the final prophet

12.20: relig/Islam/the final prophet:
. think it funny for a prophet to claim
he's been told he'll be the final prophet?
after all,
the bible that the prophet respects does record a string of them!
. perhaps the main point was that
the new world really needs only one message:
it seems obvious the first big new message (given by christ)
was that real promises of justice are not mocked;
and then when "(Christians) turn this message
into a cultish military machine
then the final message (given by Islam's Prophet)
is to guide us in the meaning the new message .
. Christ's main concern was not about whether Christ is a god!
rather, it was about getting real justice:
not abusing women, borrowers, or the poor
(children, possessed, mutilated, diseased,
prostituting, tax collecting, ...) .