dietary supplement selection

12.3: ideas from various sources

Many people with an adequate intake of folic acid and vitamins B-6 and B-12
still have high homocysteine levels.
Those individuals need to take trimethyglycine (TMG)

Anyone at risk for a heart attack should also carry at least
two regular aspirin tablets with them at all times.
should be chewed up at the first sign of a heart attack.
-- bad aspirin begins to smell like vinegar.

In some people, supplements of L-carnitine or acetyl-L-carnitine
(about 1000 to 2000 mg. per day) will significantly increase HDL levels.

. taking more than about 1000 mg. (1 gram) of niacin or inositol hexanicotinate
per day should have liver enzymes checked
250 mg. of gugulipid and 250 mg. of inositol hexanicotinate * 4

. protect respiratory system by keeping it moist
. drinking plenty of water and using a [/]mucolytic agent:
such as N-Acetyl-Cysteine (500-1500 mg. daily)
or guaifenesin (500-1500 mg. daily), or both.
. antihistamines are anti-cholinergic when their sideaffects include
sedation, impairing memory, judgement and reaction time.

arginine's growth hormone release is enhanced by choline and B5 (calcium pantothenate)
The choline can be in the form of any available form of choline or DMAE
it's reduced by other amino acids or significant amounts of insulin .
. conversely, it has insulin-blocking effects. [causes insulin resistance?
gh can do that too depending on the route getting at it]
. hgh-raising potency is reduced by age early 50s,
[suggesting the need for both low insulin and high insulin sensitivity ]
. usual dose is 1200 mg of L-arginine pyrogluamate and 1200 mg of lysine


Flush-free niacin (if you're talking the hexanicotinate) will lower cholesterol.
Don't take it for anything else,
and don't take more than 500 mg a day
without a doctor following your liver enzymes
"Steve Harris, M.D"
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Subject: Re: Niacin and blood flow
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001

CLA also supports response to allergies & joint inflammation
and healthy blood glucose and insulin levels
while improving energy expenditure
Our >77% CLA safflower concentrate gels
contain about 37% each of c9, t11 & t10, c12 isomers,
shown to be most effective for fat control and immune stimulation.
3-4 grams per day is typical for fat loss.
100 capsules, 750mg of CLA, $11.50. Code 732.1
-- about the same in chick feed .
PANTETHINE is overpriced as cure for metabolic disorder symptoms .

forms of mg
the anti-inflammatory endpoint represents the true cellular absorption
that you really care about. Here, the orderings are mostly reversed,
with orotate the best, but chloride close.
Organic Mg salts were slightly more available than inorganic Mg salts.
Mg gluconate exhibited the highest Mg bioavailability of the ten Mg salts studied.
Urinary 26Mg excretion varied from 0.20 mg to 0.33 mg,
and feeding with the organic pidolate, citrate, gluconate and aspartate salts
resulted in higher urinary 26Mg excretion than with inorganic salts.
Ultimately, 26Mg retention was higher in the rats receiving the organic salts
such as gluconate, lactate and aspartate than in those receiving the inorganic salts.

Orotic acid helps to fixate Magnesium-ions in the cell and so stabilises ATP-levels,
this makes it cardioprotective.

Magnesium taurate
Both have sedative effects, and are neuroprotective
and causes no gastrointestinal upset.
. magnesium glycinate is a cheap option too though .

mag orotate great, but the cancer risk was never fully resolved
mag glycinates (albion) reliable

Orotic acid, first discovered in ruminant milk, is an intermediate in the
pyrimidine biosynthesis pathway of animal cells.
Its synthesis is initiated by the formation of carbamoyl phosphate (CP)
in the cytoplasm, with ammonia derived from glutamine.

Magnesium Miracle, page 245, "Magnesium taurate does not have a laxative effect
and is the recommended form of magnesium for people with heart problems."

12.4: news.health/spir:
. not only were radionucleides reduced by 50%,
but the spirulina also had the effect of normalizing allergic sensitivities.[xx]
. 5 grams spirulina per day in study of 270 children of Chernobyl
12.18: health/tmg/sweetener:
. a sweetener that is good for heart (homocysteine control) .