the all-accepting cactus

8.15: co.apt/relig/christian/the all-accepting cactus:
. a tradition of being all-inclusive
came from christ feeling the aloneness of being
born out of wedlock,
and he was reminded of this whenever the jews called themselves
god's chosen -- it wasn't the jews at all,
but those jews who
didn't happen to be prostitutes, tax collectors, mentally ill,
underage ....
. it's nice to know that I can be accepted as born-again;
but, did you see the terms of use for their born-again label?
. there's no intellectual freedom,
any stitch of truth in the bible (being possessed by the spirit world)
is hushed as superstition;
the lists of superstitions at the time (born of a virgin, son of a god),
are hailed as superstitions we must espouse .