11.12: news.relig/islam/abrogation:
. abrogation refers to having
early koranic positions superceded by later positions .
. a view used esp'ly by militant factions .
. why should it be specific to militants?

Naskh, usually translated as "abrogation";
Over the last century, there have come to be
serious objections to the very idea of Naskh
within the Muslim community;
returning to a dissenting attitude from early Muslim history
(e.g., Abu Muslim Al-Asfahani 948-1038 C.E),
many modern scholars now reject it outright.

Many verses counsel patience in the face of
the mockery of the unbelievers,
while other verses incite to warfare
against the unbelievers.
The former are linked to the Meccan phase
when the Muslims were too few
the latter are linked to Medina
where the Prophet had the strength
The discrepancy between the two sets of verses
indicates that different situations
call for different regulations.
[Burton, Naskh, Encyclopaedia of Islam (EI)²]