wifi is fragile on fujitsu lifebook or my clumsy security

12.2: addn/xpw`wifi [laptop(walkable) with xp]

[12.13: summary:
. the router's underside has the name of website to reach router controls;
if you forgot your password, then use the router's reset button .
. mac(acct#user).firefox`bookmarks provided a pass .
. the first section -- basic -- is how it connects to your isp .
. the 2nd one sets the lan security parameters:
the ssid is case sensitive,
wasn't sure if xp/dos was needing all-cap's,
so that's why the name is all-cap's .
ADDNET -- not addnet -- ssid
. some security modes are easier to use than others from xp;
here's one that allowed an ad-hoc password:
WPA-PSK [TKIP] -- wpa personal ... key

12.2: mis.addn/xpw`wifi:
. xp wifi is broken again? I am disabled with grief .

12.4: proj.addn/xpw`wifi/not good:
. annoyed xp wifi down? try restore, and then don't open vmware .

proj.addn/xpw`wifi/lost comm depite restore,

proj.addn/xpw`wifi/reconfirm pass with change:

. working from mac, re-study how to get into router, ...
router wants to update self? ok .

. update xpw by ethernet:
wireless settings/
( ssid ADDNET
-- case sensitive (this was the problem; it was capitalized on xp,
and since xp might prefer cap's, make that the way for all)
, sec option: WPA-PSK [TKIP]
) .
. change the pass for net before applying change via net interface?
sit perplexed for a minute .
. I didn't forget old pass; just get wifi back with old pass,
then make new pass effective .

proj.addn/mac`wifi/comm illusive:
. liftoff:xp has addnet as (ADDNET) ?

12.5: Troubleshooter report...
Report date: Saturday, December 05, 2009
Name: Driver installation test
Description: This test is to check the radio driver installation.
The radio's registry keys are OK.
Nic name. . . . . . . . . : Atheros AR5006X Wireless Network Adapter
Driver name . . . . . . . : Atheros AR5006X Wireless Network Adapter (Microsoft's Packet Scheduler)
Driver path . . . . . . . : C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\ar5211.sys
Driver version. . . . . . :
Active Profile Name . . : Default
Test Done: The radio driver has been installed.
Name: Card insertion test
Description: This test is to check the radio insertion.
Test Done: The radio has been inserted.
Name: Card enable test
Description: This test is to check if the radio/driver is enabled.
Test Done: The radio has been enabled.
Name: Radio test
Description: This test is to check if the radio is turned on.
Test Done: Your radio is turned on.
Name: Association test
Description: This test is to check your client adapter's association to an access point.
Link Status . . . . . . . : Associated
AP Name . . . . . . . . . : unavailable
AP IP Address . . . . . . : unavailable
Test Done: Test passed
Name: Authentication test
Description: This test is to check authentication.
Test bypassed: Authentication test bypassed, because authentication is not in use.
Name: Network test
Description: This test is to check your network settings.
Your IP address:
Test Failure: You have not configured your computer to use the client adapter.
Solution: Your IP address: Try to renew the IP address.
Test completed.

12.6: proj.addn/xpw`wifi/comm loss: xpw off, repower wifi wo mac .

proj.addn/xpw`wifi/comm loss/hardware utility:
. try the Atheros wifi card client utility;
instead of xp still not getting through,
try fujitsu click me to get hope from fujitsu updates .

proj.addn/xpw`wifi/comm loss/always-on mode:
. re do so the user acct will stop auto'offing,
-- again being close to the wifi router helped,
and either the screensaver mode or moving away from router
was what put it back into no wifi .
. says the connection is good, but maybe there's a sw schiz'ia .

proj.addn/xpw`wifi/comm loss only far from router:
. unplugging ethercable network
connections added a section
internet gateway that helped wireless keep on going
to take over for ethernet loss .

12.7: web.addn/xpw`wifi/usb wifi adapter:
. the first idea I had was something like a wireless repeater
[without knowing that term at the time]
but the main finds were all usb wifi cards .

todo.web.addn/xpw`wifi/usb wifi adapter: [done]
. look at how external wifi cards work
for adding large dishes to what connects to etherport
and has optional antenae selection,
maybe does usb .

12.8: web.addn/xpw`wifi/replacement options:
12.9: summary:
. xp seems naturally connected to ethernet,
so the modular thing to do is get an ethernet-to-wifi box
(aka: Wireless Ethernet Bridge, AP client mode);
but, there were few of these, and the reviews were spotty,
leading me to research ethernet vs usb .
. usb is the only way to expand my notebook pc;
I also tried to find usb enclosures that would hold expansion cards;
but not easy to find if there are any .
. there are many powerful antennae options;
but the problem with wifi is getting a smart unit
that knows what to do with the jumble of signals from reflections .
. there were so many horror stories about big name brands (linksys/cisco, netgear)
having terrible loopholes in their spec's and support .
. there were many reports of quality variation requiring returns
which lead me to check the offerings of a local provider (bestbuy.com) .
. finally, found one unit with consistent reviews (Belkin`Wireless-N+ USB 2.0 Adapter#F5D8055),
and then found the same response from another site's reviews (newegg.com) .

So far, unlike previous USB adaptors I've tried,
this one doesn't seem to run too hot.
. this is the one .
ominous shadow over ethernet bridges:

"(most ethernet bridges generally are expensive
as there aren't a whole lot on the market.)
AirborneDirect Wireless Ethernet Bridge (Ethernet to 802.11b)
enables plug-and-play wireless LAN connectivity
for any device equipped with a standard Ethernet port.
-- very few reviews, and nothing in stock .

. great when it does work .

. the wifi->ether bridge mode is called AP client mode . (what I want)
. repeater = wifi-wifi .
. access point means AP server: get ether and provide wifi .
WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is intended to simplify the process of securing a wireless network. All Wi-Fi certified equipment should be WPS enabled. If the two devices have WPS push buttons, then it would just be a case of pushing the buttons and the network would be secured. If the device to be connected via WPS did not have a WPS push button, then the access point can also utilise the WPS PIN method, in which a PIN would be entered on both the access point's config pages, and the other device's config page too.
. can make a wired Ethernet-enabled device a part of your wireless network.
It's optimized for streaming video to almost eliminate dropped frames.
It's ideal for wirelessly sharing music, photos, movies, and other files around the home.
Wireless Compatibility
Since the Bridge is based on dual-band Wireless-N,
it works with any device supporting Wi-Fi standards,
and is compatible with Wireless-G, -A, and -B.
Connect digital video recorders, set-top boxes or computers to your Wireless-N network.
The WET610N is a replacement for the WGA600N
and works with most game consoles (XBox, PS2) that have an available Ethernet port.
Windows, Mac and Linux
The Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge works on any platform
and under any operating system.
Since there's no drivers to load, setup is a snap
configure the network settings through your PC's web browser,
then plug it into your device and go.
Simple Setup
To protect your data and privacy,
all wireless transmissions can be encrypted with industrial-strength
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) security.
Wi-Fi Protected Setup(tm) helps make secure connections pushbutton simple.
Linksys by Cisco Certified Refurbished Product
Refurbished product are mostly customer returns that meet original factory specifications.
These products have been fully tested, upgraded to latest firmware,
and certified by Cisco-Linksys technicians via Linksys ISO certification procedures.
other offerings that fell through:

it can only act as a bridge or repeater
in conjunction with another WG602v2 or a WG302 (and you still can't do WPA).
Also, the product ships with a bright yellow note saying it's incompatible with the MA101.
I've used several other Netgear products.
If you're looking for something attractive, simple, and built well, Netgear's great.
But if you actually know a thing or two about wireless networking
you might be disappointed in Netgear due to
limited configurability, expandability, compatibility, interoperability, and performance.
Cisco WET200 Wireless-G Business Ethernet Bridge
Linksys WRE54G Wireless-G Range Expander

. what's wrong with ethernet? is it going out of fashion?
better go with usb and cord .

