oops I did it again ...

4.29: pol/justice/oops I did it again ...:

Jesus Christ Superstar (Special Edition). I was shocked to hear on lib'radio (1330)
that a reporter was dragged and maced
just for asking a question
in a "(townhall) meeting
whose elite she apparently didn't represent .
. we know that anyone requiring dragging
must be maced to reduce officer risk,
but we can still ask,
who really needs to be dragged,
ie, who needs to be "(arrested),
vs who was willing to leave with an escort .
. we then can seek to punish (or victimize?)
The Matrixthose accepting a duty that is unamerican .
. so in my state of ah-fficer-assisted rage
I thought of this perfect crime:
sir-real psy'op's against the undeserving sir .

. it works something like
the movie" Fahrenheit 9/11
where actual footage of the victims

is used in such a way as to
make it appear as if the victims had
actively taken part in their own lampooning .
. you could hardly expect to get such juicy footage
of your average wah enforcement wah-fficer
so what you'd need instead is
the use of today's supercomputers to generate
video from a few pictures of the victim's face .
. then you get on all the anonymous lists
Jesus Christ Superstar (Original London Concept Recording)and invite them to our free movies!

. the best surreal justice movies
are ones that use actual footage of
the original victimization,
but then change the outcome
in some way that would
embarrass the wah-fficers .

. you also need audio footage
to get a bead on the voice
for generating simulated confessions:
"( . the only reason I could have been so mean
to a fellow american
has a lot to do with corrupted hormone profiles
on a account of what I was fed
by the (irreligious) free capitalists .
. oh my . )
. a surreal simulation would not be
honestly representing reality unless it also
did parodies of the entire chain of command .
. a truly american political organization
always provides a transparent chain of command;
Jesus Christ Superstarso, if we can't find that chain,
-- or the printed policy
that justified the officer's actions --
then the surreal victims need to confess
that they have never really known
who their father was .
-- sad, but increasingly true,
irreligious proliferation  .

. the key to surreal justice is that
all components should be entirely factual
and a preface should remind the audience that
-- however real this looks --
it is a mere composite of the truth,
and the characters are entirely fictional .

Corn Fed. welcome to the matrix,
you're entirely invited,
all ye unamericans
who are just doing your duty .

The Rants Raves and Thoughts of Moammer Khadafy: The Dictator in His Own Words and Those of Others (Rants Raves and Thoughts) (The Rants, Raves and Thoughts)recently in the news:
. Muammar Gaddafi,
the Libyan dictator,
had invited all fiction* writers
*(surreal movie fabricators on the cheap)
to a convention

and then had them all tortured .
. but even Gaddafi can find his way
when The Way is at the table .
we're almost in matrix heaven,