
with party animal tendencies,
who would laugh off a drunken date rape,
who, if they were aligned with christian values
would be doing so only to defend family pride,
or for the thrill of engaging in vigilantism .
. this same audience is then being asked to sneer at
others with similar behaviors such as
the "(animals) who protest by Occupying public spaces
past the lawful hours of operation .
. I was reminded of this when he was berating the #ows
for being caught with numerous weapons at their camp
including hidden knives and clubs (hello? you're in arizona
-- the only gun laws here are federal!)
. they also claim that they are allowing rapers among them
when in fact the very reason they have a lot of weapons
may be exactly because they are defending themselves
against rapers;
do they have a history of using knives or clubs
against police ?

pol/purges/#ows/wallstreet is not the problem:
. it's not that capital owners are too well-organized,
it's that parents -- the owners of reproduction --
are not too well organized . at all .

12.3: co.apt/pol/purges/#ows/
no more takin' it off jc:
. jc corroborated with the romans to raise protests with
public presentations of graphic inhumanity;
#ows is doing the same with the police,
ok now you spray me with mace, and we eat phil's heart
-- I'm not taking it anymore!
and I'm still voting for obama;
but guess who else I'm voting for ? real pop'control!
not just this immigration reform:
why do you think illegals risk so much to get here?!
because once you are here, over-pop is a breeze .

12.7: co.apt/pol/purges/#ows/
bankers were forced but not by feds:

. Rush Limbaugh is saying bankers were forced ?
how does a grown man get reduced to
obvious empty-excuse crying ? here's how:
the thing they can't talk about but have a real complaint about
is free parenting: I have the wealth and you have the kids;
and guess who eats who? guess who eats who !
we'll just see about that .
[. it's ironic the right wing conservative is served primarily by the
republican party who is serving primarily the
religious right who is exactly
what's eating america's wealthy
with their "(every soul is precious, even tadpole souls!)
and their "(god is against cheating on sex because
sex is here to screw us into a sweatshop .)
-- alas, both the party of free parenting
and the party of religious parenting
are equally unmentionable and wildly parenting .]

12.17: co.apt/pol/purges/#ows/
2nd thoughts on eating the rich:
. that story about the DenialOfService-attacker turned banker
(engaging in juvenile conspiracies to report online behavior en masse
to get a victim's social networking acct suspended)
reminded me that bankers are routinely like that,
making sport of ripping people off;
it makes you want to eat the rich .
. but who's fault is it, really?
if we both had money for lawyers,
we'd have some way to hash this out .
. it wasn't the fault of my poor parents,
they were lead by our culture,
expecting them to be parents .
. you know your god is your culture,
that other guy's god is the terrors, but your god,
-- no, your god is nothing but your culture,
you have no idea about god .

12.19: news.pol/purges/#ows/
dollar bests euro being owned by china?:
World #financial #collapse
 explained in 3 minutes.
But it's all relative. ow.ly/7MCsH
. comically says
 the reason usa currency is still good
-- while the euro has tanked --
is because usa is owned by china .
. ok, but what does that mean?
the elites of both sides were making huge profits;
but, what were they doing with it?
usa's tax-base (mostly elite) bailed out their wild bankers;
whereas, euro's tax base is still thinking about it;
this may be because since europe is more socialist,
more people are in the middle class,
and the middle class is taxed heavily,
so, just following the money for a simplified view of pol'power,
it seems that a usa bailout hit only the very wealthy,
while a euro bailout would hit a huge voter base;
so, while it was mostly their middle class
that got bit by bankers needing bailouts,
either the majority of middle class were not
invested enough in bonds to feel the benefit,
or offering the bailout would have a real impact on
the social services already expected by voter base .
. the first thing I thought of was that
europe's idea of socialism is
"(well if you don't like being slaves to royalty,
lets try we all live like royalty ...)
. and still breeding like commoners?
quite unlike china .
. the euro-ameri-christian way is to
out-breed the next guy,
and then let wars and forced immigrations
take care of overcrowding .
. it's this overbreeding combined with evolving capitalism
that first finds some job slots to put all these bodies,
and then promptly leaves all these bodies jobless .
. if parents would form a union
in order to starve the capitalists of workers
just like the doctors do,
then we would have maintained the wages
that would have let people save up wealth
to become capitalists themselves,
so that as capitalism was evolving automation,
the workers' families or villages
were also becoming more self employed,
ie, capitalists owning money trees .
. but not only do commoners overbreed,
they obsessively don't save;
what cash they don't waste on
reproductions of new workers
who are increasingly unwanted,
they will typically waste on entertainent
(even the christians have a
corn-fed thanksgiving every day,
and then expect million-$ health services
per person -- even when most of them
humbly won't net a $million).
. god's road is hard road, isn't it?
being owned by god is not quite the same as
being owned by china .

12.22: co.apt/pol/purges/#ows/
a good language designed for a doomed platform:
(hearing parent-child troubles)
spontanious utterance:
. phil, you eat pyside .
as if kid:
. no I don't .
[ pyside related to this?
it's a good language designed for a doomed platform
(we're moving from Qt/c++ to HTML5/c);
that made me wonder how much of a kid's acting up
is due to their spiritual guide knowing
they haven't got a future;
ie, why this regimentation about bedtime, etc,
when our next job is homelessness ?
-- in america everyone has an equal chance at
increasingly fewer but fatter prizes .]

12.28: news.pol/purges/#ows/
squatting and eco-villaging:

# New eco-village starting in Brentford, London:
For more information, please visit ecocamp.info .

. Many people are learning to live sustainably, without money.
In this video, they discuss their struggles,
how they got to and developed Kew bridge eco-village.
To find out more on alternative life styles visit analternativelife .
-- visionon.tv .
# How to Squat in Amsterdam:
This was made at a CJ workshop in Amsterdam a few years ago.
Still in use today, some one added a new ending (: