jury duty in the age of internet

rn.pol/jury for misdemeaner is a waste:
. one writer laments how expensive the jury system,
being used even for petty misdemeaners ?
. we need to get all people involved by internet
for easier access to many opinions of those interested in jury duty .
. doing it by internet would let people stay home,
and interact in the process they way they wanted to .
. many people don't listen well,
and they need to have a recording they can replay,
or have it transcribed to text for reading .
. they have some unbelievable fairness rules,
vaguely recall they said not to write any notes down,
as it was important to memorize all the reams of junk they throw at you
and not let notes bias against what you might hear later .
. the jury system I saw reminded of sports
continuing to use umpires when we now have video
. and what kind of justice is served with circumstancial evidence?
this place is planet of the apes .