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The whey protein isolate is made using a process known as
Cross Flow Microfiltration,
which produces an isolate that is 87% protein,
99% of it in the bioavailable undenatured from,
and retains all important subfractions in their natural ratios.
This protein contains low amounts of sodium, and added BioFerrin
which is a 95% pure bioactive form of lactoferrin.
The Enhanced Life Extension Protein has up to 300% more lactoferrin
than other whey protein supplements on the market.

With the array of more recent processing techniques used to make WPI's
- or pull out various subfractions - such as Cross Flow Micro filtration (CFM¨)
CFM¨ is a trade mark process of Glanbia Nutritionals,
a large dairy company out of Ireland with offices in the US.
ultra filtration (UF), micro filtration (MF), reverse osmosis (RO),
dynamic membrane filtration (DMF), ion exchange chromatography, (IEC),
electro-ultrafiltration (EU), radial flow chromatography (RFC)
and nano filtration (NF),
manufacturers can now make some very high grade and unique whey proteins.
Perhaps the most familiar micro filtered isolate to readers, would be CFM¨*.
Although the term "cross flow micro filtered" is something of a generic term
for several similar ways of processing whey,
The CFM¨ processing method uses a low temperature micro filtration techniques
that allows for the production of very high protein contents (>90%),
the retention of important subfractions, extremely low fat and lactose contents,
with virtually no undenatured proteins.
CFM¨ is a natural non-chemical process which employs high tech ceramic filters,
unlike ion exchange,
which involves the use of chemical regents
such as hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide.