parapsychology in the news

11.21: psy/parapsych/em waves for communication:
Sergei Mayburov at the Lebedev Institute of Physics in Moscow
suggests that optical communication
is a natural process in many cells of body,
closely related to photosynthesis.
Last year, researchers at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago
showed that human cells in culture
could synchronize their internal chemical processes
even though they were mechanically, chemically,
and electrically isolated from one another.
The cells, it seemed, were communicating through the exchange of photons.

news.psy/parapsychology/bigger Not Necessarily Better, When It Comes to Brains:
Tiny insects could be as intelligent as much bigger animals,
despite only having a brain the size of a pinhead,
say scientists at Queen Mary, University of London.
Research repeatedly shows how insects are capable of some intelligent behaviors
scientists previously thought was unique to larger animals.
This must mean that much "advanced" thinking
can actually be done with very limited neuron numbers.
Computer modelling shows that even consciousness
can be generated with very small neural circuits,
which could in theory easily fit into an insect brain.
In fact, the models suggest that counting could be achieved
with only a few hundred nerve cells
and only a few thousand could be enough to generate consciousness.
Engineers hope that this kind of research
will lead to smarter computing
with the ability to recognize human facial expressions and emotions.