the trees of genesis

10.28: relig/bible/genesis/trees of trees:
. the tree of knowledge story
may have caused double meaning of
{know it, aware of it, cause it} .
. what's the story's original meaning ?
there are 2 big trees in the picture:
knowledge (we got that)
and eternal life (we got the snakes at heels instead) .

11.21: relig/bible/genesis/lesson#1: safety in numbers:
. the trees of knowledge is esp'ly
awareness of one's own genitals?
. and they are tossed from garden;
esp'ly the tree of eternal life ?
. trying to control genitals (for population reduction)
could cost the culture its naturally eternal life,
as that life can often depend on
overbreeding being the cause of branching out
so that one catastrophe doesn't affect the whole group .