Islam's message

10.3: co.apt/relig/islam/the message:
. G*D's main message to islam was:
don't use infanticide to deal with the problem of
there being too many women;
use multi-marriages to absorb all the widows
-- and there will be a lot more widows,
because we are going to be hard at war
enculturating the environs .

10.9: relig/Islam Scientific:
. the way a humanist should be Islamic
is to admit that the christians are too subtle
and their call of christ as god
too easily confused with idolatry or polytheism .
. admit Muhammed was a prophet of G*D
but also combine that with monotheism:
all of the supernatural -- good and evil -- is G*D .
. being human actually means
being a mouthpiece to both;
science is about finding ways to sort out
the good from the evil:
G*D is the good future,
devil is the wicked past .
. let science determine what words were good's will
vs devil's will .