#9-11 #ControlledDemolition #asbestos#cancer#purges

11.21: mis.health/controlled demolitions for jet strikes 
release a lot of asbestos and other carcinogens:
. they still haven't solved the problem:
one white guy breezes through security,
and a jet goes into a tower,
that tower is likely to have the same
fire-suppressions systems as the WTC:
if the fire is small asbestos is on all the steel girders;
if the fire is huge then the controlled demolition happens,
and asbestos is all over the city .
. who pushed the button on all those fire fighters?
. what button? terrorists did it .
. what about the 3rd building's collapse?
(full if survival gear, oxygen, and fuel -- collapsed
after it simply caught fire from falling debris?)
. cheer up,
how about a 3rd-degree terrorism war?