mis.addn/net.g'blogger.com/html mode is not straight:
. when I would use <...> in the text,
it would give it a special meaning,
so then I used an html editor to make the string
& l t ; ... & g t ;
and used blogger's html mode to insert it:
this resulted in yet another monstrosity !
. I then used the mac symbol picker to choose some unicode <> pairs
that were not ascii, but the same shape only in a bold font .
. so I pasted that html code using html mode,
and it's html mode was adding br.tags after every newline;
which of course was causing double spacing everywhere .
. so then I had to bring the code into a temp edit page,
and replace all the br.tags with blanks .
. interestingly I must have came across the same problem
without even crying about it -- or remembering it .
. my reaction that time was to replace the <...> with italics .
. ironic, I forgot running into this problem,
and my first encounter was smarter than my 2nd!:
6.23/mis.addn/net.g'blog/importing html:
. the copy from seamonkey code to blog messed up, adding newlines,
try saving the page and then opening with firefox,
then copying the page normally (not by view-copying code)
and see if it saves the links and other html .
12.15: mis.addn/{net.g'blog, mac}/strange mac char's:
. when having trouble with brackets in g'blogger's editor:
I replaced them with a unicode that didn't turn out well later
atleast when viewed from a pc -- using either {chrome, seamonkey }.
. worse, I saved the page as the html I posted,
so, my local copy looks like a mess too! .
. I edited both by replacing the brackets with italics font,
or if they were something like <...> or <> then I used [/]x .

12.22: news.addn/net.google/The meaning of open:
Posted: 21 Dec 2009 03:17 PM PST
The Official Google Blog
date Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 10:08 AM
subject Official Google Blog
That's why we have a team
— the Data Liberation Front (dataliberation.org) —
whose job it is to make "checking out" easy.
Recent examples of their work include Blogger
(people who choose to leave Blogger for another service
can easily take their content with them) .

12.28: web.addn/net.blogger.com/display angle brackets:
. yea! my problem at blogger.com has a solution I can find!
has this solution:
Example 4: If your code already has html entities escaped,
use escaped="true" as an option;
. surround your code with this:
<pre lang="xml" escaped="true">
and replace left angle brackets with the usual html code & l t ;, etc .