glenn beck -- may he be confined to hate radio

4.8: news.pol/glenn beck radio's word on religion:
"(... anyone else living under the illusion of
a true Democratic Party
-- what are you smoking?
The Democrats don't exist anymore.
They were eaten by the progressives --
the labor unions, the communists, the radicals,
the globalists, George Soros -- yes ...)
-- Glenn Beck 2010 may 12
. Glenn Beck is big on anti-communism
and reminding us what a destructive mess
the fed's made of the south .
. today, and on Beck's show today,[4.8]
liberals are synonymous with totalitarian communism;
(they are both about freeing the labor class
at the expense of capitalists
-- and even the middle class);

. the 1800's civil war fed's can be thought of as
being the first communists here in usa;
because, the crux of communism is
labor rights vs capital owner's rights;
and, in the 1800's southern usa,
slavery and land was the primary capital;
slavery was hardly a liberal vs conservative issue,
since the northern christians were conserving
evangelical christian values,
and defending usa`honor against attacks on
the sincerity of "(all men are created equal)
after rebelling against slave drivers
only to make a mint promoting slavery .

. the religion that southerners were conserving
was certainly the more popular one:
straight out of the roman empire,
should any one think it ever declined
-- human trafficking thrives to this day
and will continue as long as we support
privacy as an inalienable right .
praise be to the feds:
. still, you have to agree
that the fed's made a mess of the south;
we were fine splitting up once (with britain),
never again?
the least we could have done was
give the ex-slaves their own western reservations;
perhaps the trick to being a good capitalist
is making sure the competition is not ?

. speaking of reservations,
Glenn Beck must agree the feds can be useful
at least any time your religion needs to
keep some Jews in Palestine; [christian zionism]
here again, anyone with any religion at all,
would suggest the jews should accept a usa reservation,
they are sure to start the next world war,
just as the Nazi's hoped for
when they allowed their Jews to leave only if they
moved to {Palestine, Zion, Israel} .
. Hitler called Zionism "a great movement";
in fact,
it was his acquaintance with Zionism
that coalesced his view that
one cannot be both a German and a Jew;
Hitler's book, Mein Kampf, had also claimed
"(the world's twin evils) are
--[evil# from below:
too little competition]-- Communism
--[evil# from beside:
too much competition]-- Judaism.

. Hitler's Zionism obviously differs from Glenn's
if only because Glenn is quite tolerant of Jews;
when the bible's G-D gives a prophesy like
"(you'll eat this fruit I warned you about
and then start dying)
do you really think this is a good time to
praise the power of prophesy
and eat the fruit from that tree?
when G-D is whispering that bad things
will happen in Palestine,
believers might want to start thinking about
what they can do to make other places
more inviting .
. usa's Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
has 245 million surface acres,
-- 13 percent of the total usa land surface
and more than 40 % of all fed land .
. in order to replace Israel,
you need:
. 20,700 sq.km (5 million acres),
which hopefully includes
445 sq.km (172 sq mi) of inland water,
and some coastline (Israel boasts 273 km of that).]
breaking news from American Jews:
. over 10,000 petitioned Fox News
to fire Beck last fall,
and it recently happened [4.6] .

. as Glenn Beck was selling his newsletter, [4.8]
he said curiously:
"(I'm a capitalist;
I'm not asking for a handout).
--[4.9: . my first fallacious impulse, unfortunately,
was to brand him as a slaver proponent
(a whip-cracker asking for handouts)
when, in fact, he's only
objected to the way fed's handled the slavers .
. then again,
when are good capitalists not slavers?
The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Lifewell, when they're good eno' to automate
(or in Glenn's case, be self-employed);
between the stampede of free parents
just dropping us off
-- with our very numbers and desperation
so devaluing our worth as a human resource
that we set our wages at "(under the table) --
and Free Capitalists automating away jobs,
capitalists are getting handouts
whether they accept them or not !]
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