. movable yagi ant' may be just what you need to catch faint wifi,
but too often the problem is about the drivers not being smart .

. gets hot .


. SSID (service set identifier) .

A repeater must receive and retransmit each frame on the same RF channel,
which effectively doubles the number of frames that are sent.

. converts a wired Ethernet device for use on a wireless computer network.
. True network bridge devices like the WET54G (Linksys WET54G Wireless Ethernet Bridge)
do not require device driver software installation .
Instead, network settings for the WET54G can be made through
a browser-based administrative interface.

PoE (Power over Ethernet):
. Like USB adapters, wireless Ethernet bridges can draw their power from
the main cable connected to the host device.
. Ethernet bridges require a specialized Power over Ethernet (PoE) converter
to make this work, however,
whereas this functionality is automatic with USB.
Without a PoE add-on,
wireless Ethernet bridges need a separate power cord.

MESH-mini is designed to work as anaccess point or as a repeater
and is perfect for building andextending wireless local area networks.
It is compatible with alldevices working on 802.11a or 802.11 b/g modes.
The dual radio architecture separates Mesh Set traffic (also called Service Set)
from the edge access traffic (also called uplink and downlink),
increasing capacity compared to single radio mesh architectures.
The first wireless network interface (operating on 5 GHz frequency)
is dedicated for mesh backbone connectivity
while theother wireless interface (operating on 2.4 GHZ frequency)
forms a single radio 802.11 access point for wireless access service provisioning.
MESH-mini is driven by WILI-MESH, which is a secure, QoS capable, portable
Linux based OSI layer 2 wireless mesh networking software platform,
which targets enterprise, campus, as well as WISP networks,
covering significant areas with wireless internet access.
It has all the latest features including the ability to form self-healing
and self-configuring mesh architecture,
as well as the ability to interface with independent
monitoring and configuration software systems.
12.9: aq.gear/newegg.com/order:
BELKIN F5D8055 USB 2.0 Wireless N+ USB Adapter (Black) - Retail /70
-- Item #: N82E16833314040

12.11: bk"wifi,
check for driver updates,
Wireless N+ USB Adapter Model: F5D8055 Version: v2000

12.12: proj.addn/xpw`wifi/connection made with no pass
. trouble? try reset:
didn't help? use mac to chg no pass:
. how am I changing the netgear pass?
mac`acct#addn.firefox has the pass to netgear,
notice logon then has the model#WGT624v4
got connect,
but not only did I change wifi to simple no-pass mode,
but also connected router by ethernet .
. like with internal wifi card, it works for a while but not later,
so next test is to see if a connection persists when in back room .

proj.addn/xpw`wifi/connection made while far from router:
. got it working in my room, so then it's not a reflection complexity,
nor is being buzzed by any other gear .
. checking belkin.com site for troubleshooting tips,
they suggest doing things through ms`xp's network connection utilities,
including a detailed recipe for turning on zero config .
. now for the restart test,
this fails in user acct .
.. however, going back into admin acct,
things are auto'ly connecting -- using just belkin`utility .
. then once the connection is made from going into admn acct,
then switching to user.acct, it was still connected .

proj.addn/xpw`wifi/connection with pass made far from router:
. chg pass,
used mac#addn.firefox to chg wifi pass,
. redo the connection parameters in xpw#admn.belkin`utility,
logout and then login again,
connection is made!
. set utility in admn.acct,
logout, login, switch to user.acct .

12.14: mis.addn/xpw`wifi/down again:
. I haven't used xpw in a while;
why is it in the admn.acct?
I think the last thing I was doing was
trying to reformat a drive with disk tools,
and it said it was having trouble letting me into admn
while I still logged into user.acct .
. the wifi stopped working ?
try reconnecting: no?
restart both wifi and xpw: no?
delete connection and reenter: no?
go into belkin wifi utility and set
[let xp wifi utility handle it]: ok .