1st-class programmable keyboard

9.29: web.addn/kybd programmable with mem card bak:

. need a kybd that lets a program
do all my programming for me .
. here is one author who needs the same thing:

Let's say we have 2 computers connected with each other via USB.
How to make a program that could be run on one of the computers
and send keystrokes to the another?
In other words the computer with the program
would appear as a keyboard to the other computer?
I don't want a thin client or dumb terminal...
my goal with this is to create something that will be able to for example
brute force a BIOS password in case you'll forget it
- that's why I need it done in hw
because otherwise you can't connect to the computer
(when it only is booted to BIOS).

. here is hackery for the obvious but iffy idea of
connecting a computer to a usb.kybd:

. the usb.kybd` interface is open:

. a USB device class that describes human interface devices such as
keyboards, mice, game controllers and alphanumeric display devices.
The USB HID class is defined in a number of documents
provided by the
USB Implementers Forum's Device Working Group
USB HID class keyboard is normally designed with
an IN endpoint that communicates keystrokes to the computer
and an OUT endpoint that communicates the status of the keyboard's LEDs
from the computer to the keyboard.
The PC 97 standard requires that a computer's BIOS must detect and work with
USB HID class keyboards that are designed to be used during the boot process.

X-keys programmable key pads
. xkey for mac
. points you to iKey for Mac OS X
. In Hardware Mode the X-keys declares itself as a native USB keyboard and/or mouse
and sends only USB keyboard or mouse messages to the USB port.
The macros are stored in the X-keys onboard memory
and played when the appropriate X-keys button is pressed.
After originally programming the X-keys there is no software involved

. on a tangent, I wondered if the [The Y-mouse Adapter for USB]
would be a cheaper way to have an ergo'kybd;
lets you put any 2 kybd's together,
but it doesn't say anything about using the modifier keys of one
to affect the keys of the other .

turns your PC system into a USB device.
contents includes:
# USB HID Device Emulator
* USB HID Class Mouse Application
* USB HID Class Keyboard Application
* USB 1.1 Full Speed/Low Speed
* 512 Kb/S Transfer Rate
* Bi-Directional Parallel Port Interface
* USB Device Interface
* Philips ISPD12 USB Peripheral Controller
. contact them if want sales ? b2b only ?