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 my own religion
# communitarianism(volunteerism & eternal civilization)
# communitarianism(International Agenda)
anti-communitarianisms by Niki Raapana
oops I did it again ... 
# supernaturalism
origin of life
existence proof
the higher power
parapsychology in the news 
# super-smartdrugs
FUH-cake! psilocybin is almost respectable
gateway syndrome
# policies that help
church of the unknown superhero
bible less a guide than a prediction
the living bible should be growing
communism green and democratic
biblical truths; eg, the trees of genesis
 life lessons: prodigal son, prodigal parenting.
performance psychology
any low-crime societies?
violence prevention
police are human beings
how money is the root of evil

christianity (and a number of problems)
 the all-accepting cactus
god the man -- bible(Numbers, 23, 19)
we are legion
#relig #JC the illegitimate stoning
democracy stopped the first stone
#relig #christianity YaHuWaH's Witness
the statutory rape birth .
the twisted revelation you were warned about
616(chi, iota, stigma)
clique pique
pillar of fundamentalism
# pro-life.rators
not all christians are concrete pro-lifers
blue pill shifts costs onto pro-lifers
evolutionary advantage of overpopulating
purges throughout the ages
fair and balanced 2.0
 american manifest destiny
free capitalist's original sin
teach a man to ... "(oh, fish!)
crying about aliens we breed
what health plan were nearly half holding out for?...
 pro-lifer mandate
the true cost of "(death panels)
-- one significant outlet of pro-life politics
is being against right-to-die;
this not only reduces quality of life,
but also supports "(I break it and you fix it)
--there's no accountability
as is typical of fig-leafer's culture
health care -- the american way
# fig-leafers
fig-leafers and web 0.1
fig-leafing our responsibility to children
drug war lost by early neglect
# the sane.tizers (Islam)
great (ubiquitous) satan
the final prophet
finance regulation lessons from Islam
abrogation (revisions in the Prophet's policies)
Islam's message 
the Hereafter
zionism and usa's terrorism war
the corner stone in zion, british involvement
glenn beck -- may he be confined to hate radio
Shlomo Sand on Zionism
christian soldiers.
dreamed Obama's been divorced

The Qur'an with Annotated Interpretation in Modern English
Ali Ünal

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in Hopi Indian Religion By Armin W. Geertz

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Frank Waters

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Thomas E. Mails

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[they have telepathy, and this work pioneered by Backster .
Interrogation Specialist with the CIA,
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Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods, and Human Cells

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