we are legion

8.31: co.apt/relig/jesus.christ/curing the we are legion ... of pigs:
. I was letting loose with spontanious joking
about jc's encounter with we are legion,
and then afterward thinking about what I said .
. it reminded me that one reason we can't agree
is that we are legion!
. then it occurred to me that this jc story
was a hint, like his other parables:
. curing a madness called we are legion,
and then to have it result in
the loss of a legion of pigs,
reminds us that
to find your strength
asume you are legion:
assume that there are many like you,
not being pigs,
but having a vision of some common good .
. you can't lose the insane guy
without losing a bunch of moral pigs too!
. (bunch of pigs) is a twist of
united under one who is like a pig;
ie, a pig is well fed only to be slaughtered,
the same thing could be said of lamb .
. the literal reason for Christ's slaughter
(death before grandfathering some children)
was that a hypocritical, unjust moral system
prevented him from being fully accepted into his society
due to no fault of his own,
but for merely being the innocent offspring of
a statutory rape (taking of a girl not in marriage) .